Directo USA Presents a Special Program on Syria

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September 9th, 2013


via press release:

Directo USA Presents a Special Program on Syria

This Tuesday, September 10 at 10 p.m. (ET), CNN en Español’s Directo USA hosted by Juan Carlos Lopez, will present a one-hour special on the latest situation in Syria.

During the special, Lopez together with CNN en Español’s political contributors, Maria Cardona and Dan Restrepo from Washington, D.C., Juan Hernandez from Dallas, Texas, military contributors Rogelio Pardo Maurer from Washington, D.C. and Eric Rojo from Mexico City, and special guest and former Director of National Intelligence, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte from Washington, D.C., will analyze President Barack Obama’s speech and discuss the upcoming congressional vote on President Obama’s call for American strikes against government forces in Syria's civil war.

CNN en Español will broadcast Directo USA’s one-hour special this Tuesday, September 10 starting at 10:00 p.m. (ET) with a replay on Wednesday, September 11 at 4:00 a.m. (ET).

CNN en Español
The CNN en Español business unit is responsible for several multi-media platforms geared toward Spanish-speaking audiences around the world, including CNN en Español 24 hour cable news for Latin America, Mexico and the U.S. in three separate feeds, reaching 31.5 million cable and DTH households throughout Latin America and 4 million households across the U.S., as well as the new CNN Latino broadcast programming block, and CNN en Español Radio, which include affiliate radio stations across Latin America and the U.S. in its partnership with Stardome Radio Networks.

CNN Latino is the new Spanish-language programming block custom made for the U.S. broadcast market as an alternative to traditional Hispanic networks, with a broad spectrum of programming, covering news, lifestyle, documentary, talk, debate and more. CNN Latino and its affiliate stations have their own dedicated section on the world-wide Spanish-language news site

  • Coffee Steve

    Problem is by the time they run the special a new plan will emerge :-) I am soooooo confused

  • Coffee Steve

    By the way any of the old regs come in you have to check out the movie news section COOL!

  • Stan T

    Isn’t Fox Supposed to be starting a Spanish language station also?

  • Dreamer

    Sorry but 31.5 million in latin america is a great number.
    Several stations sre blowing up. Although where I am, the stations are a pay for package.

  • Coffee Steve

    Good Morning Everyone
    Waz Up Stan T. & Dreamer?

    I think Fox already has a Spanish speaking station

  • 1nancy2

    Hi Coffee and all. It’s been a long time and maybe we will be ‘let back in’ to the comment section. Maybe? If so, I think at the first sign of crazy, the person is eliminated and can’t post again. That should solve the crazy problem we experienced a few months ago. Crazy poster? Crazy poster is out. Some of the comments in the past were outrageous, not to mention, mean and stupid. Coffee,I hope you and your family are well. See you soon………..I hope! Cheers…I had a great iced coffee, perfect, at Honey Dew..Loved it.

  • Ratboy

    Hey there everybody!!!!! I hope all are well and healthy and happy!!
    Coffee dude, I miss messin with ya!
    I sure would like to know what everybody is up too and with all the politics going on it seems the ratings war is being lost BIG time by MSNBC so that would sure spark some lively conversation.

    Later guys! PS, I have a long distance girl friend (probably safer for me that way)and I now have smoker #3. This one is on wheels and can do a whole hog, 50 lbs of ribs, or at least 10 turkeys at a time. Yep you are right, I have gone off the deep end. lol!

  • AppleStinx

    @Stan T

    You must be thinking of ‘Fox News Latino’, which exists on the internet only. Now, on Oct. 28 ABC+Univision will be launching ‘Fusion’, a cable news channel for latinos.

  • CoffeeSteve

    Hello Nancy and Rats & Apple

    I miss you messin with me too Rats, My kid is too serious about stuff :-),

    here is my summer vacation Rats

    Senior Pastor at our Church took a Professor Job in Cal, the Church wanted to go back to an older tradition, I said I’m to young to be old, so I am now just a sheep in the flock again, been traveling some, Stepson had a Brain Hemorrhage and bad wreak but will recover in time, no major body damage but will take a few months of therapy.

