PTC Releases Statement Condemning 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere

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September 12th, 2013


via press release:

LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2013) – The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact Congress to express the urgent need for a consumer cable choice solution in response to the violent and sexually graphic premiere of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” which featured a young boy committing a school shooting, simulated rape scenes, torture of women, and a man who was drowned in a bathtub of urine.

“What FX chose to show – a scene of a young boy murdering innocent children in a school with a semi-automatic gun – is enough of a reason for consumers to have the choice not to underwrite such horrifically violent and disturbing material. Think about the parents who have been personally affected by real-life school shootings – even they were forced to contribute to FX on their cable bills. This is an outrage, and the time for consumers to have real choice has come,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“Changing the channel is simply not enough – that’s a lazy excuse from the cable industry’s own talking points that does not address the real problem. Consumers are forced to subsidize cable networks like FX just to get access to networks they do watch. It’s clear to see that the cable industry model of forcing consumers to buy bundles of networks is broken.

“We urge Congress to take seriously the Television Consumer Freedom Act, which will allow consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want, and the Video CHOICE Act, which would pave the way for a choice solution. It’s time for consumers to have a real voice in what they want to pay for on their cable bills.”

  • Mike

    My money is sunk into at least 20 specifically religious channels not to mention the fox right wing propaganda machine. We all have our cross to bear. Tv is NOT for children. Its for everyone. Get over PTC.

  • Mike

    BTW want TVBTN to publish PTC press releases. It helps show stupid the PTC is. Makesthem look like the nutters they are.

  • Daniel

    The PTC really needs to go away! Along with One Million Moms.
    BUT….. SoA is rated MA and on at 10 at night. FX is a basic cable channel, and i think they should crawl in a hole somewhere. Seriously.

  • Anthony M

    This is on a premium channel and has warnings up the gazoo and a TV-MA rating. Maybe I will head on down to the x-rated movie theater and then complain about the nudity..

  • Anthony M

    Bravo to the guy above, I am stuck paying for religious channels that I don’t give 2 craps about nor do I believe in any of it. So STFU and mind your business.

  • Tomcatt630

    It’s funny how the News Corp owns Fox TV, with ‘librul’ “Glee”, FX with violence, and Fox News. All contradicting each ohter.

    Reality is Murdoch is all about cash, whatever makes him rich. He could not care less about conservative agenda, FNC is about ratings.

  • POlo

    Just LOL

  • Jen Scot

    Who in the world let’s their child watch “Sons”? Heck, after some episodes (“Laying Pipe”) I have to watch some damn cartoons. PTC must think that it’s their job to parent adults too. Morons.

  • tomsman

    @Bill Gorman – Thank you for saying what I was just about to post!

  • jvitolo

    SoA airs at the start of Safe Harbor/Watershed on a premium channel with a TV-MA rating, so the PTC really has nothing to yell about other than people “being forced” to pay for FX if they want any other channel in their provider’s packages.

    I don’t have it because I don’t want to pay the extra money.

  • Amber

    when the PTC is bitching about you you know your doing something right, hats off to you sons of anarchy keep it up.

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