Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Big Brother' Adjusted Up; 'Million Second Quiz' Adjusted Down

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September 19th, 2013

Big Brother Finale 2

Big Brother was adjusted up a tenth while The Million Second Quiz was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 18,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 CBS Survivor - Season Premiere (8-9:30PM) 2.6/8 9.73
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.2/7 6.62
NBC The Million Second Quiz 1.1/4 4.87
ABC The Middle - R 1.0/3 4.07
CW Arrow - R 0.3/1 1.16
8:30 ABC The Middle - R 1.0/3 3.90
9:00 NBC America's Got Talent (9-11PM) 2.5/7 11.19
ABC Modern Family - R 1.2/4 3.73
CW Supernatural - R 0.4/1 1.01
9:30 CBS Big Brother - Season Finale (9:30-11PM) 2.5/7 6.71
ABC Modern Family - R 1.5/4 4.07
10:00 ABC Nashville - R 0.7/2 2.52

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  • Michael

    X Factor is going to struggle this season!

  • j

    I’m predicting a high-1s average for X Factor this season, en route to cancellation. I think it’ll be interesting to see if Idol goes down as much.

  • Mon

    There should be a houseguest whose name is Julie next season on Big Brother. So that whenever someone says “I vote to evict Julie”, “Julie sucks” etc., I think it would be hilarious.

    Survivor did ok. Still looking forward to this show. So it looks like there would be no hidden immunity idol, or no one is just looking? I like it better than the redemption island.

  • James Sample

    I predict a 2.2 for The X Factor tonight too. 2.2 is not the best for a reality-competition show. However, I believe Fox will not be HUGELY disappointed if it stabilises around 2.2 throughout the season, which I actually think it will. Not ideal of course, but certainly not a disaster.

  • Quadrey

    Seems The CW average hits notch between 0.7-1.2 with 3+ – 1.5+ million viewers and good repeats are 0.4-0.5 with a million to 0.80

  • HalCapone

    Anyone think a Big Bang repeat will beat X-Factor? Show of hands, please.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    NBC should have been doing a week of repeats as close as they can to their fall schedule instead of the million second quiz. They could have repeated the finale of Revolution before America’s Got Talent, aired a 4 episode marathon of Parks and Rec on Thursday (they have to have ton of repeats left after taking the summer off) and then repeated the finale of Parenthood afterwards. On Friday they could have had Dateline, Grimm repeat, and then the Meredith Viera special.

  • Michael

    What I Predict Next Weeks Wednesday Ratings will be

    X-Factor 2.1

    Revolution: 2.4
    Law & Order Special Victims Unit: 2.2

    The Middle: 2.9
    Back In The Game: 2.3-2.5
    Modern Family: 5.0
    Nashville: 2.2

    Survivor: 2.5
    Criminal Minds: 3.0
    CSI: 2.4

  • Mon

    Your Revolution and Modern Family predictions look too high for me. But it would be awesome if ABC 8-9pm comedies beat XF.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    Even considering the low ratings of The Quiz, I am not sure those repeats would have rated much better. The 1.1 seems on par with what CBS has been experience with much less serialized shows like NCIS, NCIS:LA etc, this summer and is certainly much higher than ABC has experience with Castle, Body of Proof, and now a Nashville repeat.

  • rob60990

    With The X Factor underperforming, Survivor premiering down and Revolution obviously going to bomb, ABC’s comedies could possible win the 8pm hour next week. ABC should have no problem winning the night next week with the 1 hour Modern Family premiere.

  • Networkman

    I’m looking forward to ABC’s comedies doing well next week. I must say that Big Brother did great. If I’m not mistaken it got the same demo as last year’s season finale. Yet this year it went up against AGT. I love that Big Brother was able to match AGT’s demo.

  • Oliver

    ABC should have no problem winning the night next week with the 1 hour Modern Family premiere.
    …so you’re suggesting Ironside won’t premiere to a 6.0? Bold!

  • CrimTV


    Yes it did :)

  • andy

    Good number for Big Brother finale considering how much people hated the finalists. I bet next season is allstars.

    Survivor was a little low, but it has the tendency to stay even or grow over the course of the season.

    AGT did fine although it does skew a bit old.

    XFactor I guess will be OK if it stays in the low 2’s. I agree with a previous poster that FOX should go back to one singing competition show.

  • Melanie P.

    Oh well Andy won BB, can’t be but too mad at him since he admitted to everyone that he stabbed them in the back and the reasons why, but at least Elissa won 25K for favorite houseguest! I don’t think next season will be an All Stars because they have had at least 2 variations of it, and as much as I would like to see some of them back again, 2 or 3 times can turn into a bit of overkill. A Celebrity Edition would be fun though like they do in the UK.

  • Kissan

    I can’t wait for next week so those ABC comedies can finally beat X Factor. I think The Middle will be first in its timeslot and Back In The Game will be second. I think Revolution will actually do pretty good on Wednesday. X Factor will be in the 1’s next week. At 9:00 next week MF and CM will take all the viewers and at 10:00 Nashville will come in first because CSI will have to compete with male oriented shows like SVU, Duck Dynasty and South Park. This is my prediction for next Wednesday:


    The Middle-2.7 and 9 mill. viewers
    Survivor-2.6 and 9 mill. viewers
    X Factor-2.0 and 5 mill. viewers
    Revolution-1.8 and 5 mill. viewers


    Back In The Game-2.4 and 7 mill. viewers


    Modern Family-5.2 and 13 mill. viewers
    Criminal Minds-3.3 and 12 mill. viewers
    Law & Order:SVU-2.1 and 7 mill. viewers
    X Factor-1.8 and 5 mill. viewers


    Nashville-2.9 and 9 mill. viewers
    CSI-2.8 and 11 mill. viewers
    SVU-2.3 and 8 mill. viewers

  • CBSviewer

    Next week ratings:

    Survivor: 2.6 and 9 million viewers
    Criminal Minds: 2.7 and 11 million viewers
    CSI: 2.4 and 10 million viewers

    The Middle: 2.7 and 8 million viewers
    Back in the Game: 2.5 and 7.5 million viewers
    Modern Family: 4.2 and 12 million viewers
    Nashville: 2.2 and 8 million viewers

    Revolution: 1.8 and 6 million viewers
    Law & Order: SVU: 2.2 and 8 million viewers

    The X-Factor: 2.0 and 6 million viewers

  • Andrew

    Melanie – they have not had 2 versions of all stars on BB. Season 7 was all stars but ever since the most returning players they’ve had in a season was 5. I think season 16, the next, will be all returning players aka all stars 2.

  • Michael


    Ironside doesnt even premiere next week….

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