    Daughter is now in 8th grade and amazing me with her schooling so far this year, no cooker yet but a New Grill that makes me want to live outside. LOL

    I get on the puter very little now, and I must notify everyone in charge here, Trust me this site was tame (comment wise) to most sites, good grief people are NUTS.

    Great seeing you all, an yep, Nancy I hope if the comment section opens back up everyone will respect the proper protocol

  • CoffeeSteve

    Just checked 2 new stories in cable section, looks like we’re still grounded, it may be time to start bribing them here, Apple has all the big money so start forking it out Apple :mrgreen:

    I’m heading back to my room to serve my time until we’re un-grounded, so take care, God Bless and remember one thing ABOVE all

    Coffee :-)

  • AppleStinx

    CoffeeSteve wrote: “… looks like we’re still grounded, it may be time to start bribing them here, Apple has all the big money so start forking it out Apple :mrgreen:

    I’m afraid it won’t be enough. I’ve been a big fan of the site, Robert and Bill from day 1, but sadly I’m just a friend without benefits. :smile:

  • CoffeeSteve

    but sadly I’m just a friend without benefits. :smile:


    I hope the ban is over soon Apple, I’m still a fan of this site too, the other sites I have commented on are 10 times worse than it was here.

    I think many of the troublemakers started using some of those IP masking programs and just masked their IP address and came back after being banned, and its a shame that a very few ruin it for the many.

    KOS and Media Matters etc. Have been known to even hire people to disrupt some boards that were not exactly liberal friendly, and it seems they do their job every well.

    Hope all is well in Sunny Cal Apple, our senior pastor moved out there and is now a professor at Cal. Baptist University. Beautiful campus out there too. I was to step up and move into first place but some of the older ones wanted to go back to a more traditional (slower pace) and with all the coffee I drink, slower just isn’t in my genetics :lol:

  • 1nancy2

    Hi All,
    Boo Hoo…We are still banned from posting, as I checked. What can you do? Here’s hoping we meet again in the real world. Maybe? It’s great that we can say hello from time to time. BBL!?

  • CoffeeSteve

    OK time to bribe them, everyone send all their money to tvBTN, send them your home, cars, whatever it takes, and if they don’t think I’m serious I’ll even send them My, My, My (GULP!) favorite Coffeemaker of all time :-(

  • CoffeeSteve

    PS: My favorite Coffeemaker of all time doesn’t make coffee no more, it just heats up and burps, but it does have great sentimental value to me :cool:

  • Ratboy

    I could SMOKE EM OUT!!!! :lol:

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    Thata Work :-)

    Dude, I’m telling you, I’ve been commenting on some boards and if you think it was bad here? Jumping Jeebers those other ones are crazier than this one ever was.

    I never used any bad language or was over critical on comments on the White House but I was banned of Daily KOS LOL..I actually took that as an honor :cool:

  • Ratboy

    Yep I got banned by KOS too for saying that Obama and Carney were fighting over the biggest liar award. I cant get on any of Tommy Christophers blogs under his crap articles on Mediaite either. I pointed out a couple times that I thought he was a liar and fabricator of the truth and……………ZAP! NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!! :lol:

  • CoffeeSteve


    Here is what got me banned at KOS, the exact quote

    “I just don’t think he has enough experience to run a lemonade stand”

    Touchy Bunch over there huh?

    I had 3 total comments all tamer than that one and BOOM ALL of them wiped of cyberworld :-)

  • CoffeeSteve

    PS @ Rats

    Don’t worry bout a long range romance, Had a gal that lived in Philly and that was not the reason we didn’t stay together, heck Rats in this day and age there’s no such thing as long range anymore. Good luck with her Bro.

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