FOX Tuesday Comedy Premieres Up Over Previous Season -With One Exception

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September 18th, 2013


FOX's Tuesday night comedy block got off to a solid start. Dads delivered a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating. Brooklyn Nine-Nine garnered a 2.5. Both shows were up from last year's premieres of time slot predecessors Raising Hope and Ben & Kate.   New Girl garnered a 2.9, up from last year's 2.8. The Mindy Project notched a 1.9, down from a 2.4 for its series premiere.

  • Bran

    Glad for New girl but I tried B99 and it was not that good and i have a feeling te jokes will be very repetitive. Mindy on the other hand is a great show and im disappointed with its rating

  • jT

    yes new girl!!!!!!!

  • Doug

    Mindy Project is definitely gone after this season…maybe even before spring.

    Regardless, the 8pm shows are going to be demolished starting next week, so Fox should enjoy these numbers while they can…

  • Ron

    Dads and B99 were so boring and not funny,no wonder why they didn’t premiere higher

  • Dan S

    It’s encouraging that B99 outperformed its lead in from Dads. Assuming the ratings tank for Dads against new competition next week lets hope that Raising Hope will be returned to its rightful Tuesday slot. Not sure if the lower rating for Mindy had to with its early viewing available on demand which I caught. I guess having James Franco didn’t help

  • Steven

    Fox will probably send Mindy to Friday and cancel Dads all together by the new year.

  • ruckfules55

    So far so good for Fox Tuesdays.

    Dads = Let the countdown for Raising Hope’s return to the night begin!

    B99 = Decent premiere. But the real question is how much can it hold next week?

    New Girl = I thought this was already a goner based on the trajectory of last spring’s episodes. Could it be the online streaming & catchup effect again? I don’t know but it looks like it can still go back up to its late Season 1 levels after the SB.

    Mindy = Again, let’s see. If B99 can hold well, will Mindy go to 8:30? I really don’t know if this show can have a sophomore bounce so Fox might be better off supporting B99 even if the demographics don’t seem to be quite the same.

  • TV God

    I think New Girl will run a total of 5 maybe 6 seasons. Nothing past 6 seasons though.

  • Jamie

    Loved Brooklyn nine nine!! Can only improve from here and am totally exited. Was pleasantly surprised by how strong the 1st ep was!

  • Elle

    I don’t know how Mindy is still on television other than what seems like Hollywood’s great love for the lead actress.

  • spin

    Dads will plummet in the coming weeks- such an awful show. Terrific cast, but their talent is wasted on this poor script.

    The Mindy Project is so underrated- disappointed to see those numbers, but hopefully they don’t dwindle too much this season.

    Too early to tell what’s to come for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but hoping it sticks around.

    New Girl has nothing to worry about, as usual. I liked the premiere, but the show is overhyped.

  • smn

    The Mindy Project deserves so many more viewers. It’s definitely FOX’s best comedy.

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