Predict the Ratings for the Premieres of 'Brooklyn 99' & 'Dads'

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September 17th, 2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tonight two new comedies premiere on FOX, back-to-back. The first, Dads, has garnered some of the worst reviews of the new season. The second, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has received some of the best. Dads is a  multi-cam. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a single cam. One has been criticized for ethnic stereotypes, the other praised for its diversity. Together, they are a true odd couple of scheduling. But, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine castmates Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher prove, sometimes odd pairings work. So how do you think each show will fare tonight?

Last season, FOX launched two comedies on Tuesday, September 25. At 8:30 PM Ben & Kate debuted to a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating. At 9:30PM The Mindy Project premiered to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nina have the advantage of airing against minimal competition. Make your predictions then check back Tuesday morning to see if you were right.

  • Mathew

    Brooklyn 99 was way better than dads. I’m gunna give dads one more week to impress me

  • brian

    Dads 2.3
    Brooklyn 2.1

    Week 2 Numbers:
    Dads 1.1
    Brooklyn 1.5

  • Jon

    Dads was really a Dud tonight. I honestly don’t think it’s going to be around long. I did however like Brooklyn 99, and laughed quite a bit.

  • forg

    Dads – 2.4
    Brooklyn 99 – 2.5
    New GIRL – 2.8
    The Mindy Project – 2.1

  • luka

    Dads – 2.9
    Brooklyn 00 – 3.3
    New Girl – 3.1
    The Mindy Project – 2.4

  • spin

    My Predictions:
    Dads – 2.1
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 2.4
    New Girl – 2.8
    The Mindy Project – 2.1

    My Hopes:
    Dads – 1.0
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 2.5
    New Girl – 3.0
    The Mindy Project – 4.0

    Each show was better than the one before it. Dads was awful…

  • Nielsen

    Brooklyn 99 is a sad piece of work. Why Andre Braugher hasn’t been snapped up by a drama with staying power is beyond me. His work on “Men of a Certain Age” was solid, even as the show declined, and “Last Resort” was a good piece of work… surprising that it did not succeed.

    Unfortunately B99 will probably come in @ 2.0, better than it deserves. While the concept is fine (and MAYBE the rest of the cast could rise to the challenge), the writing is horrible, particularly the dialogue. Snappy and well-paced dialogue as in “Scandal”, “SportsNight”, and “Life” doesn’t only come in drama, but can be seen in comedy as well with “Seinfeld, Sin City”, and “Two and a Half Men (offensive humor aside).

  • rob60990

    Early HH ratings

    Dads: 4.2
    Brooklyn 9-9: 4.6
    New Girl: 3.9
    Mindy Project: 3.0

  • steve

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine was really good. Dads was really bad

  • erwanfromfrance

    I think that Dad will obviously premiere worse than Brooklyn 99 based ont the critics and the reviews :
    Here’s my predictions :
    Dads : 3,5 million 1.5%
    Brooklyn 99 : 5 million 2.5%
    New Girl : 5 million 3.0%
    Mindy Project : 4 million 2.2%

  • Glue

    I’m surprised you rated Mindy so high! I love the show, and the premiere was hilarious, but I predict a 2.0.

  • California

    Dads- 1.9
    Brooklyn- 2.4
    New Girl- 2.5
    Mindy- 2.1

  • Snoot

    Watched both shows last night. Really pleased with them. Both were better than I thought they were going to be, especially B99.

  • David

    Dads 2.2
    9-9 1.7

  • Samunto

    Comparing HH ratings with 1yr ago
    Dads: 5% above New Girl with translated to 5.35mil & 2.8/9 in the demo!!!!
    B-9-9: built 10% from Dads.

    I say Dads 3.1
    B9-9 3.3 FOX must be rejoicing!

    With the hate going around for Dads, what would have happened to bloggers & twitter if they were there when ‘Married With Children’ was on-air?!

  • CrimTV

    Ratings from the top 25 markets

    Dads – 2.7
    Brooklyn Nine Nine – 3.0
    New Girl – 3.2
    The Mindy Project – 2.4

    Very impressive, but obviously these can change. Yesterday Sleepy Hollow earned a 3.3 for it’s top 25 markets and ended up being a 3.5

  • CrimTV

    don’t listen to me, just seen the ratings, they fell a lot from the top 25 market ratings

  • Samunto

    Never bother what i wrote 2posts above….
    Dads: 2.1

    Now that i’ve had the time to catch up…. it’s an alright comedy. We knew most of the scenes from the trailer after the upfronts anyway.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I’m really not so sure why people think Brooklyn Nine-Nine will premiere higher than Dads.

    Dads: 2.0
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 1.8

    Maybe because the previews made B99 look a lot funnier than Dads to most people?

  • chuck

    Brooklyn 99 should be the lead in, not the weaker show Dads. Brooklyn 99 ratings would be higher if they flip the 2 shows

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