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September 16th, 2013

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The 2013-14 season is upon us. Fox premieres a few of their new shows this week, and the season officially begins next Monday, September 23.  Here's a repost of our earlier look at how each night stacks up.

Even More New Shows Than Last Year

Last year there were 20 new shows debuting in the early fall -- that count excludes "Fox Sports Saturday" and also excludes "Malibu Country" which didn't debut until later in the fall. This year there are more than 25% more new shows for a total of 26 -- that count excludes "Almost Human" and "Enlisted" which won't debut until later in the fall.

What Catches Ratings Watchers Eyes?

There will be no shortage of things to capture a ratings watcher's attention . How will CBS's expanded Thursday comedy block and new Monday comedies fare? How well will The Voice age? What happens to Person of Interest on a new night and later time with a smaller lead in? Revolution at 8pm? How bad is it going to be for Beauty and the Beast on a new day with Hart of Dixie as its lead-in?

But at least at the start of the season I can't imagine anything will capture more attention, even with ratings watchers, than the launch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  Maybe I just lack imagination.  Those watching the NBA Finals on ABC in June can get back to me after they've seen the Agents of SHIELD promo for the 10,000th time.


Note: When we originally created these grids last Spring, Fox's Enlisted was scheduled to premiere on Fridays in late Fall. It is now scheduled to premiere on January 10.

  • Simon

    New shows I will be watching:

    1) Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
    2) Sleepy Hollow
    3) Hostages
    4) Almost Human
    5) The Blacklist
    6) Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
    7) Intelligence
    8) The Tomorrow People
    9) The 100
    10) Dracula

    Returning shows I will be watching:

    1) Bones
    2) Castle
    3) Revolution
    4) Arrow
    5) Once Upon A Time
    6) The Walking Dead
    7) Person of Interest
    8) NCIS: Los Angeles
    9) The Big Bang Theory
    10) Homeland
    11) Two and a Half Men
    12) Elementary
    13) Grimm

    Debating whether or not to give Five-0 one last shot before calling it quits after the DISASTER that the last season turned out to be

  • steve

    Worried about the POI change in time as Tuesday at 10pm for CBS has been a disaster for years now hopefully POI can change it around

  • Peter

    The Blacklist looks great.

  • Fake Me Out

    I hope Agents will be a good show but the promos I’ve seen have left me feeling meh … usually not a good sign for my continued viewing. The rest of ABCs new offerings may survive the year just because they’ve got nothing else in reserve that’s any better.

    Hell must be a bit chilly right now because I’m saying there are not 1, not 2, but 3 new shows on Fox I’m interested in watching. Time will tell if that interest keeps up but it’s been a long time since anything on Fox has grabbed my attention let alone 3 new ones.

    NBC has Dracula that I hope teams well with Grimm … MJF I hope does well … the rest will be in a race to see who becomes the seasons first cancellation.

    Never count powerhouse CBS out but, for me, none of their new shows has me waiting with baited breath … I’ll hold off on all of them for a few weeks to see the ratings/reviews before I decide to watch or not to watch any of them. I’m not about to invest time into a show that is DOA.

    The CW … oooooo the CW … look, they think they’re a real network … isn’t that cute! Now take them to the vet and put them down … it’s the humane thing to do.


  • Dan S

    Of the most promising new series 2 are pitted against each other. On Mon at 10pm NBC has The Blacklist which should get a full season order & Hostages on CBS. This is a limited run series & not sure where they would take it with a season 2. It’ll be interesting to see how Revolution does on Wed at 8pm going against The Middle & Survivor. X-Factor is dead & won’t make an iota of difference IMO. Overall I think NBC has put together a very good schedule except for Sean on Thur.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    New Shows that I hope last.
    1. Blacklist – looks really good.
    2. The Originals – I only watch CW for TVD & SPN, so a TVD Spinoff, sweet.
    3. We Are Men – I don’t care about the storylines/concept if I’m laughing.
    4. NBC Comedies – I like the NBC comedies that last, so hope they do.
    5. Limited Series – If they are cable shows brought to broadcast.
    6. CW dramas – If they end up well written & acted, I wan to watch them.

