'Boardwalk Empire' Season Four Premiere Viewership Down From Season Three

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September 9th, 2013


The fourth season premiere of Boardwalk Empire debuted with 2.4 million viewers, down from last season's premiere which notched 2.9 million viewers, according to Deadline. Including the 11 PM replay, Boardwalk Empire attracted a total viewership of 3.2 million. Over three same-night airings, last year's premiere pulled in 4.6 million viewers.

  • Choco

    Not surprising. It has zero buzz.

  • reallypeople

    So let’s take quick assessment of where HBO stands right now…

    Regarding viewership: Boardwalk Empire declining, Girls declining, Treme ended, Curb Your Enthusiasm as big as a question mark as it ever has been, Newsroom poor numbers, Veep a complete non factor, and GoT increasing.

    And HBO makes the brilliant decision (note the sarcasm) to end TB instead of ponying up the required cash to keep the stars on roster. Genius. I guess they are heading for post Sopranos territory version 2.0.

  • Kyle R


    HBO doesn’t care. They don’t have ads. Viewership is almost meaningless except for DVD sales.

  • Greg

    HBO have True Detective coming up, which’s almost certainly going to be a hit.

  • Michael

    That’s what happens when you’re up against the first Sunday Night Football of the season especially when it’s a game like Giants-Cowboys.

  • Chicago_animal

    Horrible advertising from HBO. Some people didn’t know it was even premiering last night.

  • Bernard

    A small point on the ‘why’ of Boardwalk’s ratings decline: fellow Sunday at 9 PM occupants Breaking Bad (and all of its zeitgeist-y internet dominating fury) and, despite how awful it is this year, Dexter have a lot more ‘buzz’ and ‘must watch pre-spoilers’ than Boardwalk because they’re in final seasons. And it was the first Sunday Night Football with a team – the Giants – from a wealthy blue state (HBO’s core viewers). Also shows that are improving in quality, and Boardwalk has improved every season, don’t tend to lose viewers without outside factors hurting the rating…

  • Jason

    I think it may be Boardwalk Empire’s last season, the show cost as much to make than Game of Thrones yet its ratings keep dropping to the point that its going to end up being lower than the first season 1 episode of GOT.

    True Blood has been declining since season 5 started last year. Granted, its still HBO’s second highest rated show currently, I think HBO would rather explore more new programming than paying Alan Ball and the rest of the cast big raises.

  • reallypeople


    No doubt. TB’s end is allocation of funds related. But the flaw in their theory is that their new shows aren’t guaranteed to be successes. They may have a stable of John From Cincinnatis. And they could have had both, by cancelling Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire (both of which are at this point rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic) to create salary room for TB and using the GoT/TB money to continue to fund development/promotion of new shows. That would have been the smart decision.

    And, to answer someone else’s point, yes HBO doesn’t care about viewership. However, they do care that their roster of shows are weakening (outside of GoT) and new eyeballs aren’t watching the screen. Add to that the short range anger of a popular show ending soon… any exec worth their salt would be worried about the future.

    And True Detective might be a hit. Sure. Or it might be HBO’s Low Winter Sun.

  • Daniel

    The quality and ratings of this show are on the decline, HBO should cancel Boardwalk Empire.

  • John

    It’s a good show, but it’s not ‘buzzy’ like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. It’s not a watercooler show that gets people talking.

  • marc

    when do people finally get that first airing-viewership means absolutely nothing for HBO?

  • Jon

    I think Boardwalk has a 50/50 chance of renewal as they need space to air new shows and since most are renewed for 2014, Boardwalk might be axed in order to make way.

  • Dan

    Considering it went up against Dexter, Breaking Bad, and NFL football, this does not surprise me. Its a really good show and im sure the ratings will be at least consistent for the rest of the season.

  • Brian

    Boardwalk Empire is still performing well.. HBO is in healthy shape with Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom all doing very good viewership for them. They’ll likely launch a new series next year using True Blood as a launching pad. They’ll be fine.

  • j

    There’s GoT and True Blood as Cable T5 shows, and then…nothing else noteworthy, ratings-wise.

  • Craig

    I think they alienated a lot of fans when they killed off Jimmy. He was the favorite character and the show has not been the same since. Last season just wasnt as good and I dont get as excited about watching it each week as I was when Jimmy was still on.

  • Lala

    I don’t understand why people don’t watch this but go hysterical about crap like Breaking Bad.

    Yes, people, I went there. Deal with it.

  • Feedback

    Boardwalk Empire is huge over here in Puerto Rico. We couldn’t stop talking about it during those last two seasons.

    However, I haven’t had the chance to catch the new episode yet. I chose to see Breaking Bad instead. I’ll catch up on Dexter, Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire on Friday afternoon. If other people are doing the same, I think Boardwalk could raise in viewership by the end of the week.

  • Dude

    tbh i’m a fan of the show but even i was surprised it premiered last sunday. and i’m usually well informed with stuff like that. also, since S2 ended on somewhat of a WTF moment it doesnt really surprise me to see the numbers of the S4 premiere down compared to S3.

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