Which Sophomore Broadcast TV Shows Will Be Canceled In 2013-14? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2013


While the attrition rate among freshman broadcast scripted TV shows is brutal (pick which you think will be canceled first here), returning sophomore shows aren't completely safe. Every season it's reasonable to expect one or more to fall prey to the Cancellation Bear.

Last season, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 and Whitney were sophomore shows that became #bearchow. (and as astute commenter Tom points out, so were Touch, Up All Night and Smash.)

Unlike the "first show to be canceled" poll, the "Which Sophomore Shows Will Be Canceled?" isn't a choice of "first". If a sophomore show is canceled it's virtually certain it will be canceled at the end of the season (or at least after its run of ordered episodes is complete).

Also, unlike the other poll, you're not limited to a single choice in this poll, you can pick as many shows as you think will be canceled.

Which sophomore shows will be canceled by the end of this season? Feel free to expound on your choices in the comments. (and feel free to remind me which shows I forgot to put in the list)

Again, as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Nothing But Cancellation

    Elementary and Nashville could go either way.

    Nashville: it depends on the success of the new dramas, but neither Betrayal nor Lucky 7 look like solid performers. SHIELD, of course, is going to be the biggest hit of the year.

    Elementary: this show is dead if gets Five-O ratings, but CBS has lots of dramas falling: The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Blue Bloods, Five-0, so, if it keeps the same audience of CSI, Elementary is going to be renewed. And we don’t know how POI is going to perform on Tuesday 10PM deathslot.

  • StevenD

    I think Carrie, Neighbors and Beauty are gone after this year, but neighbors could possibly do okay.

    Revolution is a tough one. I think it will raise the ratings in the time slot from last year, but is that enough?

    Nashville should be okay, I think ABC is fine with how it’s doing and I don’t see it falling

    The Mindy project is the big maybe. If ratings stabilize it could stay. Another thing is I don’t see The X Factor coming back next year, leaving 3 new hours open, and a third season show wouldn’t be a bad option to have ( then again raising
    Hope is another option)

  • Dan

    @Dan S – Elementary will get a third and fourth season. If Hawaii 50 and Blue Bloods can make it with lower ratings (to syndication) then so can Elementary. Plus with both The Mentalust and The Good Wife likely ending this May as well as the uncertainty of Intelligence and Hostages, CBS is going to need as many returning dramas as possible.

    Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0 will also likely get fifth seasons so both can make it over 100 episodes and because both shows seem like the Mentalist and Good Wife of this season (2 shows last season that many assumed would get cancelled that survived to 2013-2014


    TCD, Following, Revolution & BATB

  • CBSviewer

    @ Dan S

    It now has 2.5 Men instead of the superior POI leading into it

    Two and a Half Men has higher ratings than Person of Interest. It will be a stronger lead-in for Elementary.

    Even though I don’t think Elementary wont make it to a 3rd season it’s going to borderline

    Considering The Good Wife and The Mentalist are likely to end this season, I can see Elementary moving to Sunday at 10.

  • HV

    TCD, The Neighbors, BATB, Revolution, TMP, Nashville from most to least likely in that order.

  • Justin


  • Ray

    Revolution, Beauty And The Beast and The Carrie Diaries. None of these shows should have even made it past pilot

  • Networkman

    The CW should have success with at least 2 of its new freshman series.(The Originals and Tomorrow People) Hart of Dixie should get another year. So I really feel The Carrie Diaries and Beauty & The Beast is in trouble. On NBC, Hannibal’s second season of 13 episodes most likely will be its last. The show simply has not caught on with viewers. I’m surprised it is even returning. And lastly, FOX has a lot of new comedy offerings. Unfortunately, I feel The Mindy Project may not be able to survive.

  • Networkman

    @Greg, I believe the last sitcom on FOX to achieve 100 episodes was The Bernie Mac Show in 2006. So, I’ll be really happy to see Raising Hope accomplish that next season 2014-2015.

  • Justin121

    Cool poll. Just realized I didn’t watch a single new show last year.

    Carrie, Mindy, Revolution, Hannibal, and The Neighbors are my picks.

    No way that Last Man Standing/The Neighbors block works. ABC should’ve stuck with Malibu Country.

    As for the rest, well, they were all flirting with cancellation last year so…

    CW, ABC, CBS, seem to want Beauty, Nashville and Elementary to work so…

    Chicago Fire and Arrow are hits…

  • Ryan

    This is actually a really interesting poll.

    ABC – Hopefully the Neighbors dies on Fridays. I can’t imagine it doing well enough to be renewed even if the new comedies mostly flop. Nashville is a little more borderline, it should be cancelled unless it grows hot creatively.

