'Breaking Bad' Delivers a Record 6.4 Million Viewers

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September 16th, 2013

Breaking Bad season 5 Episode 15

Sunday's intense episode of Breaking Bad scored the series highest ever ratings,: 6.4 million viewers, 4.1 million adults 18-49, which should translate to a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating when the final numbers are released tomorrow.

  • halloween

    only 2 more weeks :(

  • Joe

    This is by far the best show on TV. It makes me sad that it ends in two more episodes, but last night’s was the best hour of TV ever. The way they line up the cinematic shots is amazing. A show this good just makes everything else not even worthy.

  • Aron

    Breaking Bad series finale prediction 4.1 in 18-49 demo

  • Alan

    @Aron I think it will be higher than that. Maybe a 4.5

  • Matt

    Brilliant episode. I can’t even imagine what the last 2 are going to be like.

    Next 2 episodes ratings wise:
    1) 6.2 million, 3.1 demo
    finale) 7.5 million, 4.3 demo

  • Tony JJ

    Last nights episode was beyond amazing. This show deserves the emmy for best drama and so does the cast. The performances last night were incredible. The last two episodes will see size able increases as well.

  • DKD

    The show’s most recent Live + 7 for A18-49 was a 3.7 for the 9/1 episode off of a 2.2 for Live + SD. It should be interesting to see if the show is gaining viewers or if the viewers it has are watching sooner.

  • DougF

    The Sunday Night Football game had an hour weather delay that started just as Breaking Bad started and didn’t resume play until a few minutes after it was over.

    Probably helped it a little bit.

  • Nothing But Cancellation

    Breaking Bad is the best one.

    Give all Emmys to that show, no one can reach the same quality level.

  • joel

    To paraphrase something Aaron Paul said back around season 2, this show just keeps kicking you in the a$$.

  • Jagger Dagger

    It is very rare for a television show to have such a combination of high quality writing, acting, directing, and even cinematography as Breaking Bad does.
    The fact that they are ending their show on there own terms instead of it going on past it’s prime is also quite rare and special. Network hour long dramas can’t hold a candle to what is going on in cable and pay cable now, and Breaking Bad may be the best of all of them. Sad to see it go, but glad they are going out the way they are.

    Say my name.
    You’re G*ddamn right.

  • FaceForTheDarkCornerOfRadio

    It’s easy to come on here and say that this or that is the best show on TV, I mean it’s all just an opinion. But last night’s show was just unbelievable.

  • stiller

    Everything in the episode was just perfect. I loved it. Give them all the Emmys already.
    Seriously though, those are amazing numbers–can’t wait to see how high the finale will be.

  • Lisa

    Darn. You know AMC is cursing itself for not at the very least giving Breaking Bad two full seasons.

  • cookie

    Breathtaking performance by Baby Holly last night. Give that kid an Emmy!

  • DeeEmStyles

    Just give this awesome show every single darn Emmy there is. I can’t express in words how great this show is and how magnificently brilliant the last episode was! OH MY GOD! The intensity, the drama, the suspense, the action and the moments were CUTTING EDGE literally for any viewer watching. Simply amazing!! 10/10. Glad the ratings are soaring.

  • Dan S

    Breaking Bad just leaves the viewer emotionally drained. This is the best show ever made for television. It’ll be a long time before we see another show of this high caliber come along again. At least it ends on its own terms & not staying on the air long past it’s prime. Hopefully Better Call Saul won’t be another Beverly Hills Buntz.

  • Alex

    i dont know if the show will win the emmy next week, but it definitely deserves to win it next year for this season. i couldnt even breathe during the end of the episode it was so intense. 6.4 million viewers is a lot but it should be getting double if not triple that.

  • tom

    This show deserves to win the Best Drama Emmy. Period. Will be bitterly upset if Downton Abbey wins.

  • Dan

    It was easily the most compelling entertaining episode of television ever.

    If Cranston doesnt win this year then next year for sure.

    Next two episodes, numbers will be huge, especially the finale.

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