Which Sophomore Broadcast TV Shows Will Be Canceled In 2013-14? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2013


While the attrition rate among freshman broadcast scripted TV shows is brutal (pick which you think will be canceled first here), returning sophomore shows aren't completely safe. Every season it's reasonable to expect one or more to fall prey to the Cancellation Bear.

Last season, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 and Whitney were sophomore shows that became #bearchow. (and as astute commenter Tom points out, so were Touch, Up All Night and Smash.)

Unlike the "first show to be canceled" poll, the "Which Sophomore Shows Will Be Canceled?" isn't a choice of "first". If a sophomore show is canceled it's virtually certain it will be canceled at the end of the season (or at least after its run of ordered episodes is complete).

Also, unlike the other poll, you're not limited to a single choice in this poll, you can pick as many shows as you think will be canceled.

Which sophomore shows will be canceled by the end of this season? Feel free to expound on your choices in the comments. (and feel free to remind me which shows I forgot to put in the list)

Again, as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • KG

    My vote included Nashville, even though I don’t want it to get cancelled! I just think it will. Quality is bombing.

  • Patrick G

    Carrie Diaries, Mindy Project, Neighbors, Hannibal and Revolution will all be sophomore bear chow ;)

  • queeneeuq

    Wow. In one day the scales have shifted in favor of Mindy. She might see the light of day come 2015.

  • Tomcatt630

    Here are two old Spin-offs that tanked in season 2, after a promising start:

    The Ropers

  • Grace Novak

    I’m deeply disappointed to learn The Mindy Project will not be renewed.. I haven’t watched sitcom TV in years, partly because I cannot stomach the canned laughter that accompanies each and every moment when something ‘funny’ is said or done. The Mindy Project is the first show, within the genre of half hour comedies, I’ve watched in several years. I watched the entire first season online.. I found I was hooked from the pilot episode on, and found it immensely refreshing that A). There isn’t a laugh track to spoil the dialogue and B). Mindy Kaling has no issue with allowing the show to poke fun at such things as would make most women uncomfortable and self-conscious (e.g. her weight and other physical attributes). I absolutely adore her and her show, the cast of characters have remarkable comedic chemistry, and I think the network is making a HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS mistake in cancelling the show. For shame, people, FOR SHAME!!!!!! Mindy Kaling has more charisma, excellent comic timing along with more interesting, if a bit eclectic, story-lines than any other sitcom on television. I realize that’s an opinion, not a fact, but I hereby declare it a FACT!! Why, WHY are you throwing away such a charming, laugh-out-loud hilarious show?!? It’s a superbly blundering and awkward program! Mark my potentially misguided words… You Are Making A Sagly (sad and ugly) and supremely poor choice!! My final thought is this: If, or when, you cancel The Mindy Project, please PLEASE make use of her talents in another program, or better yet, showcase her abilities in a series of comedy films. She’s beautiful and indisputably hilarious and talented, do not cancel and allow her acting career to flounder. Hell, I don’t know who I’m writing to, this is silly..really, but I must voice my opinion to whomever may come across this rant. Her career must not languish in the insufferable pit full of writhing actors who used to be in that “…one show”, now forgotten and considered flashes in the collective pan. Mindy Kaling is far too gifted to be a flash in the pan. She’s ridiculously wonderful, for a buttload of reasons, not the least of which is her singular ability to make this depressed, never-been-published, out-of-work writer laugh. Out loud. Like, belly laughing with ripples of delight pulsing through me. (In a platonic, not sexual, manner) I’ve had people suggest that I watch more comedic films or television shows to help lift my spirits. Which, at the time, sounded silly and unnatural. I gave it a go, nevertheless, and tapped a number of comedy movies and sitcoms. Which is how I stumbled onto Mindy Kaling and The Mindy Project. I gave the pilot a look-see, and discovered that she could do what all the others attempted, and sometimes even succeeded, to do… but WAY better and in a far superior manner. Bless you, Ms. Kaling, for your humor and intelligence. You have my deep, abiding appreciation and admiration as well as all of my gratitude for your tireless efforts to make me, and America, smile. And chuckle, giggle, guffaw, snort, titter, and roar with laughter. Should they, indeed, shove you off, I humbly ask that you fight the good fight, and return to us soon in whatever guise your talent and vision may take form. I know you’ll not disappear into obscurity, you’re far too lively, feisty and full of heart to allow that to happen! Namaste and the like…
    With Sincere and Warm Regard,
    Grace N.

  • Renee

    Elementary–Did well last season but faces tough competition with Scandal and Scandal’s lead-in Grey’s Anatomy. If remains steady, will likely get renewed but move to Friday or Sunday.

    The Carries Diaries/Beauty and the Beast–Never saw an episode but both did alright during its first season run. So depends on how season 2 will fair.

    Arrow–Was a big hit for CW last season. Will fair well if season 2 does okay.

