Soap Opera Ratings: All Soaps Up in in Women 18-49 Ratings & Viewers

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September 13th, 2013

young and the restless bumper

via Soap Opera Network:

September 2-6, 2013

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)


Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,615,000 (-3,000/+317,000)
2. B&B 3,671,000 (+79,000/+473,000)
3. GH 2,752,000 (+79,000/+191,000)
4. DAYS 2,624,000 (+205,000/+166,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/12 (+.1/+.2)
2. B&B 2.6/9 (same/+.1)
3. GH 2.1/7 (same/+.2)
4. DAYS 2.0/7 (+.2/+.1)


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 867,000 (+109,000/+55,000)
2. B&B 752,000 (+87,000/+177,000)
3. GH 734,000 (+98,000/+126,000) *
4. DAYS 604,000 (+75,000/+125,000)

* New high for FV/RC regime

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.4/9 (+.2/+.1)
2. B&B 1.2/8 (+.2/+.3)
3. GH 1.1/7 (+.1/+.1)
4. DAYS 0.9/6 (+.1/+.2)




Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • DenverDean

    B&B’s year-over-year gains continue to impress. It’s been doing this in demo and TV for the past 18 months.

  • Sean

    GO GH!!! The show is SO SO Good! Vets & GREAT Storytelling! Look at that High for Frank and Ron in the ALL IMPORTANT 18-49 Demo! GH is ON FIRE!!

  • Bexx

    Very nice job DOOL, nice to see them battling back after so many rough weeks.

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

    Tuesday: 2.6/3,661,000
    Wednesday: 2.7/3,775,000
    Thursday: 2.5/3,578,000

    Tuesday: 2.0/2,626,000
    Wednesday: 1.8/2,504,000
    Thursday: 2.0/2,680,000
    Friday: 2.1/2,684,000

    Tuesday: 2.1/2,717,000
    Wednesday: 2.1/2,615,000
    Thursday: 2.2/2,837,000
    Friday: 2.2/2,839,000

    Tuesday: 3.6/4,900,000
    Wednesday: 3.3/4,349,000
    Thursday: 3.4/4,595,000

    For the SEASON September 24, 2012 through September 8, 2013

    1. Y&R 3.6
    2. B&B 2.6
    3. GH 2.2
    4. DAYS 2.1

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.5
    2. GH 1.2
    3. B&B 1.1
    4. DAYS 1.0

  • SoapFansTogether

    The soap opera ratings for this week (1st week of September) are the best since 2008 !

    If you sum up the household ratings of the four top soaps, season average is the best since 2007-08 !

    Above all – and in sharp contrast to what some network execs and gurus were preaching before cancelling our long-running soaps:

    NO other daytime genre is drawing such good numbers in the women 18-49 key demographic that advertisers actually pay for!

    The cheap replacement shows’ ratings of ABC and CBS in the key demographic are only about half (!) the numbers they were getting with ATWT, GL, AMC and OLTL even in their weakest periods!

    Networks must finally correct their historic mistakes to only throw the cheapest possible crap at viewers, only banking on short-term profits, and make some smart investments for long-term growth again, because advertisers aren’t going to pay for these cheap talk, cooking and game shows much longer.

  • Derrick

    WHAT THE HELL…………………..

    Other than that, happy all the soaps are up!

  • Jeff

    Good for all soaps being up in viewers and demos over last year. GH is really watchable right now, and as long as Frank and Ron keep Franco in small doses, I think it will stay that way. Everything else on the show is working right now for the most part, not perfect mind you, but working.

    I have to say, I just love the use of long-term relationships. Scenes with Maxie and Anna, Tracy and Monica, Monica and AJ, Carly and Liz. I can’t wait until Robin returns!

  • moshane58

    YAY for the soap genre.Hope all networks see how fans love soaps.Stuff these ratings Anne Sweeney who doesn’t like soaps and cancelled two..

  • TimsDale4ever

    This is the week of Katherine’s memorial episodes on Y&R and the show STILL was down for the week. I know it was a short week but it’s just so difficult for me to believe that. Amazing…

  • Nick


    I hear some college football and NFL teams are still holding open cheerleader tryouts. You should give it a try. You’d fit in perfectly somewhere, LMAO. Do you actually have a life beyond popping on this board and screaming pompoms toward GH the minute the ratings appear (but only when the numbers show an increase, ever so slightly) and kissing the fannies of those two overrated hacks in charge? Yeah, this recycled baby crap is “GREAT storytelling!” LOL. If that’s true, this genre is in real trouble. Oh well, you know what they say- train wrecks draw crowds.

  • KansasGuest

    Really enjoying the stories on GH, also. But, I wonder if the ratings bump for all soaps was caused by OLTL & AMC ending their seasons. Or maybe it’s because all the post-Labor Day school schedules have now started. Does this happen every year after Labor Day?