    CBS – Elementary will be renewed for season 3 and by extension 4. CBS has bigger problems with aging Good Wife/Mentalist as well as H50 and Blue Bloods. At least one of those four will be cancelled, possibly two of them. It may be moved away from Thursdays after this season.

    CW – Carrie Diaries is dead. Gone. It will get Cult-like numbers this fall. BATB will depend somewhat on how well the new shows do. If Tomorrow People and the Originals can pull 1.0 averages, and The 100 or Star-Crossed can get close to that, BATB might be gone. But I can also see it squeaking through. Arrow obviously will be renewed for at least half a decade.

    Fox – Mindy is gone. The Following will be renewed.

    NBC – Hannibal will be gone as well. Chicago Fire will do well enough to be renewed even if it was never really a hit. Revolution will start out okay for Wednesdays, but will burn out by the end of the season to cancellation.

    Shows that survive for more than two seasons: Elementary (CBS), Arrow (CW), The Following (Fox), and Chicago Fire (NBC).

  • Jon

    How is Hannibal not higher on this list. With its ratings it shouldn’t have been renewed this season

  • Ram510

    Carries Diaries, Neighbors, Mindy Project, Elementary, Beauty and the Beast

    Matter of fact I believe had Elementary got the post Super Bowl spot it would’ve never been renewed

  • Jon

    I get a kick out of people still pining over happy endings. While it wasn’t a terrible show, it just wasn’t very funny either. An average run of the mill show good cast poor writing.

  • queeneeuq

    Beauty + Beast is a goner. Hannibal, Mindy, probably Carrie too though not sure. Revolution is halfway-in-halfway-out.

    The Neighbors will be safe again despite the negativif publicity + eest gets third seasons.

  • starship

    Apart from Hannibal and Carrie Diaries, it’s too early to tell with the rest. We need a bit more ratings data and I think people are voting for some shows based on their hate for them, case in point – Mindy. It might have gotten a 1.9, but that’s still way higher than this Spring and the 2 new comedies (or at least Dads) will fall below that soon enough, New Girl will drop as well. Mindy will be the new Raising Hope, mark my words, I can see it sticking around for a while.

  • johnnyjay

    The Neighbors may have found itself a cozy little spot on Fridays where expectations are not too high and it may be able to survive. Revolution was already on the downslide last season and now it looses its lead in from The Voice. It’s going to have a hard time of it this season. Arrow is safe unless The CW shutters its doors. Beauty and the Beast should have been cancelled last season and seems a sure goner this year.

  • senor chang

    The Mindy Project (Fox) – survived by the skin of its teeth last season, my guess is it won’t be as lucky this year. has had plenty of time to find an audience and just isn’t delivering.

    Arrow (CW) – unless somehow it drops like half of its audience, it’s absolutely surviving. it’s one of CW’s biggest hits in years and the audience is crazy passionate.

    The Following (Fox) – kept a solid audience last season, no real reason it won’t do the same this season

    The Neighbors (ABC) – on one hand, it’s something of an odd duck on ABC (doesn’t really fit with anything) and doesn’t have particularly stellar ratings. on the other, it is reasonably stable and expectations are low on Fridays. on the fence about this.

    Beauty And The Beast (CW) – Mondays are not a good night for CW; perhaps this puts some life back into the night but I wouldn’t be so sure.

    The Carrie Diaries (CW) – probably dead.

    Hannibal (NBC) – it survived last season despite horrific ratings–i don’t think it’s in any danger because 1) it doesn’t have much lower to go in the first place, and for some reason NBC is satisfied with its performance, 2) it’s extremely cheap thanks to the international production deals (and speaking as somebody who lives in Korea, Hannibal is doing fairly well overseas), and 3) it’s not in-season and, if so, is probably airing into the summer, where expectations are notoriously low. but wait and see, I guess. I do love the show, but I understand it’s not the biggest audience.

    Nashville (ABC) – I see this being a perennial bubble show leaning towards renewal.

    Revolution (NBC) – for some mystical reason I feel like this show is going to exceed expectations on Wednesdays.

    Chicago Fire (NBC) – has the network’s backing, solid performer and the fact that it’s one of the only procedurals on the network gives it an advantage.

    Elementary (CBS) – Tom made a good point about Friday/Sunday shows; I don’t think CBS is in the position to cancel this yet.

    so to sum up: The Mindy Project, The Carrie Diaries and Beauty and the Beast are all in danger, Nashville, Revolution and The Neighbors are on the bubble, and everything else is safe.

  • Ted Craig

    As I’ve said before, TMP and TCD might have demographic advantages that don’t show up in the raw ratings, so I wouldn’t be so quick to write them off.

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