Monday Final TV Ratings: 'Sleepy Hollow' & 'Bones' Adjusted Up, 'Dancing With the Stars', 'Million Second Quiz', 'American Ninja Warrior' & 'Siberia' Adjusted Down

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September 17th, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Premiere 2

 Sleepy Hollow and Bones were each  adjusted up a tenth, The Million Second Quiz, Dancing With the Stars and American Ninja Warrior were each adjusted down a tenth and Siberia was adjusted down two tenths among adults 18-49  versus Monday's preliminary ratings.  

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, September 16, 2013:


Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 ABC Dancing With the Stars - Season Premiere (8-10PM) 3.1/9 16.04
FOX Bones - Season Premiere 2.3/7 7.76
CBS How I Met Your Mother - R 1.4/4 4.30
NBC The Million Second Quiz 1.0/3 3.59
CW Hart of Dixie - R 0.2/1 0.52
8:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 1.5/4 5.02
9:00 FOX Sleepy Hollow - Series Premiere 3.5/9 10.10
CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 1.5/4 5.02
NBC American Ninja Warrior (9-10:01PM) 1.5/4 4.04
CW Breaking Pointe - Season Finale 0.2/0 0.43
9:30 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 1.8/5 6.12
10:00 CBS Under the Dome - Season Finale 2.8/8 12.10
ABC Castle - R 1.3/4 6.80
NBC Siberia - Finale 0.6/2 1.75


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

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  • danny94

    yeah great ratings for sleepy hollow hope it holds

  • NeNe Leakes

    Sleepy Hollow at a 3.5 for the first episode and everyone is acting like it is 2004 when Desperate Housewives hit over a 12.0 for its premiere? Child please! If I recall correctly, New Normal was a hit right out the gate and we know how that turned out. Bloop!

  • Peter

    @NeNe Leakes, Sleepy Hollow is a Self starter though. If Desperate Housewives or Lost had the same exact pilots, they would not get the kind of ratings that they got in 2004.

  • jason50

    WOW! Much better ratings than I thought and Sleepy Hollow was decent but one of the weaker pilots that I watched at CC. Hopefully the better pilots Blacklist, SHIELD, and Almost Human can post similar if not better ratings.

  • Peter

    @NeNe Leakes, the reason is because of the rise of cable and Netflix, its just hard and complicated to get ratings like that.

  • Oliver


    By two cycles of The Bachelor, I was referring to The Bachelorette in summer.

    And I meant the reality filler would bomb. Any new reality would almost certainly do far worse than The Bachelor/DWTS already do on Monday.

    I think moving DWTS to boost its ratings is superficially tempting but once you look into it, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for ABC. I think any potential change wouldn’t be a significant improvement with far more downside.

  • Cath

    Sleepy Hollow had a nice mixture of seriousness and humor.

    Under the Dome kept you interested but now we have to wait how many months for the rest of it???

  • Adam

    Really enjoyed Sleepy Hollow. Hoping this won’t end up as a “one season and done” show like Terra Nova, Alcatraz, etc. I’m sure it will drop next week but hopefully a lot of the audience will return!

  • Hardline_Pro

    What are the chances of a direct-to-DVD movie wrapping things up if NBC cans Siberia?

  • Oliver

    Or to put it another way:

    Move DWTS to Sunday in a single cycle and get an extra point in ratings for 10 weeks.

    The replacement for the second cycle of DWTS is likely to do a point worse for 10 weeks.

    You’ve gained nothing, and now you have to risk moving or launching a ton of dramas on Monday, by far the most competitive night of the week.

    And you’ve also got The Bachelor and The Bachelorette running much nearer to each other, which probably isn’t good for it.

    The upside simply isn’t there.

  • Tim

    Just watched the finale for ‘Dome’. Almost fell asleep. It was SO slow! And the ending was a clunker. That’s what happens when a 13-week story now has to expand into an entire 2nd season. Zzzzzz again already…

  • Russell

    Under The Dome rules! CBS has the number one new series for 2012-2013 season.

    Next Week:
    Dancing will fall to low 2.1
    Castle – 2.0
    How I Met Your Mother – 3.7
    2 Broke Girls – 3.6
    Mom – 3.4
    Hostages – 2.9
    The Voice – 3.3
    Blacklist – 2.4
    Bones – 1.8
    Sleepy Hollow – 2.5

  • Alex

    If Sleepy Hollow holds up Fox have a bit of a scheduling decision ahead of them. My suggestion might be to do this after the World Series

    Monday: Bones / Sleepy Hollow
    Tuesday: Glee / New Girl / Dads or Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Wednesday: The X Factor
    Thursday: The X Factor / Almost Human
    Friday: Unscripted / Raising Hope / The Mindy Project

    Obviously I’m assuming that one of Dads or Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t going to be worth keeping and in the event that both aren’t they can just keep Mindy on Tuesday night and continue to double up on Raising Hope. I was tempted to slot Almost Human into the Tuesday 8PM slot but then it’d be up against SHIELD and NCIS which seems like a bad piece of scheduling and I still firmly think Thursday night is wide open for a new big drama launch and Glee’s female skew should give it some protection on Tuesday night.


    Next week should definitely prove interesting in deed. Got the EW to help me figure out what’s going on!

  • Michael

    My predictions for next weeks monday ratings are

    Sleepy Hollow: 2.7
    Bones: 2.0

    Dancing With The Stars: 2.3
    Castle: 2.2

    The Voice: 3.7
    Blacklist: 3.0

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.9
    2 Broke Girls: 3.6
    MOM: 3.0
    Hostages: 2.7

  • Alex

    I think you’re overestimating 2 Broke Girls and possibly the rest of the CBS line-up. Meanwhile you seem to be underestimating everything else particularly the NBC line-up.

  • Helen

    So glad for Bones, I’ve been a longtime watcher. And for a show in it’s 9th season, it’s doing really well!!

  • Alex

    I’m curious as to why people are predicting The Voice isn’t going to break a 4. Wishful thinking? The first episode last Fall (but out of the regular season) had a 4.2 and the following week was up to a 4.7. Then the Spring cycle started with a 4.8 on Monday. Also 2 Broke Girls ended its season last year with a 3.0 for the record.

  • Peter

    @Alex @Michael, judging from the ads and the positive reaction, The Blacklist could open huge. It reportedly tested very well with focus groups and most who have seen it seem to like it. They have great casting with Megan Boone and James Spader.


    @Alex. Aging… Last year it had its first Fall Cycle, so there was some exitment, Spring season was boosted from new judges. This cycle…. Nothing new. I realize CeeLo & Christina are coming back but they arnt exactly that big compared to Usher. I think people will eventually tune out of The Voice, it could start its decent this cycle…

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