  • Nick


    If you spoke those above sentences aloud in person to a group of network executives, they would all laugh so hard in your face, and ask you what kind of medication you’re on and whose stand-up comedy you’re trying to pattern your act after. Dream on!

    No wonder most mainstream people in the real world think that soap opera fans collectively are a joke, delusional, and completely out of touch with reality. Too bad this tiny, loud, loony minority is making everyone else look bad.

  • Mike

    Really shocked for the big drop for the 2nd day of Katherine’s memorial on Y&R.

    Short weeks either are trouble for the shows or bring higher ratings. When they see higher ratings for a short week or holiday week usually the next week sees big drops.

    Hopefully the soaps will buck that trend this year.

  • Joey S

    @Nick do you have a life except for cutting down every post that Sean makes. Really becomes sad.

    As for the ratings great numbers for all soaps. And yes GH did have that all time high for FV/RC in the 18-49 demo. Good to see that all soaps had gain. Hope they all keep the momentum going into the fall.

  • Joey S

    Found this interesting piece of information which is good news for GH fans:

    With only a couple weeks remaining in the 2012/13 season, General Hospital is pacing for its strongest season in 5 years in Total Viewers (2.97 million), generating the biggest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama (+14% – vs. 2.61 million), and is also up the most season to season in Women 18-34 (+36% – 253,000 vs. 186,000) and Women 18-49 (+7% – 770,000 vs. 719,000).

  • Lynn

    Love seeing the very impressive gains from B&B over last year. The show has improved dramatically, but has stayed true to its storytelling roots, unlike its sister soap Y&R. It’s classic soap, putting relationships and romance first, not hyped up plot. It’s also the best looking soap on the air these days. The production is stunning, and the frequent location shoots are beautifully directed. Way to go, B&B!! Keep it up. Maybe you’ll overtake Y&R as number one (especially with the new head writers Y&R has hired).

  • Nick

    @Joey S

    Yes, people can post whatever they want. But hey, if I notice someone like Sean making what I believe is a total clown out of themselves with their post, I’m going to call him/her out for it. I have every right to do that.

    It’s that simple, and I did not do it in a malicious way at all. I don’t go out of my way to instigate comments back and forth, but do you honestly expect me to ignore nonsense like that when I see it? Why do you have such a problem with that? In case you’re unaware, this is not a soap opera fan/lovefest website. Yeah, Sean’s perfect (cue the sarcasm). Whatever.

    GH’s increase just proves that people will eat whatever recycled table scraps Craptini throw on the table. I’m so sick and tired of some people putting these two hacks on a pedestal. They are extremely unprofessional and rude on Twitter/e-mail to anyone who dares to give them even a little constructive criticism about their work. What a joke. News flash, guys- without viewer feedback, you don’t deserve to have a job.

  • christine gomes

    I just love that the composition of gh has changed, the music is better… the background music was so bad over the las couple years.. it would turn me off…

  • Joey S

    Nick that is where the issue is you say you can post what you want but you expect Sean to stop posting what he wants. Just because you don’t like what he has to say or consider it garbage doesn’t mean he don’t have a reason to post it. You basically are trying to bully him into not talking good about GH.

    Personally the last month or so I have enjoyed GH. I personally do not care for RC, especially his behavior on Twitter. But the stuff he has written at times has been good, other times has been horrible. But that can be said for a lot of writers.

    You call it recycled that is your choice but don’t sit there and try to bully someone who feels differently.

  • SoapFansTogether

    @Nick: How many times are you going to copy and paste that exact same BS?

    The only one who is totally IRRATIONAL here is YOU, because you have a problem with simple facts and numbers and are obviously getting paid for posting the same anti-soaps propaganda over and over again.

    I know a thing or two about the internal debates that have been going within the networks, especially about daytime and soaps vs. cheaper programs, and from what I’m hearing it’s only a matter of (limited) time until someone will have to give advertisers the much superior numbers that soaps are drawing in the key demographic.

    Your beloved talk and cooking shows can be as cheap as you want them to be, but they just are NOT getting the women 18-49 ratings major advertisers are looking for!

    So stop your predictable attempts to silence soap fans who have EVERY right to demand that the programs they have supported for decades are returned to their rightful places.

    If anyone is behaving like a clown here, it’s you.

  • SoapFansTogether

    @ Joey S: Nick or however he calls himself is posting the same nonsense on all boards and in every thread.

    His and some other people’s only intention is to push their anti-soaps agenda, demoralize, divide and silence soap fans, because these people know that if soap fans stand together they are still very powerful and a severe problem for the cheap talk, cooking and game shows lobby.

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