How Will 'The X Factor' Season Three Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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September 11th, 2013


The X Factor premieres its third season tonight with new judges Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland. Will the new talent bring in the ratings? Or is The X Factor season premiere going to fizzle? Last year's season two debut pulled in a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating (against NBC's The Voice), and the finale earned a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating. Make your predictions below and let us know why in the comments!


  • Alex

    I going to say 3.7-4.0 with around 11-12 million. Only because it has no competition, Cowell has been in the news lately, and they been promoting the heck out of the the new panel and their chemistry.

  • Pinkle

    I’m going to say 3.1-3.5.

    This is the show’s last chance. If they can’t pull it together this year, there will be no season 4 or it will be heavily reduced a la SYTYCD and DWTS.

  • Jamie04

    I’m sure it will premiere well, but decline after that. I’m not a big Kelly or Paulina fan.

  • Pavelsauce

    I’m not as optimistic about it…maybe 2.6-3.0. I haven’t really seen much hype about it, despite the fact I follow TV news a lot.

  • Alex

    I agree, strong preimere and then decline. I also think the Voice will premeire down vs last year.

  • rob60990

    2.7. Remember it’s only an hour so that will also hurt it a bit.

  • Samunto

    Why are you all being so nice today?

    I’m expecting a 2.4 at most though it’ll probably be 2.2. Britney was still a draw last year. I don’t honestly see this raising any dust.

  • Samunto


    I’m with you on that one. It’s only an hour and remember that during the 1st hour it usually perfomes poorly.

  • Alex

    I got its an hour! My new prediction is a 3.1

  • BenA


  • CBSviewer


  • TP

    season 2 debut pulled in a 3.4 against the voice. My guess is that it will be around 3.2 – 3.3 as it does not have anything against it.

  • John A

    2.5. X Factor does poorly at 8pm. If 2 hr probably a 3.0.


    Whats with all these high predictions. 11 to 12 million is insane even with Britney it has about 8.5 I mean it was up against the Voice and it was an hour. You all are way too kind. I am saying 6 million with a 2.1 demo. I honestly think Big Brother will beat it. I don’t think the X Factor will get a fourth season at all. I truly believe its the final season of this show for many reasons. Bad judges chemistry, no stars at all, and really its a show that just didn’t work. Most shows like this would have been cancelled season 1 but FOX has given it three chances. I truly believe no matter what it does that FOX will cancel it no matter what. It impacts Idol too much. Idol is the networks crown jewel and IMO there plans include a Randy-Paula-Simon reunion with Ryan in a mega buzzed return. Much better and Simon just fits Idol better. I preferred Simon when he wasn’t mentoring a category, it was better when he was unbiased on all the contestants and told it like it was.

  • TP

    x factor does poorly at 8pm when it is against survivor and abc comedys. tonight though it has no competition and it is a premiere.
    i still believe it will premiere higher than 3, however when the real competition starts ratings will decline dramatically!

  • Kissan

    I think it will debut with a 2.9-3.0. I mean think about it, they had Britney Spears AND Demi Lovato last year and the only demo they could bring was a 2.8 and 8 million viewers up against The Voice and Big Brother. And plus last year was two hours long. This year it’s going up against BB and MSQ and it has NO buzz and I only saw a few promos of it during the summer and plus its only gonna be an hour. So I think it will debut with a 2.9-3.0 but next Wednesday it will be trampled by the season premiere of Survivor, an all new MSQ and the season finale of AGT.

  • Cyrax86


  • erwanfromfrance

    I dream it will make : 4.5%
    I hope it will make : 3.5%
    I think it will make : 2.8%
    I hope it won’t make : 2.1%

  • Dillan

    I’m going to say a 3.1. The judges chemistry this season looks very good and I’ve heard FOX have been promoting it too.

    Despite not doing as well as it could have last year, I honestly think the premiere could have easily gotten a 4.0 had it not been up against The Voice.

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Probably a 2.7 after adjustment.

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