Esquire Network to Replace Style Network Instead of G4

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September 9th, 2013

Esquire Network

When the Esquire Network launches on September 23, it will do so on the Style Network instead of G4, according to The Hollywood Reporter. G4 is expected to stay in tact as of now.

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  • Jorge

    Goodbye Gossip Girl reruns

  • Ted

    G4: The “American Idol” of TV channels! If ala carte cable and satellite was an option I would have stopped paying for G4 a long time ago, like when they dropped all the gaming shows.

  • Penedono

    Still resulted in cancellation of AOTS, among others. If I’m NBCU I’m sing Esquire for backing out of a deal that caused a massive disruption in programming, and lowered the value of the property.

  • Merp

    I hope they can find new homes for their shows. Jerseylicious is scheduled to return on October 6. I also think they knew that this was happening earlier since two of its hit series (Tia & Tamera and Giuliana & Bill) conveniently end the week/day prior to the Esquire launch.

    Oh well, bye Style Network!

  • Connman

    Yes! I value G4 much more than Style. G4 may not be great all the time, and cancelling shows such as AOTS was unfortunate, but now G4 can revisit some of that and possibly bring some back, if the $$$’s are right.

  • Igwell

    I hope they can find new homes for their shows.

    They can shuffle off to E! or Oxygen or Bravo or Sleuth.

  • Ted

    We’re talking NBC here! If they knew how to actually launch a new channel and what to replace they would not constantly rank dead last in ratings!

  • davie


    To be fair, I don’t think not knowing how to launch new channels is why NBC is in last place ratings wise, I think it’s just because they’ve built this name for themselves for canceling their veteran franchises (heroes, law and order, my name is Earl, Las Vegas) with nothing with potential to last to replace them. That and making poor decisions like the jay Leno fiasco

  • groove365

    Crap, I don’t get style network.

  • candoor

    G4 was airing all of the Heroes episodes and seems to have stopped with six episodes remaining. Airing those last 6 episodes would be a good move for anyone who was watching. Putting a series on your network is entering into an unwritten contract with your audience. That contract, ethically, commits you to put all of the episode on. It may mean nothing, but fans will be left with a very bad taste for Esquire if the Heroes series is not completed, since all through the Heroes episodes we were pushed to watch Esquire.

    Please consider leaving us with a good taste for Esquire by airing the last six episodes of Heroes. My DVR awaits. Thanks.

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