Which Sophomore Broadcast TV Shows Will Be Canceled In 2013-14? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2013


While the attrition rate among freshman broadcast scripted TV shows is brutal (pick which you think will be canceled first here), returning sophomore shows aren't completely safe. Every season it's reasonable to expect one or more to fall prey to the Cancellation Bear.

Last season, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 and Whitney were sophomore shows that became #bearchow. (and as astute commenter Tom points out, so were Touch, Up All Night and Smash.)

Unlike the "first show to be canceled" poll, the "Which Sophomore Shows Will Be Canceled?" isn't a choice of "first". If a sophomore show is canceled it's virtually certain it will be canceled at the end of the season (or at least after its run of ordered episodes is complete).

Also, unlike the other poll, you're not limited to a single choice in this poll, you can pick as many shows as you think will be canceled.

Which sophomore shows will be canceled by the end of this season? Feel free to expound on your choices in the comments. (and feel free to remind me which shows I forgot to put in the list)

Again, as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Tom

    Definite Survial:
    Elementary – CBS has too many other dramas getting too old; hasn’t even started down the Sun/Fri path yet.
    Chicago Fire – The bar for survival on NBC is really low.
    Arrow – A major hit by that network’s standards.

    Absolutely Dead:
    The Carrie Diaries – Numbers were bad last year; will be horrific if it airs on Fridays. Still three full seasons away from 88 episodes!
    Beauty and the Beast – Drops a ton moving to Mondays; no realistic way to drag it to syndication numbers.
    The Mindy Project – 1.3s for all of April and May; still under 2.0 with no real competition last night. No realistic way to drag it to syndication numbers. (Wildcard: Fox cancels XF but not AI; no way to know what Fox will fill that Fall time with.)
    Revolution – Was in high 1s in that dead time slot with The Voice’s lead-in by the end of last season. Even by NBC’s standards, the numbers should be bad. Still two years away from syndication; probably one of the most expensive Sophomore shows.

    Too Early To Tell:
    Nashville – Let’s be clear, the numbers will be mediocre. But ABC doesn’t have much to work with. Disclaimer: If SHIELD and everything else flops and Paul Lee is replaced before pilot pickups, then it’s dead.
    The Following – The numbers will probably drop to mediocre; Fox doesn’t have much to work with, especially as XF gets closer to death.
    The Neighbors – No idea how many episodes actually air on Fridays; no idea how much audience stays on Fridays. If Paul Lee goes, so does the show.

  • David

    It’s easier to say which ones I think won’t be canceled, and that’s only Arrow, The Following, and Chicago Fire.

  • Logan

    Hopefully not “Revolution”. I’m in the middle of the First Season right now and I love it! I think “The Neighbors” will go first.

  • Stephen

    Carrie Diaries & Beauty and the Beast I think are very likely gone. Revolution I strongly expect to tank and be gone. Mindy Project also likely gone. The only other one I picked is Following. It depends on what they do with season 2 but if they try to keep the exact same storyline going after how they ended season 1 then I think ratings could slide into bubble territory or worse.

    I didn’t pick Neighbors or Nashville as I think they will be bubble shows and I think ABC may try to keep one or both depending on how the rest of their new shows do.

  • jason50

    I thought there were more second year scripted shows, but last year did have a horrible lineup of shows. Is it a surprise that CW has the most returning sophomore shows on the list. I’m thinking only four of these shows will return next year.

  • Jared

    Other than The Mindy Project and possibly Neighbors I feel the rest of the sophomore series seem pretty likely to get renewed if there ratings hold up.

  • ReallyTired

    Mindy Please.

  • CBSviewer


    – The Mindy Project
    – The Carrie Diaries
    – Beauty and the Beast (move HOD to Friday at 8 for its final season)

  • Steez


  • David Howell

    Neighbors, Carrie, BATB, Revolution, and I’m taking a punt at Elementary given how much it underperformed last season. Somehow I sense Mindy might get nursed to syndication.

  • shogun

    TCD, Beauty and the Beast, Revolution, and Nashville, in that order.

    Glad to see Elementary polling at the bottom of the list. Love that show.

  • Stuart Pitt

    @Tom, I agree with you with the exception of The Following. As you pointed out, Fox doesn’t have much to work with and it will produce numbers that will get it renewed.

    @Logan. I loved Revolution at the midway point too. I’ll watch at least the first three episodes this season, but if it they are like the second half I won’t watch the 4th episode. It became science fantasy instead of science fiction after the group went to Atlanta.

  • Brandon

    I love the Mindy Project but unless fox’s new comedy shows do really really bad, there is no way MP will survive this season :( .

    Also I think The Carrie Diaries will get cancelled as well.

    I could also see The Following and The Neighbors getting cancelled.

  • Joseph

    I presume this data will determine what shows our own Cancellation Bear will whack.

  • Jacoby

    “The Carrie Diaries, The Mindy Project, and Nashville all should never have been renewed. Let’s see how long it takes their respective network to see that this year.”

    Agree with this. Honestly, I think most of the shows mentioned in the poll will be canceled except for maybe Chicago Fire, Elementary, and Arrow.

  • Tommy M.

    I think The Following would have to suffer a pretty dramatic decline to get cancelled this year.

  • Dollface

    Wow we are doing cancelation polls already lol:-D ok well hum I don’t see TCD going anywhere other than the cancelation train. But it is really too early to call cancels yet.

  • Pepper

    Carrie Diaries and Revolution will be getting the heave ho

  • feinn

    Beauty and the Beast did awful after tvd last season, so mondays it will freefall like 90210/gossip girl last season


    The Neighbors, Revolution and Nashville are my picks.

    I can also see the bear feasting on The Mindy Project but i’m not 100% behind that one.

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