    Returning Shows that haven’t basically insured 4 seasons worth of episodes, as I want to avoid cliffhangers & shows that don’ have time to flesh out the storyline & characters.
    1. Chicago Fire – It’s Dick Wolf. I just hope it isn’t too soapy.
    2. Arrow – This was well loved. Will it stay that way?
    3. Elementary – I’m a CBS scripted lover, so no brainer, if it lasts.
    4. Last Man Standing – Was hoping Reba & Tim could find a way to crossover/appear on each other’s shows.

    Returning Shows that I’m watching, admittedly, save for Singing Reality, I’m going to binge watch XMas &/or Summer, instead of every week. #s mean little, just a way to keep track.
    1. Bones – Hope Fri doesn’t come to fruition. I want it to last as long as possible.
    2. Castle – Against 2 new promising shows, hope it holds it’s own & doesn’t have ABC cut it’s budget.
    3. L&O SVU – Mariska & Co are at it again.
    4. NCIS – Ziva leaving Oh Noes!
    5. NCIS LA – hope it goes 10+ years as well.
    6. CSI – The only CSI left & at least a brief return of an original main cast member!
    7. Criminal Minds – I am so happy the cast got their contracts settled, they deserve every penny!
    8. Person of Interest – This is one show that I might decide to rewatch in it’s entirety & binge all of it again. So much to remember.
    9. The Mentalist – Who is Red John?
    10. The Good Wife – Yeah, it’s soapy but it’s on CBS so it has a lot of good drama as well.
    11. Grimm – Have yet to watch, waiting until I can binge the whole series.
    12. Blue Bloods – This is a very good show.
    13. Supernatural – 2 years left, unless new contract & storyline.
    14. The Vampire Diaries – First half of first season was the best now it’s too soapy but I want to follow the storyline.
    15. The Simpsons – It’s tradition at this point, I still laugh though.
    16. How I Met Your Mother – Binge the final season esp since it’s only 1 whole weekend.
    17. Big Bang Theory – I laugh a lot, still.
    18. Modern Family – I totes see them as a regular family.
    19. The Middle – Good 90s family sitcom.
    20. Parks & Rec – NBC lone “fall” survivor & I’m glad it stayed!
    21. Grey’s Anatomy – More Soapy Doc show, but I like new episodes vs 10th ER repeat.
    22. Nashville – May be done after it’s only 2nd show & very soapy, but I’m still a fan.
    23. Glee – W/o Cory, IMO, big deal, the show had mostly moved on & Rachel should have as well.
    24. Parenthood – Hopefully it can do well enough for a renewal I love the show.
    25. 2 Broke Girls – It really has a lot of laughs plus eye candy.
    26. New Girl – I laugh a lot.
    27. Two & a Half Men – More out of tradition than actual laughs, esp smart.
    28. The Voice – The quality of singing plus judges laughs & so little fast forward time aka the skybox chat, it’s #1 for me, as a singing show.
    29. The XFactor – Is this the final season, if so, while I liked most of the final voted on contestants, good riddance.
    30. Community – Final season?
    31. Mike & Molly – New Rules of Engagement but better show?
    32. Raising Hope – Final season, not if FOX needs quality shows, right?
    33. AI – Can it drop just a normal amount?
    34. SNL – Keep on trucking, Though come 2014 No Seth Meyers for News Segments, my fav reliable part, who will take over?

  • Luke

    Enlisted has been bumped back to January and NOT this fall by the way.

  • Luke

    Whoops just saw the text at the bottom of the post. Ignore my previous comment.

  • CBSviewer

    New Shows
    – Hostages
    – Blacklist
    – Sleepy Hollow
    – The Millers
    – The Crazy Ones
    – Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
    – Back in the Game
    – Welcome to the Family
    – Sean Saves the World
    – The Michael J. Fox Show
    – The Tomorrow People
    – Crisis
    – Believe

    Returning Shows
    – NCIS
    – NCIS: Los Angeles
    – Supernatural
    – CSI
    – The Simpsons
    – How I Met Your Mother
    – The Big Bang Theory
    – Blue Bloods
    – Two and a Half Men
    – Hawaii Five-0
    – Person of Interest
    – Law & Order: SVU
    – The Mentalist
    – Castle
    – Chicago Fire
    – Hannibal

