'The Arsenio Hall Show' Nearly Doubles Its Time Period Ratings in Its Debut Last Night

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September 10th, 2013


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New Syndicated Talker Is #1 Late-Night Show on Broadcast Television in Key Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 Demos in Local People Meter Markets

Top Late-Night Show in Los Angeles; #1 In Adults 18-49 and 25-54 in New York

LOS ANGELES, CA - September 10, 2013 - THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW made its debut in late night yesterday with an 1.9 HH rating/4 share, nearly doubling its time period average, according to Nielsen Media Research metered market ratings (primary runs only).

ARSENIO's 1.9 was a +90% increase over the September 2012 time period average of a 1.0/2. ARSENIO also built upon its lead-in average (1.6/3) by 19 percent.

ARSENIO beat every other late-night talk show on broadcast television in the key demos of Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 (in the 25 Local People Meter markets).

· ARSENIO was #1 in Adults 25-54 with a 1.2/5, ahead of all other late-night broadcast veterans.

· ARSENIO was #1 in Adults 18-49 with a 1.0/4, ahead of all other late-night broadcast shows.

Market highlights include:

· Airing on Tribune's KTLA in Los Angeles, ARSENIO was the #1 late-night talk show with a 3.2 HH rating. It was also #1 in the time period.

· Airing on Tribune's WPIX in New York, ARSENIO was #1 late-night talk show in adults 25-54 with a 1.5 rating and #1 in Adults 18-49 with a 1.2 rating. It was #2 in households with a 1.6, beating all talk show competition except Letterman.

In the first episode, Hall welcomed comedian and actor Chris Tucker as his first guest, as well as surprise guests Snoop Dogg and Paula Abdul and a tape appearance by Jay Leno.

THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW airs in syndication. It is anchored by the 17 stations in the Tribune Broadcasting station group, which is also a partner in the show. Check local listings for stations and time slots.

THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW is produced by Eye Productions Inc., in association with Arsenio Hall Communications Ltd. and Octagon Entertainment Productions, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Arsenio Hall, John Ferriter and Neal Kendall are executive producers.

Web site: http://www.arseniohall.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArsenioHall

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arseniohall

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/arsenio

  • Doug

    Wow, pretty impressive demos for day 1. Wonder if it will hold (like Jimmy Kimmel), or fade (like Conan)
    Gracious of Leno to do that taped bit as well.

  • Jean

    woo Arsenio’s is back!!

  • charmedcraft

    The show was really good last night; I’m glad ratings did well. Snoop was awesome. I hope ratings continue to hold.

  • The Cool Max

    Impressive!! Great show last night!

  • david

    I thought it was a pretty good first show last night. I will watch a few more times to decide if i will keep watching it.

  • USAmerica1st

    Wow, what did I miss last night? I thought it was debuting later this month. Time to crank up the DVR and schedule this for sure. This debut mirrors what happened last time in the 90’s, he started out great, slugged it out with Leno and Letterman head-to-head, got Leno upset with some ‘butt-kicking’ statements that also helped ratings, and then petered out over the years to cancellation. Welcome back, Arsenio.

  • Michael

    i guess ET didnt find his way home LMFAO

  • John

    Awesome show last night. Hope the ratings will still continue to climb. We definitely need a new talk show now. The others are getting stale. Arsenio is back. Yeahhhhh!!! Let’s continue to support the show.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Was I asleep for a couple few decades only to wake and find out that Arsenio Hall is STILL on TV? lol

  • Kyle B

    Ancient history incoming. Arsenio’s old show was produced by Paramount, and was sold in syndication and aired on many Fox affiliates, where Hall who took over for Joan Rivers as host of The Late Show, had performed well. Fox had cancelled TLS, but the show wasn’t taken off immediately, Fox let Hall ride out the remainder of the show’s run, and despite some success with him, chose not to keep the show on with him as host.

    With that hour primed for return to the local affiliates, Paramount stepped up and signed him for his own show. All was well-until a jealous Fox saw how well Par was doing with a show running on a majority of their network affiliates. They decided to launch another late night talker starring Chevy Chase. Since it was a network show, Arsenio’s would have to be pushed back an hour later on those Fox stations. Here’s when things started to go wrong…What didn’t get widely reported back then (no internets or tvbythenumbers!! :D ), is that To prevent a backlash against Chase displacing Hall when Chase’s show was to launch in the fall, Fox quietly pushed for those affiliates to move Hall back an hour during mid summer. Every Fox affiliate in my region’s TV Guide, had simultaneously moved Hall back an hour at the same time that summer (1993). Ratings naturally lowered, but the entertainment media never bothered reporting the whys behind the drop. As things are today, the screeching was centered entirely around the show’s decline in viewers. Letterman left NBC WHY-because he wanted to be on in an earlier timeslot. But there was no correlation made between Hall getting pushed back an hour on a majority of the stations carrying him, and his lower ratings. The show was still doing well, but the change in timeslot definitely hurt, and a overly biased media gleefully feeding the false perception that the show had ”failed”.

    The final insult came, when Chase’s show bombed after a few months and was cancelled, and Fox, rather than return the hour back to affiliates, which would allow them to move Arsenio back to 10pm (or 10:30 in some markets), decided to squat on the hour and program reruns of In Living Color, with the stated intent of trying another talk show in late night. Something that never happened.
    With the perception that his show had faltered wrongly dominating media conversation, Paramount and Hall didn’t continue after the 4 season run.

  • jr YOU WING

    The guy is a hack. The ratings will drop faster than Katie Couric’s did after 1 week. He looks and talks like a dolt.

  • Joan

    To Kyle B – Thanks for telling us the truth. It is truly amazing how the television industry works against certain entertainers. I loved the new Arsenio Hall Show last night and will watch it daily. Every time they danced, I danced!

  • Neal

    Arsenio sucks!

    The entire talk show industry has suffered but Leno is still da KING!

  • Douglas in TN

    Ah, Mario/ Neal has found another thread to babble in.

    For the unitiated Neal is in love with Jay Leno.

    He doesn’t seem to know his king has been dethroned and was fired. The clock is running out on his king and his kingdom.

  • Joel

    I watch The Tonight Show and Late Night whenever I watch Late Night television but was also a fan of Arsenio back in the day. I watched The Arsenio Hall Show last night and was impressed. Arsenio’s show last night seemed very similar his show in the 90s but also had a fresh feel to it. Great to have him back.

    On a side note: In my area, The Arsenio Hall Show starts at 11:30, the same time as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But from what I understand, Arsenio’s show starts the same time as the local news in some areas, roughly the same time as Leno/Letterman/Kimmel in some areas, and roughly the same time as Fallon/Ferguson in some areas so the start time is very scattered.

  • JB

    I don’t like the monologue backdrop with the blue curtains…it’s too plain, especially with Fallon already having the same thing.

  • Richard D

    I heard he got cancelled because he had louis farrakhan on his show and the network execs were against it so they got rid of him. I can believe it!

  • forreal

    I thought Arsenio needed to knock everyone out the water. Snoop was great. Chris kept saying everything was great. Arsenio was a bit goofy. Im nowhere near being a kid but I expect a party from beginning to end with some info sharing. He really needs to turn it up and get busy!

  • Ant

    It’s different since it was not funny like the old one. Maybe it is because I was a teen(ager). :/ However, it was good to see him back.

  • Brian – Los Angeles

    What are you people watching? This show is a disaster and his 22 inch pointer finger is disturbing. I’m sure he is a nice enough guy,…..but he is not even close to being funny. So again…I ask,….what exactly are you people watching?

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