Which Sophomore Broadcast TV Shows Will Be Canceled In 2013-14? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2013


While the attrition rate among freshman broadcast scripted TV shows is brutal (pick which you think will be canceled first here), returning sophomore shows aren't completely safe. Every season it's reasonable to expect one or more to fall prey to the Cancellation Bear.

Last season, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 and Whitney were sophomore shows that became #bearchow. (and as astute commenter Tom points out, so were Touch, Up All Night and Smash.)

Unlike the "first show to be canceled" poll, the "Which Sophomore Shows Will Be Canceled?" isn't a choice of "first". If a sophomore show is canceled it's virtually certain it will be canceled at the end of the season (or at least after its run of ordered episodes is complete).

Also, unlike the other poll, you're not limited to a single choice in this poll, you can pick as many shows as you think will be canceled.

Which sophomore shows will be canceled by the end of this season? Feel free to expound on your choices in the comments. (and feel free to remind me which shows I forgot to put in the list)

Again, as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • smn

    Sadly, I feel like the only 3 (the Mindy Project, the Neighbors and the Carrie Diaries) of these shows I care for might all get cancelled.

  • Wright

    The Mindy Project, The Carrie Diaries and The Neighbors should have been cancelled last year. Whoever voted for Revolution is smoking crack.

  • Toni

    Can’t believe all this HATE stuff about The Neighbors!

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    @Bill, Thanks for the Sophomore Poll.

    These are the shows that if renewed for a 3rd season it’s almost surely to get them to syndication numbers, esp if they had 2 full seasons as of this upcoming season. Which means, if renewed, they will have 80+ episodes most likely to watch.

    I wonder if 10 is about the same as normal.

    @Tom, except for your Paul Lee comments, which I have no knowledge about, I agree with your assessment. Except, I give no definite, until we get actual ratings. If a large chunk of viewers didn’t come back, then it’s gone. More syndication episodes, from shows already airing & doing well on TNT etc is preferable than keeping a low rated show on to try & sell to syndication for 2+yrs.

  • Alex

    I voted for Revolution, The Neighbors, The Mindy Project, and The Carrie Diaries. As much as i love TMP, the only reason it got a second season was because ben and kate bombed and it was doing about as well as raising hope. With no lead in, Revolution is done however i think it’ll air all of its episodes in that timeslot.

  • Ekras

    These stupid 13 episode seasons really screw with your calculations…..

  • brent

    I can honestly see all of them but Arrow get canceled. I mean all were bubble shows last season, but I would say TCD for sure

  • Ultima

    Fox cancels XF but not AI; no way to know what Fox will fill that Fall time with

    … unless you take the time to look at what they have done in the past.

    The Wednesday edition of The X Factor would almost certainly be replaced with one of the Gordon Ramsay reality competitions. Subsequently, FOX dropping it will only result in a single open hour on their fall schedule.

    The big shake-up won’t happen until FOX decides to retire American Idol, which has now expanded to ~60 hours a year and dominates their winter/spring schedule. However, as it is still their highest rated show, by far, that is some time off.

  • Spencer

    I really hope that all of ABC’s new comedies flop along with the neighbors. I just hate the fact that Happy Endings and APT23 were cancelled. :/

  • Alan

    As much as I like The Carrie Diaries, I know it will get cancelled :( but I’ll stay positive. Beauty and the Beast, Mindy Project and Revolution will be cancelled too.

  • Greg

    Carrie Diaries is a slam dunk. My second guess would be either Beauty and the Beast, Mindy or Revolution, but we’ll have to see. Maybe the CW would be more forgiving with another sophomore if one of them proves to be a bigger disaster. And Wednesdays at 8 has been such a problem for NBC that I guess if Revolution can rate at least a 1.5, NBC would be happy.

    As for Mindy… I don’t know. It depends whether FOX can come up with better comedies this season. And FOX have had such bad luck with them for so many years (their last sitcoms to achieve 100 episodes were That ’70s Show and Malcolm in the Middle, though New Girl and Raising Hope will almost certainly get there as well).

  • Cyrax86

    The Mindy Project

  • Dan

    Obviously Carrie Diaries, the rest have a full season with the exception of the midsesason, Following and Hannibal.

    For ABC, Nashville and Neighbors will air full seasons but its anyone’s guess whether or not they will get third seasons.

    For CBS, Elementary will air a full season and get a third season

    For Fox, both The Mindy Project and The Following will air all episodes produced which is 22 and 15 episodes respectively but again who knows if either will get third seasons

    For NBC both Revolution, and Chicago Fire will certainly air all episodes which Is 22 each and 13 for Hanmibal, while all eps will air. If I had to guess Chicago Fire has the best shot at a third year, Revolution could go either way and Hannibal is a goner.

    For CW Beauty and the Beast will air 22 episodes and get a third and probably fourth season if it does decent, while Carrie Diaries will flop on Fridays and be done after 13 eps

    My best guess is Carrie Diaries will be the first and only sophomore show cancelled before May mostly because there aren’t that many returning shows and the rest of the sophomore shows airing in the fall have full seasons already

  • Dan

    I forgot to add that Arrow will get a third season and likely 7 more after that

    I’m also starting to think that Following and Hannibal will go the way of Touch and Smash

  • Chris

    Revolution is starting with the claim ‘everything changed’ – and by that they mean it is the same old plot hole smorgasbord (at least one right at the start of S2E01). They are going whole-hog on the magical nanites, and are apparently taking them down the yellow brick road to get them a brain (aka giving them AI). Aside from that, they have decided that all the ‘swashbuckling’ and ‘epic quests’ which they paid lip-service to but did not actually develop, are not what the public wanted after all. So it is straight back to (Bad Robot’s) Mystery Box Theater, so I expect Rev to be effectively dead and buried *before* mid-season.

    I wonder if NBC already signed the check for the full 22 like they claim that they did, and if so, will this finally be enough to spark some investor action due to the mismanagement at both NBC Entertainment (Rev) and NBC Universal (Star Trek:Into Darkness)? That is where the *real* entertainment will be.

  • Val

    Carrie’s diaries :P

  • Nothing But Cancellation

    The Carrie Diaries
    Smash 2 (Revolution)
    Mindy Project
    Beauty and the Model
    The Unfunny Neighbors
    And, unfortunately, Hannibal

  • danny94

    I think revolution will struggle this season, I’m hoping Nashville’s ratings stay steady but have a feeling it will be on the bubble all season long

  • Dan S

    Even though I don’t think Elementary wont make it to a 3rd season it’s going to be borderline. It now has 2.5 Men instead of the superior POI leading into it. Also Scandal is hotter than ever & will dominate the timeslot. Also NBC is going to put an established show on Thur at 10pm with Parenthood. If the show gets H50 type ratings its finished.

  • Jlopie1

    I think Revolutioin is well on it’s way out the door and it won’t get a third renewal on NBC unless every think else on the network flops! I won’t be sorry to see it go. The Carrie Diaries never jumped out and grabbed me last year, so I am hard pressed to understand it’s sophomore renewal, and doubt it will be around for S3. Yes, The Following had good ratings, but will it be able to keep up the intensity for a 2nd season let alone a 3rd season? Not sure about that one.

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