    – 2 Broke Girls
    – Mike & Molly
    – Criminal Minds (not sure but season 9 doesn’t look good)
    – Family Guy
    – Grey’s Anatomy
    – Revolution

  • violet hour

    hey thanks for this schedule , very happy tv season is kicking off again after a somewhat ho-hum summer tv not much to tide you over
    i saw under the dome , devious maids , drop dead diva
    otherwise waiting for a rainy day to binge on trueblood

    so many new shows as usual i’ll be cheering for CW shows at least they give their shows a chance

  • Jake

    I can’t believe how many shows some of these people that have poster watch!… I envy them. :|

  • Igwell

    New Shows
    – Welcome to the Family
    – The Goldbergs
    – Brooklyn 99
    – The Michael J. Fox Show
    – Dads
    – The Crazy Ones
    – The Millers
    – Rake

    Returning Shows
    – Parks & Rec
    – Suburgatory
    – Community
    – Bob’s Burgers
    – The Simpsons
    – Family Guy
    – American Dad
    – New Girl
    – Mindy
    – Modern Family
    – Raising Hope
    – Hannibal

  • Anon

    All I care about is REVENGEEE! Hearing so many good things about its return!

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Where is Community?


    New Shows
    We Are Men
    Sleepy Hollow
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Back in the Game
    Tomorrow People
    Super Fun Night
    The Millers
    Crazy Ones

    Returning Shows
    Mindy Project
    New Girl
    2.5 Men
    The Amazing Race
    The Good Wife

    Dropping Shows
    Criminal Minds
    Once Upon A Time
    2 Broke Girls

  • Ben

    My favorite time of the year is finally upon us. I want to watch some new shows this fall but I’m getting tired of starting new shows, getting attached and having them ripped away during May cancellations. So my new rule with watching new shows is wait until Season 2 to watch. So if any of the shows I wanted to watch this fall haven’t been cancelled and are scheduled again next fall I will get caught up on the first season online or on hulu. The new shows I wanted to watch are; Welcome to the Family, Mom, The Millers, The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World, MJF and Lucky 7. My rule is different with The CW though because they don’t seem to worry about ratings against the Big Four causing their shows to get renewed easier. So I will watch The Originals this fall along with The 100 in Midseason.

  • jason50

    It’s a packed schedule for me, I got 2-3 shows to watch every night except Saturday and that’s not including cable shows. Many new shows to try out. The SHIELD pilot was awesome, Blacklist and Almost Human not far behind. Plus The 100, Sleepy Hollow, Tomorrow People, and Intelligence all had good potential. Also looking forward to watching 4 or 5 other new shows. Just the new shows alone will keep me busy. Sad to say, not looking forward to what gets cancelled.

  • Nevid

    New Shows:
    Sleepy Hollow
    Agents of SHIELD
    Almost Human
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Trophy Wife
    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
    The Michael J. Fox Show
    The Blacklist
    The Originals
    The Crazy Ones
    The Tomorrow People

    Returning Shows:
    Modern Family
    Once Upon a Time
    New Girl
    The Following
    Chicago Fire
    Parks and Recreation
    2 Broke Girls
    The Vampire Diaries
    Hart of Dixie
    The Carrie Diaries
    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Beauty and the Beast
    Hawaii Five-0
    Law and Order: SVU

  • ToXiX

    What will I be watching, incase you all wanted to know.

    I’m in central time zone



    730 Bobs Burgers
    8 Family Guy



    7 How I Met Your Mother
    730 We Are Men
    8 2 Broke Girls
    830 Mom
    9 Hostages


    9 The Blacklist



    7 Dads
    730 Brooklyn Nine Nine


    8 The Goldbergs



    7 Revolution
    9 Ironside


    7 The Middle
    9 Nashville



    7 The Big Bang Theory
    730 The Millers
    8 The Crazy Ones
    830 Two and a Half Men

  • Jermal


    Bones moves to Friday’s in November mainly because FOX is pairing Sleepy Hollow with Almost Human when that show premieres. It makes sense since both are high concept science fiction shows.

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