'MasterChef' Season 4 Winner Announced

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September 11th, 2013


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Season Five Open Casting Calls Begin in Phoenix and New Orleans on October 5 

Tonight, Season Four of MASTERCHEF came to an unforgettable conclusion as host/executive producer and judge Gordon Ramsay and fellow judges Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot named Luca Manfe the winner of FOX’s hit home cooking competition series. Manfe, 31, is a restaurant manager from Astoria, NY. In addition to earning the MASTERCHEF title, Manfe walked away with a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.

“Winning MASTERCHEF is a dream come true,” said Manfe. “After being eliminated in the auditions round last year, I never would have thought my life could turn around like this. I have learned so much from the experience, and now I am ready to continue pursuing my dream of opening my first restaurant.”

In tonight’s sensational season finale episode, Manfe competed in a culinary showdown with Natasha Crnjac, a stay-at-home mom from San Diego, CA, who proved her skill with her sophisticated techniques, exotic flavors and competitive spirit. For the final challenge, Manfe created a refined three-course meal: an appetizer of Seared Duck Liver with Brioche and Peaches; a main course of Braised Beef Short Ribs with Chantarelle Mushrooms; and a Basil Panna Cotta with Tomato Jam and Honey Cream Mascarpone for dessert. In the end, it was Manfe’s bold flavors and complex, yet composed, techniques that won over the judges and earned him the MASTERCHEF title.

Manfe’s incredible MASTERCHEF journey began on Season Three during the auditions round. Manfe came up short of advancing to the next round, but the judges encouraged him to continue cooking and improving his craft. This season, after earning a MASTERCHEF apron on his second try, Manfe came back stronger than ever and was determined to prove his drive and passion to become the next MASTERCHEF. Each week, Manfe competed in a series of grueling challenges and intense elimination rounds, presenting restaurant quality dishes in his signature Italian style.

Nearing the end of its fourth season, MASTERCHEF ranks as the season’s No. 1 cooking show on television among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers.


  • Ross

    I may be in the minority but I found the finale to be very, very boring. I just fast forwarded to the end about 15-20 minutes in. I guess I like the challenges and the climb to the finale. Congrats to Luca. He won because he is a good story and is marketable, just like last year’s winner. There was a reason Luca didn’t even make it past the auditions last season.

    Let’s see what MasterChef Junior has to offer. Also, I thought Hotel Hell was coming out this Summer…

  • Amarjit Singh

    I was also hoping LUCA would win, but I also thought it was going to be UNLIKELY due to the fact the fact that Natasha had more achievements than LUCA on Masterchef season.

    Gordon Ramsay looked like he wanted to declare a tie, but was not able to do it. Natasha’s winning was so close.

  • Amarjit Singh

    Dear Ross:

    I am in response to your post dated 09-12-2013 @ 12:57 AM. I can understand how you would think it would be boring. I think a better match up would have been Jessie Lysiak vs. Natasha Crnjac.

  • shawn l

    The show is totally scripted. The editing changed part way through the season. Luca is an a-hole IRl from everything I have seen and heard online. Jessie was given the boot even though she did better than Natasha last week. They knew who they wanted at the end… just like why Krissie lasted as long as she did, when she was so bad that she shouldn’t have made the top 10 much less final four. They kept her for the drama.

  • AniMatsuri

    That’s right. MC’s biggest “star” this year was Krissie due to all the drama she brought. Easily the best “villain” the show has had so far.

    Jessie would have been a good choice but, the show already a young southern belle winner in its 1st season. Bri is very likable but, not as marketable as an all vegetarian cookbook probably wouldn’t sell that well. Everyone one else got the ” he/she’s a cut throat” edit right to the end like Natasha so the winner was pretty obvious after Jessie got the boot.

  • Fashe

    Nothing can top last year’s winner.

  • Calvin

    Wow! A lot of TV editors and chefs critiquing here. I am glad to know that you all are experts in the tasting and judging. Quit being so negative and just try to be happy. Good job Luca!!!

  • Manuel

    Luca is the worst chef since the beginning and still suck this show is BS just cause one of the judges is italian. Italians are like mob they only help their kind and kill the other kind. I don’t believe in masterchef and never will watch it again in my life I promise you that.

  • Laura

    That’s exactly why luca won marketing. NATACHA YOUR THE TRUE WINNER’

  • Lan Nguyen

    I dont know why there are so many negative comments on the winner this year. Remember that most of eliminated chefs since the top 5 predicted Luca is gonna win this year. I think they for a reason.

  • Mimi

    Natasha was the clear winner. This was soooo unfair. If we consider their journey and comments even from the judges we all can agree that Luca was not even supposed to nd at the 10. I guess they already knew who they wanted

  • Lan Nguyen

    I dont know why there are so many negative comments on the winner this year. Remember that most of eliminated chefs since the top 5 predicted Luca is gonna win this year. I think they did it for a reason.

  • K

    Natasha was the obvious winner. I also predicted Luca would win because he is marketable and he didnt make it last year so to come back and win it– now that’s a good TV story.Too bad- I would have bought Natasha’s cook book in a heart beat. The finale should have been Jessie and Natasha.

  • what a joke

    This season Natasha was the shows most consistant performer, the most organised, innovative and hard working. Very competitive, prepared to take risks and destined for culinery success with an extremely refined palette. Bastianic will fund Lucas new restaurant and his puppet Luca will do as he says. Life isn’t always fair but it does go on.

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