TV Fan Excuse Bingo For The 2013-14 Broadcast TV Season

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September 16th, 2013

With the start of the 2013-14 broadcast television season on September 23, so too starts the 2013-14 Fan Excuse Bingo season where our readers can peruse our comments and play along by calling out commenter excuses, laments and other irrelevant nonsense that nothing to do with the future of their favorite shows, as much as they desperately hope it does.

You're welcome to play with the default Fan Excuse Bingo card above, but  the more adventurous may wish to generate your very own individual bingo card here with all of the commenter suggested options from last season as potential squares.

For those of you on Twitter, the Cancellation Bear loves to call out those playing #FanExcuseBingo. Follow him, and join in!

Get playing!

  • TV Viewer

    1) The pilot, and first few episodes, were terrible, but, it gradually improved. The audience gave up on it too fast.

    2)It cost too much in an era when the cheap shows that cost next to nothing stay on the air, while the programs that cost more than a few dollars to produce get cancelled in a blink of an eye.

  • liddad

    Wow, speaking as a huge Community fan, Community fans are going to fill this scorecard after the first episode airs.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it does in the season 5 premiere, but it’s just too weird a show for the masses. It’ll maybe only get a real large fan base a few years after it finishes (Netflix etc.), but I doubt it’ll ever be brought back even if it does gain that fan base. SixSeasonsAndAVeryImprobableMovie

  • rob60990

    Nikita fans have used every excuse. Lmao.

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Do all of the bingo squares apply to Hannibal?

  • Pavelsauce

    A few excuses I saw last season:
    1. It took too many breaks.

    2. It was up against [awards show]/[major sporting event].

    3. It’s getting lower ratings because of the ABC soap opera boycott. (No, I’m not kidding. Someone actually said that.)

    4. The CW doesn’t care about domestic ratings as much [as another networks].

    5. It’s in a death slot.

    6. The network hates the show (I typed “why does CBS” into Google, and one of the suggestions was “why does CBS hate Rules of Engagement.”

  • SS

    Well, to be fair Rob, the CW did pretty much admit this summer that they do take some of these things into consideration. Maybe there should be a CW exception for some of these :).

  • halloween

    i’ll play

    its a spinoff so it can’t get new viewers
    its on nbc, no one watches nbc
    its on the cw, no one watches the cw
    its on the wrong network

  • halloween

    Time Warner Cable dropped the channel :)

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Why do SO MANY of my inculpable comments (in other articles I tried posting in today) get blocked or just flat fail to show up?

  • DKD

    “People are waiting to binge-watch it.”

  • Ryan

    When it comes to renewals/cancellations, one would do well to remember Clint Eastwood’s immortal quote from Unforgiven:

    “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

  • Chuck Collins

    Needs more cowbell.

  • Chuck Collins

    “Needs more cowbell.”

  • Samunto

    Damn i’m looking forward to the start of the new season and reading delusional comments.

  • Jon23812

    A good one would be, “FOX keeps pre-empting it for sports”.

  • charmedcraft

    This one needs to be added somewhere, I see it come up so much: “It costs nothing to produce.”

  • TV Viewer


    A related (good) excuse might be that sports programs running overtime, would cause the show to frequently start later than it’s regularly scheduled starting time slot, hurting it in the ratings, and affecting those people trying to record it on their DVRs.

  • jupiter3765

    the abc soap opera boycott has to be hurting abc because nothing on abc primetime gets good ratings their behind nbc what does that tell you

  • jupiter3765

    iwas just joking

  • EatMorePez

    How about people who come up with excuses for when a show they hate gets good ratings? Can we create a card for those people?

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