Predict the Ratings for the Premieres of 'Brooklyn 99' & 'Dads'

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September 17th, 2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tonight two new comedies premiere on FOX, back-to-back. The first, Dads, has garnered some of the worst reviews of the new season. The second, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has received some of the best. Dads is a  multi-cam. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a single cam. One has been criticized for ethnic stereotypes, the other praised for its diversity. Together, they are a true odd couple of scheduling. But, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine castmates Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher prove, sometimes odd pairings work. So how do you think each show will fare tonight?

Last season, FOX launched two comedies on Tuesday, September 25. At 8:30 PM Ben & Kate debuted to a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating. At 9:30PM The Mindy Project premiered to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nina have the advantage of airing against minimal competition. Make your predictions then check back Tuesday morning to see if you were right.

  • Justin

    Dads- 1.9-2.1
    Brooklyn- 0.00

    My guesses/Wishes

  • abc

    Why is the selection order in those polls so screwed up?

  • rsg junior

    Dads 2.2
    Brooklyn 2.7

  • Raykov

    Dads – 1.7
    Brooklyn – 2.1

    I’m basing it off last year comedy premieres.

  • halloween

    Dads 3.0
    Brooklyn 4.2

  • BG

    Dads 2.5
    Brooklyn 2.8

  • Nothing But Cancellation

    Dads 1.8 (but this is so terrible that deserves a premiere rating worse than Do no Harm)

    Brooklyn 99 – 2.3

  • Samunto

    Dads is the kind of awful comedies that do well.

    Dads 2.4
    B-99 2.6

  • Survivor Fan

    Dads- 2.2
    Brooklyn 9-9- 2.5

    I will probably like both shows. I usually love all sitcoms that the critics hate and some that the critics like.

  • Survivor Fan

    I don’t have the best track record- I loved Partners and How to be a Gentleman!

  • Pavelsauce

    Dads: 1.6-1.8
    B99: 2.3-2.5


    Think they’ll both do about a 2.0

  • J.G.

    Dads- 2.0
    Brooklyn – 1.8 (as much as I don’t want it to be true)

  • Sara Bibel

    Sorry about the out of order poll results. They are fixed now. Our software took it upon itself to randomize the choices without consulting me. Maybe it caught a sneak peek of Dads.

  • Hobbitual

    Brooklyn: 2.4
    Dads: 2.2

  • Jay

    Dads- 2.8
    Brooklyn- 2.5
    New Girl- 2.3
    Mindy- 1.9

    If it was up to me:
    Dads- 0.8
    Brooklyn- 3.0
    New Girl- 2.5
    Mindy- 4.0

  • CBSviewer

    Dads: 2.4
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2.8
    New Girl: 3.0
    The Mindy Project: 1.9


    Dad – 2.0. Brooklyn99 – 2.4. New Girl – 2.4. Mindy Project – 1.9

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Nine-Nine looks like the funnier of the two with Samberg and the captain of the Colorado.


  • Dan

    1.8 for Dads 2.2 for Brooklyn Nine Nine and that’s if I’m being generous and before competition

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