'Copper' Canceled by BBC America After 2 Seasons

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September 19th, 2013

Copper season 2


BBC America has canceled Copper after two seasons, Variety reports. The ratings for the critically acclaimed drama dropped from its first to its second season.  The series finale will air this Sunday, September 22.

  • ReallyTired

    Good show. It feels like the story was winding down to a series finale with the Lincoln assassination.

  • Mike

    I loved Copper.Thought season 2 was excellent with many edge of your seat moments (as when Corky & General Brendan Donovan faced off).But the ratings have been just horrible.With even Big Ang beating it.

  • cimmer

    Here’s a problem with shorter ‘seasons': it’s a bit of an illusion when a cable show that only has a six or ten ep season rather than a broadcast season of say 20 eps, gets a renewal.If this has been a broadcast show it might have started strong than dropped off in the later half of the season and never been renewed for a second season. I mean it sounds cool that Copper or Major Crimes etc got a second season but if they were running the seasons longer the network might be able to judge better about giving the show a greenlight for more eps (or maybe not knowing how these things often work lol). I know it’s all basically semantics and smoke and mirrors and I don’t know that it matters except for the DVD box set.

    It has been a bit slow this ‘season’ though.

  • Ellen in NYC

    @MFB I’m still pissed at BBC America over that last season of Ashes to Ashes.

  • Mary K

    What?!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best TV show EVER. To whom should we write and when and where should we riot?!!!! This show was fabulous. The story, the actors, the characters, the music, Everything was just aweseom. I feel sick to my stomach.

  • Copper Lover

    Season 2 went to S***

  • Headface

    Season 2 didn’t go to s***. The season was s*** pretty much the whole time and only got interesting a couple episodes ago. Seems like that was too late for too many viewers.

  • Dan S

    Oh Bother, another fine show I enjoyed bites the dust. While Copper may not have been as good in the 2nd season it was still much more enjoyable than a lot of other shows still on the air. Just don’t mess with Orphan Black, I’m totally addicted to that show.

  • danny

    This was one of the best shows out there. I am really pissed. I discovered it on Netflix in my search to cut the Cable from my tv. Cable has gotten too expensive and in my area one particular carrier pretty much has the market cornered and they are a rip-off. I will watch the last episode and mourn the loss of another quality show.

  • Spartacus 6666

    Too many inbreds watching Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo.

  • Wallaby2012

    this is a great show!!!who made this decision??? STUPID!!!

  • rob and tami

    Tami is Bummed, and so am I, esp when the show ended on a cliffhanger, last episode really filled in the back story. How do we pull it back from the grave?

  • BBFan

    It’s a shame to see it go as there really wasn’t anything else like it on TV. The closest comparison is Hell on Wheels both in terms of period & violence & that probably is likely going to the chopping block soon too.

    I hope BBC America at least replays what is now the series finale because it had no chance against the Bears vs Steelers & the Emmy’s last night. I missed it.

    As for it’s cancelation it’s no surprise. The budget increase for S2 was obvious & with that comes greater expectations in ratings. They expected the ratings to grow & instead they took a major nose dive. I don’t understand why people stopped watching but competition was fierce this summer. The return of Dexter seemed to zap the strength out of a lot of shows. I’ll be catching up on that later this fall.

  • Lyrcat

    Sadly, I’m gonna miss Kevin, Mathew & the Major. It’s too bad they didn’t try it on a different night, since it went up against all the great Sunday night shows: Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc. Plus I rarely saw any ads for it anywhere!! But networks don’t try different nights anymore.

    To answer a question above, yes it did end on a cliffhanger, but don’t let that stop you. The end shot was good, and life in Five Points goes on. And yes it was too real for TV.

  • BBFan

    I was able to catch the finale online & I have to say the first 2/3rds was sleepy. When you’re trying to attract the youtube generation that’s not a good approach. After they arrive at the plantation of horrific memories it wakes up in a big way & of course the ending’s nasty. I then reflected on S2. I think the highlight was the hostage crisis at the police station & if the premiere had been that much of an adrenaline rush it might be looking at a S3. If it were to be written more like that would Netflix or Amazon be interested? It would be a shame to see such an elaborate set go to waste like that.

    I looked up the history of 5 Points & Kevin’s efforts go for naught. He was able to stop Donovan from razing 5 Points near the time of Lincoln’s death, but eventually the worst block (where many of Kevin’s kind live) is completely razed & a mass exodus of immigrants ensues towards the north. They settle in parts between 5 Points (between Chinatown & Little Italy today) & Times Square. 5 Points is never the same after the razing.

    Another interesting part of Manhattan around that time is Hell’s Kitchen & it’s probably just a matter of time before that story is told on film/TV.

  • jessica


    Copper wasn’t cheap (BBC America produced it solo), and those S2 ratings didn’t bring enough revenue.

    You really shouldn’t make such uninformed assertions. Copper was actually made in Toronto by a few Canadian companies for Shaw to broadcast in English and Quebecor Media to broadcast in French with BBC America tossing in a fair chunk of money for getting the show in the USA.

    As for Ripper Street, its a British show made in Ireland which BBCA again tossed a chunk of money at to get their logo slapped on the end of.

    As for Orphan Black, well the American mass media promoted the hell out of it but it was actually commissioned by Bell in Canada for their SPACE cable channel though they bared promoted it and instead relied upon the American promotion rather heavily. Again, BBCA tosses a huge pile of money and gets to slap their logo on the show. Now with Orphan Black it is a little different since BBCA is owned by BBC Worldwide and BBC Worldwide has a minority share in the Toronto production company Temple Street Productions, which actually made the show, and with that a first-refusal right on their productions. It is a chicked/egg situation because the show wouldn’t have been made without a Canadian broadcaster but since Temple Street would make it if a Canadian broadcaster commissioned it it was almost de facto going to BBCA in the US.

    Or in other short words, all of these so-called original series on BBC America aren’t really so much commissioned by or even made for BBC America but there is no way they will ever admit to such. There is a small chance that Copper will continue sans BBCA and the US market but since it is set in the US that makes it a really tiny microscopic chance.

  • Lainie K

    Copper is already cancelled. They ended it with a horrific cliffhanger, because even the writers didn’t know there wasn’t going to be a season 3. BBC committed an injustice on its viewers.

    If you really want to save Copper, join our campaign to do so. Visit

    Save Copper Facebook page

    Save Copper TV Tumblr

    and follow @Save_CopperTV on twitter for details.

    We have a letter writing campaign, email campaign and there is a petition.

    Our goal is to find another network to take on Copper or to help Tom Fontana see his movie made to wrap up what was to be Season 3.

    So please, anyone who is interested, join the cause today before it is too late.

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