Time Warner Cable Lost Customers but CBS Remained Unscathed During Blackout, According to Executives

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September 11th, 2013

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Time Warned COO Rob Marcus told investors today  at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference that the 32-day blackout of CBS-owned stations and channels “depressed [new] connects and increased disconnects.” CBS President Les Moonves said at the same conference today in regards to the blackout, “You will see at our 3rd quarter earnings that there was no harm done to CBS Corporation” and “It didn’t hurt us one iota financially.”

  • Dan S

    I knew TWC would be the loser in this fiasco. Of course the customers are the real losers in this power play & will pay the price.

  • Psac

    I left TWC for FIOS. When I returned my boxes, the guy in the TW store made it sound like a LOT of people were doing the same. I’m saving $100/month now. Thanks for CBS for pushing me over. Even if my bill goes up $4 next FIOS/CBS contract, I’m still set.

  • PatF

    I had just connected TWC after my move and was giving them a month to resolve their issues.

    If I have any more issues with them, I’m gone. They stink.

    Not a big fan of Dish either.

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