'Breaking Bad' Delivers a Record 6.4 Million Viewers

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September 16th, 2013

Breaking Bad season 5 Episode 15

Sunday's intense episode of Breaking Bad scored the series highest ever ratings,: 6.4 million viewers, 4.1 million adults 18-49, which should translate to a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating when the final numbers are released tomorrow.

  • richard

    @ Lisa. they originally wanted two full seasons, but Vince didn’t think they could fill that much at the time, so then they offered 6-8, even though they never really meant that, it’s just the nature of the business “horse trading” as Vince Gilligan put it. Then they gave Vince 16, which Vince said was perfect, because he did not want to do two full seasons.

  • richard

    at the time. maybe in retrospect vince might want to do two full seasons, but at the time 2 years ago he didnt want to if i can remember correctly

  • Doug

    BB was also doing about a 1.0 when they struck that deal two years ago. If the show had been drawing 3s back then, AMC would have given Vince a big check to make more episodes. And he would have taken it. That summer AMC cut both TWD and BB short to free up money for Mad Men, and as much as I like Mad Men, that was kind of foolish in retrospect.

    As much as I’m liking this final season, I still feel that there is enough left to do 10 more episodes.

  • j

    Fans seem honestly mentally unstable/unbalanced.

    “Best hour of TV ever…A show this good just makes everything else not even worthy.”
    “Magnificently brilliant the last episode was! OH MY GOD! The intensity, the drama, the suspense, the action and the moments were CUTTING EDGE literally for any viewer watching. Simply amazing!! ”
    “Breaking Bad just leaves the viewer emotionally drained.”
    “i couldnt even breathe during the end of the episode it was so intense.”

    Seriously, chill out. I personally feel the directing was Emmy winning worthy, the acting of the 3 leads was very good but not win worthy, while the writing and the other actors ranged from okay to meh. This weird intensity is at Game of Thrones fanboys’ level of insanity.

  • StevenFlorida

    “The best hour of TV ever”

    No thank you.

    I agree with tom though that BB deserves an Emmy. DA is massively overrated and very boring to watch.

  • j

    Oh I agree that it deserves a Drama Emmy. But people saying they’re having difficulty breathing, their emotions have been drained, moments are somehow “cutting edge literally,” and (according to other sites) “you don’t watch BB, you live through it” or “last night’s episode is the best piece of filmmaking of all time, period”? It makes me see how there are celebrities who are scared of their fans stalking them, and puts a new light on those eccentricities who shriek/faint upon seeing, say, One Direction.

  • richard

    yeah, this show really fell apart somewhere in season 2 or 3, and the first half of season just was not that good. This second half has been better than its been in a long time, but still cant live up to the glory days of season 1 and SOME of 2.

  • donj1973

    Too bad Low Winter Sun will lose 90% of its audience.

  • Peter

    Who would have thought that breaking bad would have a 3.0+ in the key demo back in 2008. Wow

  • josh

    Seriously, chill out

    dont you ever tell so BB fan to chill out

  • d4h8a15r16m23a42

    That was one the best hours of Tv I’ve seen in my life. One thing to remember regarding the emmys is that these final 8 episodes aren’t up for nomination until next years emmys.

  • cas

    Are we watching the same show? What are you expecting?

  • Rebecca

    It was awesome, and I had to actually take some time after streaming it yesterday to “recover” a little before watching The Newsroom’s season finale later. Walt’s son made me cry a bit (while he did the sensible thing, good boy)….and Hank…poor Hank. BB deserves all the awards it gets. And then I had to cry a bit during The Newsroom, too, lol – emotional day. Good stuff.

  • bluetahoe

    One of the great TV dramas of all time. Better to go out on the top of your game, than, to stay to long when great shows start to slip.

  • Peopleoverratethings

    Breaking Bad is a great show no doubt but I’m feeling that you are really exaggerating this show. In the end it’s a amazingly written and acted but it doesn’t have the magic that shows like Moonlighting, Twin Peaks and The X-Files. They are of course completely different shows but I can’t help but feel that I will never put Breaking Bad in my TOP-5 tv-shows.

  • John

    @Peopleoverrate things: Well, good for you. You don’t have to put Breaking Bad in your top five shows, but you’re fighting a losing battle. I really get the sense that as long as it doesn’t screw up the ending, Breaking Bad is going to be regarded as the best show of all time. Not by everyone, obviously. But probably by more than any other show. And it deserves it because it really is poised to be the best show ever.

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