    The Following–Lost interest after the first couple of episodes. Did well for its first season and may get renewed if season 2 fairs well.

    The Neighbors–Did alright in its first season run, but may get cancelled.

    Nashville–Critcally acclaimed but may get cancelled if things don’t improve. Is holding well against CSI right now though.

    Revolution–Did very well last season and if things go well this season will likely get renewed.

    Hannibal–Critcally acclaimed but struggled in its first season with a late arrival (aired April 4) and tough competition with Elementary and Scandal. Depends on how it will do in season 2.

    The Mindy Project–Did poorly in ratings last year and has had little success with its lead-ins and competition. Most likely will be cancelled unless thigns improve.

    Chicago Fire–Did surprisingly well last season and was noted as a sleeper hit. Has done well so far against tough competition with Person of Interest. If it keeps a goog streak, will get renewed.

    These are my predictions, but with so many new and returning shows struggling this season I am not sure what to believe anymore.

  • NJ Viewer

    I voted for Neighbors. I always thought it was a really lame idea for a show, and never even watched it. Last week, there was absolutely nothing else on at that time, so I gave in and gave it a shot. I was wrong. It’s even lamer than I thought.

  • Sarah

    The problem for predicting anything in regards to the CW is that it’s just such a strange network. So many factors beyond ratings go into the decisions. Les Moonves even admitted recently that the network only exists as a farm to get lower-budgeted shows to syndication, and that’s where the real money comes in.

    Their online ratings are typically much higher than those of other networks, as their shows are geared toward younger, more tech-savvy viewers. TCD was renewed (even as spackle) mainly on the strength of its online ratings. Before that announcement was made, there was strong speculation that it would return as a web series, because that was the only place it saw any traction at all.

    This, dvd sales, budgets, foreign licensing, foreign viewers, number of episodes in the can, timeslot competition, the personal preferences of the network brass, and even the strength of online fandoms are all things they look at in addition to the weekly Live+1 ratings. These factors all play much stronger roles in the health of CW shows than they would for any other network. The problem is, most of those numbers are internal, so when it comes to the bubble shows, it basically boils down to sheer guesswork.

    As much as I disagree with him on almost everything, I think Tom is right. If the ratings don’t improve, TCD will probably go the way of Life Unexpected and be canceled after its second short season. BATB will most likely (depending on the steadiness of its ratings) live to see four seasons. The CW has never canceled one of its own shows with two full seasons under its belt, at least not until it reaches a fourth season. (Veronica Mars was canceled after three, but it originated on UPN.)

    Is there a first time for everything? Yes, of course. Do I think that will happen? Probably not yet. If BATB starts pulling in Cult numbers before midway through a 3rd season, then it becomes a tossup. Until then, I think it’s probably safe for the time being. Neither of the CW’s sophomore shows have even premiered yet, so it’s a little early to be predicting their demise.

  • Revenger

    Betrayal and BATB

  • jj


  • KJ Styles

    Whoever voted for The Following is an idiot. It was Fox’s highest rated scripted show last season, and will air in the same timeslot this season. Not only will it be renewed, but it may repeat or even best last years numbers.

  • gefeylich

    The Mindy Project should have been canceled last season. Revolution was a boring “Lost” rip-off from day one and also should have been canceled last year. Elementary won’t be canceled but I can’t account for it’s popularity (other than it’s a dumbed-down American police procedural version of Sherlock Holmes).

  • a p garcia

    My pics are the neighbors, Mindy, Nashville, TCD and possibly RVN.

  • Gio

    At the end of the day, I think only Chicago Fire, Arrow and Elementary are safe. But who knows, right?

  • Networkman

    Elementary’s numbers slipped into dangerous territory last night. I think the issue may be that Jonny Lee Miller is not that appealing as Sherlock Holmes. Also the episodes are really slow pace with uninspiring scripts. I don’t think it is any better than The Mentalist and Simon Baker is more appealing as a leading man.

  • killerBee

    the Neighbors, Carrie Diaries, Nashville. I think Elementary is on the bubble unfortunately.

  • bob long

    All new shows suck¡!!!!!!!!!!

  • a p garcia

    I would cancel every program on the list except TF, Arrow, & Chicago Fire.

  • Terry

    The Following will get renewed so long as it can keep a range of 2.2 – 2.7 which isn’t that hard to achieve for this show. Despite of its many flaws it has maintained a decent following.

  • Clare B

    Revolution is doing really badly in it’s new time and I think that it will be cancelled. I LOVE The Carrie Diaries but unfortunately it isn’t doing well, so I vote for that too. Beauty and The Beast and The Neighbors I’m still wondering how those managed Season 2. And Nashville – I also love this show. And the stories this year are infinitely better than last year. So my take on Nashville – it needs to move in the schedule of ABC. It’s not doing well in it’s time.

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