'19 Kids and Counting' Returns to TLC on September 17

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September 12th, 2013


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19 Kids and Counting Returns to TLC on September 17
The Duggars have dreams as big as their family and this season they are making them happen! Jim Bob and Michelle are starting a new business and the whole family is getting involved to plan the first-ever Duggar Family Flea Market. But when their best friends, the Bates, invite the Duggar girls for a mother/daughter camping trip, they can't resist mixing a little work and play! While roughing it in the wilds of Tennessee, the girl-talk turns to courtship. Will any of the girls have a big announcement to make? And Jim Bob and Michelle say an emotional goodbye to their oldest child as Josh and Anna chase their own dreams all the way to Washington DC. With a new baby, a new house, and a new city to explore, will this young and growing Duggar family be able to cope with the missing support of the main Duggar clan?

  • Cammie

    Looks like Jessa is courting so many they show will get more interesting! Not a fan of a lot of what they believe but I would be interested in seeing how Jim Bob reacts to letting go a daughter.

  • gemi70

    While I know a lot of gossip sites post BS.. Most of them had the same thing on #3 daughter, Jessa, courting…. That quite a few men/boys have approached JIM BOB-not the ‘girls’ -who, techniqally, are ADULTS, about ‘courting’, not dating. This is the 1st, and ONLY man, actually boy-since Ben is 18, that JimBob has ‘approved’ for a daughter of his.

    While, I susposed there are a bunch of bozos who approach the family, just because of their ‘fame’, asking to date the daughters, I cannot believe that no other stand up guy has been there before. What exactly are this MAN’S CRITERIA? Ben, according to sites, owns his own ‘windshield repair’ business, and works at a country club. (though, if he works at a CC, and is 18, I suspect his Windshield Repair Business ..is the ‘resin inject into Crack ‘ repair at $25-$35 a shot..thingy. Courting, also, is vastly different from dating. These parents also said a few seasons ago, that they hoped their children would follow their beliefs in courtship.. but would not force them. Well, now..the daughters MUST have DADDY’S APPROVAL, may not kiss before marriage, (holding hands ok!), no being alone…group/chaperone get togethers.. they may phone, text each other,but the parents-i.e. JB an Michelle, MUST BE PRIVY to ALL CONVERSATIONS! To me, the phone calls, texting-not letting the daughters having this a private time-shows a total lack of TRUST.. and not realizing, treating their daughters LIKE ADULTS! I WOULD BE TOTALLY SURPRISED if one, if not some of them try to sneak, if possible, a bf by the idiot father. i doubt he is technically sound.. unless, he checks the phone bills.. ???

  • gemi70

    I also wonder, how long Josh is going to last in this D.C job.

    #1-he is not used to getting up EARLY.. never mind.. working a FULL 8-9 HOUR DAY! I never believed that he was fully in charge of the used car lot. Not when he is able to be there for filming the show-whenever they film, and able to go on that Political Bus Tour for Rick Santorum. No, someone else has to be running the place, going to auctions… I believe he is there for TLC’s window dressing.

    #2 Once, when he and Anna got the used car lots employees and their wives together for a dinner.. Anna said something about how ‘scary’ it was to be responsible for other employees. She said they have bills too. They have electric bills.. ???? So, I thought-this house they live in, which ACTUALLY belongs to his GRANDMOTHER.. He must not pay her RENT, pay her PROPERTY TAXES… all he and his wife pays.. are the basic utilities.. heating, lighting… and now, since we caught him.. CABLE? So, here he is, in WASHINGTON D.C.-maybe not the highest costing area IN THE COUNTRY. but one ofthe HIGHEST! I suspose, he and Anna get a TLC cut.. but, in between SEASONS… LIKE AFTER THIS SEASON.. when there is no money coming in from TLC.. and he has to LIVE ON HIS ‘SALARY.. how long before he realizes that what he figured he could get by on, and what he actually is SPENDING.. sets in?? Especially that 45 minute commute-that in rush hour will no doubt be 2-2 1/2hours long?

    #3-Will someone explain to Josh-that if you take a PAYCHECK-you are not doing SERVICE.. as he claims he is doing. OK, years ago, and some still claim, that ANYONE who is a Senator, Congressman, IS SERVING THE PUBLIC. But, considering that their pay, perks, are BETTER THEN MOST, their Work week is a lot shorter then MOST.. well, it again, is HARDLY SERVING ANYONE other then themselves….

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