PTC Releases Statement Condemning 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere

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September 12th, 2013


via press release:

LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2013) – The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact Congress to express the urgent need for a consumer cable choice solution in response to the violent and sexually graphic premiere of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” which featured a young boy committing a school shooting, simulated rape scenes, torture of women, and a man who was drowned in a bathtub of urine.

“What FX chose to show – a scene of a young boy murdering innocent children in a school with a semi-automatic gun – is enough of a reason for consumers to have the choice not to underwrite such horrifically violent and disturbing material. Think about the parents who have been personally affected by real-life school shootings – even they were forced to contribute to FX on their cable bills. This is an outrage, and the time for consumers to have real choice has come,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“Changing the channel is simply not enough – that’s a lazy excuse from the cable industry’s own talking points that does not address the real problem. Consumers are forced to subsidize cable networks like FX just to get access to networks they do watch. It’s clear to see that the cable industry model of forcing consumers to buy bundles of networks is broken.

“We urge Congress to take seriously the Television Consumer Freedom Act, which will allow consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want, and the Video CHOICE Act, which would pave the way for a choice solution. It’s time for consumers to have a real voice in what they want to pay for on their cable bills.”

  • E.S.


    That goes for @Neil as well.

  • E.S.


    Remember, the PTC is not exactly a “liberal, socialist” group.

  • Fake Me Out

    Just as the staff @ TVbtN from time to time remind us not to feed the trolls in the comment section, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the staff of TVbtN not to pass along the press releases from trolls. The PTC represent a small sliver of the public and giving them a platform just encourages them to continue. Few people care to read/listen to the rants from crazy right wingnut nutzis.


  • Cindibelle

    It’s just a TV show…change the channel….too yellow to be urine….get real…

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    Dear PTC – SOA is on ‘cable’ and airs at 10pm. Pound sand.

  • rob60990

    PTC is desperate for attention here. As far as I know, this show has always been very violent.

  • Wright

    Turn the channel if you don’t like the program.

  • Barry Scott Will

    The real solution is to cancel your cable TV subscription. If you can’t find enough entertainment elsewhere, you’re not trying hard enough. I haven’t paid for anything other than basic cable (just local channels) in years. Haven’t missed anything.

  • Hardline_Pro

    The school shooting scene was nothing compared to the one from American Horror Story: Murder House. At least the one in SOA didn’t show much, just the sounds.

  • Jon23812

    Instead of complaining about shows children DON’T watch… they should complain about shows children DO watch. Like SpongeBob, there’s moments in episodes (most notably, “The Splinter”, “House Fancy”, and “What Ever Happened to SpongeBob SquarePants”) where there’s gore, violence that makes you cringe, and disgusting imagery that make you want to vomit, but have they ever complained about that? NO!

  • Neil

    Neil, we get it, you’re a right winger. Overcompensate much?

  • Neil

    Neil, we get it, you’re a right winger. Overcompensate much?

  • Nothing But Cancellation

    PTC is right, stop that garbage.

    Also, CANCEL HANNIBAL, this show is obscene and is on network tv

  • EatMorePez

    The irony is that the PTC tends to support members of Congress who dislike government regulation. And now they are asking Congress for more regulation: forcing an entire industry to sell their product in a specific way.

  • E.S.


    Also, the same people who criticize FX’s programming choices are the ones who defend FX’s sister news network. Funny how that works.

  • charmedcraft

    I don’t really care about the violence, if I don’t like it then I’ll just change the channel. I do agree though that we should be able to pick the channels we want instead of paying for hundreds of channels that we’re never going to watch. At the same time, I have no idea how they would go about pricing for just certain channels. Will it be $5 a channel or something like that? it might end up costing more than just getting the hundreds of channels.

  • Chris

    It’s on basic cable, airs at 10 pm (which is the safe harbor for boundary-pushing), and FX has been known to include excessive graphic content in its shows. I understand the PTC condemning this episode if the content was excessive, but Sons of Anarchy is airing at a late hour when most kids are asleep.

  • BBFan

    I applaud the PTC’s efforts because they have definitely moved away from censorship towards CHOICE. They are not arguing that the devious & shocking acts be censored from TV, but rather consumers have a choice to not only watch such programs but also not have to subsidize them. The current cable/dish model is representative having to pay EVERYbody just to get the few services you want. That’s BS. Getting taxed by the govt is one thing. Getting taxed by a handful of cable operators is another.

    If I had a choice, I would definitely include the FX networks & FX sports. I would dump about 450 of the 500 channels I get now.

  • joel

    I havn’t read the story, I havn’t read the posts, I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, but consider this my statement condemning the Parents Television Council for being the evil tyrants they are.

    Now I have read some, and I’ve always supported that pay TV services be required to offer at least categorical a la carte (news & weather in one category, sports in another, reality in another, comedy & drama entertainment in another), but creating that system won’t meet the PTC’s objectives – it’s just a political ploy to get the ball rolling. Their ultimate goal is to ban all television content that THEY find objectionable.

  • BBFan

    I could care less what the objectives of the PTC are. The enemy of enemy is my friend. The greater enemy is the cable company that says I have to get the 300 channel pkg just to get the 50 channels I want. If you don’t view that as a mugging every month of your life than you are a sucker & you will either spend your way in debt or eventually give away all you have until you become desolate.

    As far as the PTC goes, it’s rather simple. If the only people watching FX are the people CHOOSING to pay for that right, then the PTC & everyone else loses any authority they might think they have in chastising their programming.

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