'60 Minutes' To Be Preempted on September 22

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September 19th, 2013


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            Due to late afternoon NFL game coverage and the live broadcast of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards on the CBS Television Network, 60 MINUTES will be preempted on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013.


  • Survivor Fan

    Wait a second… CBS is actually willing to cut 60 Minutes when football runs long?

  • Joseph

    CBS should extend the “NFL Today” postgame show so it runs until 7:45 P.M. Eastern time and expand “60 Minutes” to a “collapsible” 75-minute format during football season and move it to 7:45-9 P.M. Eastern time.

    Besides the segments that are promoted on-air, there would also be two short segments (total length: fifteen minutes including commercials) that would not be promoted on-air prior to the broadcast and which can be deleted if “60” begins after 7:45.

    This way, the rest of CBS’s Sunday-night lineup doesn’t “slide” back, and local stations in the Eastern and Central time zones would be able to start their late local news on-time at 11 P.M. EDT/EST.

    I suspect CBS officials have received complaints from affiliates in the last few days regarding the fact their late newscasts this past Sunday (September 15th) didn’t begin until almost 12 Midnight EDT!

  • Ultima

    @Survivor Fan
    Wait a second… CBS is actually willing to cut 60 Minutes when football runs long?

    In general? No. The Primetime Emmy Awards is the only awards show which creates this potential scheduling conflict with 60 Minutes and football overruns. They have three options…

    1. Join a repeat of 60 Minutes in progress (or air an abridged version); I believe they’ve done this in the past, when football would end earlier.

    2. Don’t have a national doubleheader the Sunday of the awards show; this isn’t an option at the moment because of the U.S. Open, but could potentially be the permanent solution going forward.

    3. Extend football and cut out 60 Minutes; this is probably going to be a one-time thing as the other two options aren’t available.

    Do NOT expect this to be a regular thing from CBS. They will continue to air 60 Minutes starting at 7:35-7:55pm and run it for a full hour. Expecting otherwise is just deluding yourself. Remember, this is a network that would still air 60 Minutes during Olympics coverage!

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