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September 20th, 2013



Tonight, the second season of ABC comedy The Neighbors premieres in a new Friday night timeslot. Last year, the veryu first episode of the series, which aired in the cushy post-Modern Family timeslot, earned a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating. The next week, when it moved to Wednesday at 8:30PM, it fell to a 2.0. Its season finale on March 27 garnered a 1.5. Will pairing it with Last Man Standing, which also returns tonight, bode well for its continued survival?  The thresholds for success on Friday are lower than Wednesday.  Tonight,The Neighbors faces no original broadcast competition.  So how do you think it will do? Make your predictions!

  • Rachel

    Love the show and WILL be watching, but shows moved to Fridays is usually a death move and that makes me nervous.

  • Juan

    I think the whole Friday night line up will impress. I think LMS will get around a 2.1 and neighbors a 1.9

  • Dan S

    I’m being generous & voted 1.5-1.6 simply because there’s no new competition tonight. It’ll likely drop in the weeks ahead against new episodes of UB on CBS & Bones in Nov.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    No poll for LMS?

  • tommie

    It could just about muster 1.5 on Wednesdays, so perhaps 1.1-1.2?


    Went with >1.8–I’ve been wrong all week, so maybe my fortunes will change

    Then again, maybe not

  • chrono

    I am thinking a 1.5 and then keep going down through out the season. If this season does well enough to get renewed though i might give it a try and see if it’s any good.

  • Robert Ford

    I’m not going to guess, beyond pointing out that ABC hasn’t had success in that slot recently, and that they’re airing it before most new shows start. Were I in ABC’s shoes, I’d wait until next week, and run ads during the premier of Modern Family.

    Of course, were I in ABC’s shoes I wouldn’t have tried so hard to save the show in the first place. (Yes, ABC produces it, but if they’re not keeping it on Wednesday, there’s no way it gets the ratings for four seasons.)

    While I’m not going to try to guess the ratings for tonight, I will predict that next week sees the ratings more or less hold steady from tonight, and then we’ll see a trajectory somewhere between Happy Endings and Apt 23.

  • Robert Ford

    Try it anyways. I’ve seen a lot of one or two season shows that I’ve rather liked (though the only one I outright loved was last season’s /Go On/), and it’s easier to binge on a short-lived show than a long-lived one anyways. I personally don’t like the Neighbors, YMMV.

  • chrono

    @Robert Ford
    True short run shows are less time consuming therefore i can finish them off quicker, so i probably will check it out soon.

  • joel

    The Neighbors will get higher ratings than LMS this year. LMS is angling for that syndication deal with The Nashville Network, which is their only hope.

  • Glue

    I hope it does well, other than the pilot, this show is great. It’s funny and I hope it maintains a 1.4-1.6

  • Alan


  • rob60990

    “The Neighbors will get higher ratings than LMS this year.”

    lol, in your dreams.

  • Zach

    This show is underrated. It’s funny and what makes it funny is they take jabs at ABC and ABC shows. Like “Shhhh, Shark Tank starts in 4 minutes” or “we need at least 5 or 6 more season, I mean years”. Hahaha, I hope it succeeds with LMS

  • Alan

    But it can do well, I mean, they don’t have competition (yet) so if it’s low even with repeats in other networks, it’s dead.

  • SJ

    1.3 most likely. It’s definitely done after this season.

    ABC is going to have a tough time pushing any of their comedies not named Modern Family or The Middle to syndication given the constant time slot switches and half-season orders (i.e. Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Suburgatory).

  • Spencer

    Hope it does worse than Happy Endings did on Friday…just show ABC something. Only in my dreams. :(

  • Joseph

    Might be a good alternative in its time period and that may attract some viewers.

    Another problem is that in some parts of the country, it will compete not only with the usual Friday-night activities (dinners, nightclubs, movies, etc.) but also high-school football games.

    In some parts of the country, high-school football games craw huge crowds.

  • JJF

    1.4 sadly. It’s an ironically funny show but too out of the mainstream to have a long life.

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