Which Sophomore Broadcast TV Shows Will Be Canceled In 2013-14? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2013


While the attrition rate among freshman broadcast scripted TV shows is brutal (pick which you think will be canceled first here), returning sophomore shows aren't completely safe. Every season it's reasonable to expect one or more to fall prey to the Cancellation Bear.

Last season, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 and Whitney were sophomore shows that became #bearchow. (and as astute commenter Tom points out, so were Touch, Up All Night and Smash.)

Unlike the "first show to be canceled" poll, the "Which Sophomore Shows Will Be Canceled?" isn't a choice of "first". If a sophomore show is canceled it's virtually certain it will be canceled at the end of the season (or at least after its run of ordered episodes is complete).

Also, unlike the other poll, you're not limited to a single choice in this poll, you can pick as many shows as you think will be canceled.

Which sophomore shows will be canceled by the end of this season? Feel free to expound on your choices in the comments. (and feel free to remind me which shows I forgot to put in the list)

Again, as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • spin

    The Carrie Diaries has GOT to go. The Mindy Project is on thin ice too, though if it beats out Dads (which I predict will plummet), Fox might have enough reason to keep it. They really love Mindy Kaling, as they should! Plus, it still premiered higher than Raising Hope did last year, which also stayed (though it was also closer to syndication.)

  • toons

    i sort of agree neighbors could die… it’s so frustrating since everyone i know who has seen it and those i get to watch it loves it so much… but for some reason there’s this attitude towards it from people who don’t watch that’s just insanely illogical… the show is so funny and clever and the cast is awesome

  • C.S.Strowbridge

    I would be shocked if Nashville doesn’t get a third season. What a lot of people fail to take into account is CD sales. Nashville not only makes money through advertising, but also through CD sales.

  • Toucan

    I hope Hannibal’s unique economic factors can save it. NBC doesn’t seem to care much about it. The showrunner said he knew he had a second season but didn’t know if it would be on NBC or air in the US. I don’t know if that is true of a third season.

    I think Mindy gone for sure. A lot of people just don’t like the character. I don’t mind it, but she has a narcissistic quality that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Plus the show hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with the supporting characters. It’s unlikely to find it’s groove and have viewers tune it to see it if it does. I think Fox has a few comedies on the bench as well.

  • Kate

    The Carrie Diaries is for sure a goner, BATB most likely is too. I don’t see The Neighbors lasting long. Nashville could be gone too but I guess it depends on how other stuff does. Wasn’t it pretty solid at 10pm?

  • BigBrotherFan

    Why is that piece of crap HANNIBAL even on the list? I thought that EPIC BOMB wasn’t premiering until next spring by which it will be canceled after like 3 episodes or shipped to Saturday where NBC will see RECORD LOWS!

    Carrie Diaries will be THE FIRST
    if NASHVILLE bombs bad then ABC will likely pull it after 6 episodes and it will get THE DIRTY SEXY MONEY treatment a few seasons back. WORST SCENARIO!

  • a p garcia

    I predict RVN, Mindy, Elementary, and Carrie are the shows that feed the bear. RVN new time will probably kill it and NBC has itself to blame ,just like a 4 month hiatus.

  • Abby

    I voted for Revolution, The Neighbors, The Mindy Project, Beauty & the Beast, The Carrie Diaries and Hannibal.

  • Patrick G

    Revolution will tank on Wednesdays away from its Voice lead-in, just like SMASH did last year. It will be gone by the end of the season. The Following won’t be able to follow its success last year and also be toast. And while I enjoy the quirkiness of The Neighbors, its doomed on Fridays. Better get those spaceship tickets now! And, buh-bye to Carrie Bradshaw, too. The rest I think might survive to third seasons.

  • Patrick G

    oops…I forgot Hannibal. NO WAY it sees a 3rd season!

  • Anthony

    I’m confused as to why people believe Revolution will fall because it won’t have The Voice lead-in? By the end of the season, Revolution was staying at the 2.0 mark. I highly doubt the people who watched the finale were the ones who were staying because it was after The Voice. If it falls, it’ll fall due to loss of interest it’s regular fanbase. I have a feeling Revolution will surprise some people this season as far as ratings go.

  • Cle

    Can a show get cancelled after 3 full seasons??

  • Tom

    “Can a show get cancelled after 3 full seasons??”

    Sure, anything can happen.
    In reality, it takes extreme extenuating circumstances for a show that close to the preferred 88 episodes for syndication not to cross that number. E.g. Nikita’s horrid ratings, Heroes’ already booked cable syndication deal, expensive special effects, and ever declining numbers.

    So don’t be shocked if Hart of Dixie gets renewed, even if it is crushed by The Voice.

    And from the department of “How Quickly We Forget”, Bill forgot to list:
    Up All Night
    and Smash

    as additional Sophomore shows that got the axe last year.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “And from the department of “How Quickly We Forget”, Bill forgot to list:
    Up All Night
    and Smash”

    My memory is a consistent point of failure! Editing the list in the post.

    “So don’t be shocked if Hart of Dixie gets renewed, even if it is crushed by The Voice.”

    Shocked? I view it as certain enough to predict so next Tuesday!

  • gerry

    hannibal, beauty/beast, revolution and (i pray not) carrie diaries.

    and while some beastie posters are already yammering about canada and this ‘crazy’ income streams, they fail to realize that all kinds of shows have all kinds of income streams. (ever heard of netflix?)

    is there a chance that this ‘incredible’ income stream might save it? sure. but i doubt it. if the show can’t stand on it’s own, it’s gone. the real test will be whether or not it can do that. we’ll see in october.

  • rgxx

    Who voted for the Following?!?…that is a hit – not going down anytime soon.

    Mindy project still holding okay – I think FOX is fine with it for now.

    Arrow is CW second best show – again, not going anywhere.

    Elementary also doing pretty good.

    I think it will be Nashville or Beauty and The Beast.

  • Tom

    Carrie is the only CW second year program likely to be cancelled. As in past years, the CW wasn’t going to launch more than five new shows, meaning that Carrie was needed as schedule fodder. However, it won’t have accumulated enough episodes after its second half season to be particularly valuable. So, consider it toast.

    As with Carrie, BATB survived, in part, because the CW needed schedule fodder. However, unlike Carrie, BATB will have accumulated about 44 episodes by the end of this season. I don’t see the CW walking away from it for that reason unless perhaps its ratings fall into Nikita territory. The show is apparently cheap to produce and the lure of syndication and Netflix revenue seems to be a powerful motivator for the CW. So, as much as I dislike the prospect, I suspect that BATB will be around for a while.

  • Tom

    Shocked? I view it as certain enough to predict so next Tuesday!

    Well, yeah, you, me, Robert, Holly, and anyone else that would put together a list would say so.

    But if a poster is asking those kinds of questions, especially this early in the season, it’s best to not make any assumptions about their level of background knowledge.

  • Tom

    @ Tom

    Try not to take too much umbrage at Mr. Gorman. He got on my case last season for stating that any first year CW show that’s renewed for a full season is virtually guaranteed a third season as well. Most posters seem to have a grip on how ratings affect programming decisions by the major networks. However, it takes a real wonk (or someone with too much free time) to truly appreciate the bizarre world of the CW.

  • shogun

    People on here are too hard on Hannibal. That show has a functioning excuse with an international deal that makes the show cheap. I fully expect it to be renewed again.

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