The CW Releases Posters of the Men of 'Arrow' Sans Shirts

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September 16th, 2013

Arrow stephen Shirtless

The CW knows that the attractive male cast is part of Arrow's appeal . So the network has released posters of the chests of the show's stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Colton Haynes and Manu Bennett.  Post your best guesses about what their workout routines are in the comments.


Arrow Stephen Amell shirtlessColton!

Arrow stephen Shirtless



Arrow Manu shirtless


Arrow David shirtless

  • Justin

    It physically makes me sick how ripped these guys are.

  • Scot

    It’s easy to stay so ripped when you have a staff of 20 cooking, training, working out, and watching every thing you eat and everything you do every day. Too bad real life isn’t that way, LOL, then we could ALL have bodies like that!

  • tom

    Obviously, they want to look better than the men of True Blood.

    I agree with Scot on the staff of 20 things. It must also be part of the CW contract for all male cast members to be ripped or they will either get pay cut or being cut completely from the show.

    With two 2-3 hour sessions and very strict diet, it’s no surprise that all these men look ripped.

  • Travis

    Colton… damn.

  • chrys

    It’s part of their work attire, really LOL If they want roles like these, they have to look like this. They aren’t going to hire some guy with a potbelly to be Oliver Queen :P

  • Noel

    Well this is too much, I understand Oliver has to be like that as every superhero pretty much is, but the others, not so much.

  • ChadCronin

    Yes place. Now if only they didn’t have scars or fake tats on Stephen, he’d be perfect. This season will be nice

  • Lily


  • DenverDean

    I’m outraged at how CW is exploiting these poor men. LOL

  • Alan

    Sex sells! I hope they release posters of their other shows soon.

  • Tony JJ

    Lol. Yes in Hollywood it’s practically an unwritten rule (maybe even written in a contract) that guys must be ripped to keep their jobs. But like someone above me said it is so much easier to do it when you have 20 people around you telling you what to eat and train and stuff.

    On another note, is this show worth catching up on? I want to catch up but cannot fathom spending over $43 for the blu ray. All of warner brothers dvd/blurays of shows this fall have been insanely high. I didn’t buy and catch up on person of interest yet because I will not waste $48 to do so.

  • Jean

    Screw Colton for leaving Teen Wolf. Arrow is a borefest.

  • Kelsey

    @Tony JJ
    Just rent the DVDs from a movie store. If you have a Hastings near you, you can get the whole season for about 7 or 8 dollars.

  • Mark Milton

    I find it funny how if these were women actors portrayed this way,then you would hear the outrage about sexism and how Hollywood makes it hard for girls self-esteem body issues..

  • Mark Milton

    @Justin, @Scot is right. They had on interview of a personal trainer who is ripped like them admit that the average person can’t expect to look that way unless they devote their life to it. In his case it was his job to look that good(who would hire a personal trainer who doesn’t look fit). If you look at Football players..when they are playing they are ripped but during the offseaon or when they retire they typically get fatter.

    TLDR:The reason these guys are ripped is because it’s their job and they are paid to look that way.

  • SJ

    Yummy! :)

  • Abby

    Holy mother of god! They’re all damn fine!

  • Remote Patrolled

    The guys are in amazing shape and they doubtless has advantages of being a Hollywood star, trainers, etc

    But I hate it when people use this as an excuse! There are a LOT of people in the real world with normal jobs and busy schedules who have terrific bodies too.

    It’s about discipline and eating right and training hard.

    Saying it’s just because they’re Hollywood actors is a cop out used by lazy people!

  • DJB

    @Remote Patrolled I concur!

  • liv

    why does David Ramsey face look weird with that body, it doesnt seem to go together, and also manu looks very uncomfortable, like he’s forcing the abs to display through his belly

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