Directo USA Presents a Special Program on Syria

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September 9th, 2013


via press release:

Directo USA Presents a Special Program on Syria

This Tuesday, September 10 at 10 p.m. (ET), CNN en Español’s Directo USA hosted by Juan Carlos Lopez, will present a one-hour special on the latest situation in Syria.

During the special, Lopez together with CNN en Español’s political contributors, Maria Cardona and Dan Restrepo from Washington, D.C., Juan Hernandez from Dallas, Texas, military contributors Rogelio Pardo Maurer from Washington, D.C. and Eric Rojo from Mexico City, and special guest and former Director of National Intelligence, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte from Washington, D.C., will analyze President Barack Obama’s speech and discuss the upcoming congressional vote on President Obama’s call for American strikes against government forces in Syria's civil war.

CNN en Español will broadcast Directo USA’s one-hour special this Tuesday, September 10 starting at 10:00 p.m. (ET) with a replay on Wednesday, September 11 at 4:00 a.m. (ET).

CNN en Español
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    Good to know how everybody did on his/her own away from “home”. :cool:

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    R.Boy…So, you have a far away girl friend? Good luck and I’m wondering about your third……Third…smoker. Invite your new girl friend for all of your fancy cookery and I’m sure she’ll be hooked. You are right about MSNBC..Going down the drain and fast. They had better ‘fix it’ and I know how: Out: Chris Hayes, MHP, Andrea, a.m. Blow, Robin Wagner and that just for starters. Happy they finally got rid of SE Cupp. She was God awful, unwatchable. OK, If coffee can chip in his fave coffee maker, and you, your ribs, then maybe I’ll …hmmmmm chip in the coffee for coffee and the ribs for you and I’ll make my famous black forest cake. How’s that? Will that do it? Will we get a reprieve? BBL ?!

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    Kicked off of daily kos. Haaha
    I only post on Newsvine or NBS articles.
    Good to see familiar posters. I have only seen d.d once and coffee a couple of times on mediaite, that was a while ago though.
    I have nothing to add to the pot, being poor, except my wonderful disposition. haaha
    Hope we can come back one day and all are well! Cheers!

  • CoffeeSteve


    Howdy Dreamer


    I’ll be glad when we get the keys to home again, if it never opens again we can all just say were homeless beggars and get on welfare I suppose :mrgreen:

    I think KOS has hired people to bash on Newsbuster’s too, and some seem scary familiar in their degrading people on their, one time the exact same post was on one of the pages 3 times under different names.

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    I just came here to say goodbye, as our little opening will be gone soon.
    I’m with Coffee: “Lift The Ban TVBN” (Before I go insane) :-) Like I said, the crazies don’t get a second chance, just the boot off of the site from the get go. That should clear up the mess. Sooner or later the few that spoiled it for the rest will get the message and/or “get lost and take the crazy with you”. BBL?

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    Like I said, the crazies don’t get a second chance, just the boot off of the site from the get go

    Morning, we could also try something else, if we all just ignore any personal post, no response, and not even read post from anyone that is just trying to play on emotions, trust me as soon as they realize they are just being ignored, they would stop.

    It really is easy to do this, cause always remember that’s the only reason they do it, they don’t do it to make a point, they just do it to upset people. So if we’re granted the ability to comment ever again, all of us who come here regularly, train your eyes to just skip past the rhetoric and only exchange our thoughts and idea’s and on the cable news we watch.

  • CoffeeSteve

    Bill @ Robert

    How about just opening comments on the special stories in cable news section on not on the daily ratings board? I’d love to see comments on Shep’s new role at Fox, etc…

    He said something that is very true, when he talked with the exec’s he told them he has realized for a long time that by the time people viewed his 7PM show that most people already knew the news of the day and that’s why he likes the new Breaking News Role. I’d really be interested in what the legit comments would be.

  • Dreamer

    @ Coffee,
    I do not understand his new role. You will keep the two pm slot then be mobile. Sounds like a downgrade to me. He is my favorite at the channel. Although I know he is the go to guy for local Fox.

  • Dreamer

    they don’t do it to make a point, they just do it to upset people

    I think most people just want to be heard.
    They do just not know how to go about it.

  • AppleStinx

    CoffeeSteve wrote: “…I’d love to see comments on Shep’s new role at Fox, etc…”

    His 7pm has been the lowest-rated program on FNC after 4pm. It could be because of Summer, but the opening was there for FNC to place Megyn Kelly in Hannity’s spot at 9pm and find abother place for Hannity. Hannity gets the 7pm spot. I wonder whether FNC will make their primetime be the 4 hours from 7-11pm.

    BTW, have you tried vinegar to see if your favorite coffeemaker isn’t just clogged?

  • CoffeeSteve

    @Apple & Dreamer

    I went to a re-union type dinner at the station I worked at and we discussed this, Shep and all the networks have known that with all this 24×7 news cycle, by 4-6 PM all the news by then is old news and that people once news breaks has 100’s of sources to check the story out.

    So I think Sheps Move is wise and will prove ground breaking, He will cover all breaking news via Twitter and a lot of social network sites and with HD smartphones the video feeds will only get better via live on site broadcast.

    The trends are changing and Fox simply wants to try and stay even or just slightly ahead of the game.

  • CoffeeSteve

    @BTW, have you tried vinegar to see if your favorite coffeemaker isn’t just clogged?

    Yep :-)

    The old gal has just gone past her prime Apple

  • AppleStinx

    CoffeeSteve wrote: “…The trends are changing and Fox simply wants to try and stay even or just slightly ahead of the game.”

    It seems to be a better strategy for the future than to wait for calamities to happen and debut programs accordingly, a la CNN. :wink:

  • Dreamer

    I wonder if there will be an article on the Alma awards being on MSNBC.
    I guess it beats prison shows. haaha
    I am curious of the ratings though.

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