'King & Maxwell' Cancelled By TNT After One Season

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September 20th, 2013

"King & Maxwell" - Pilot - Sc. 43 Ted BerginÃ?s funeral# 1 Jon Tenney as Sean King # 2 Rebecca Romijn as Michelle Maxwell

Bad news often comes after hours on a Friday and so it was for TNT's King & Maxwell, which was cancelled after one season. The news is hardly surprising,  with episodes still left to air TNT stopped mentioning it in its ratings PR.

Its ratings weren't  great, but they weren't "look away" bad either. It premiered to 3.52 million viewers and a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating and closed its run on August 13 with a very similar 0.6 adults 18-49 rating and 3.50 million viewers.

Retentionistas can (and of course will) cry that the show lost a third of its Major Crimes lead-in! That's true and didn't help King & Maxwell's cause any. But it's worth noting that Perception has worse retention out of Rizzoli & Isles but has managed to hang around around (albeit with better ratings than King & Maxwell).

I suspect what probably sealed the show's fate is that the was produced by CBS Television Studios which doesn't have the reputation for wheeling, dealing and discounting just to keep stuff on the air.

Franklin & Bash is the only TNT show whose fate still hangs in the balance.

  • ragincajun

    No biggie! I watched the entire season and really tried to like it, but something just seemed off. I won’t miss it.

  • Dude

    no need to start it then. such a shame for ryan hurst though since i’ve heard he did his job quite well.

  • Oliver

    Ben and Kate
    Rizzoli and Isles
    Dharma and Greg
    Will and Grace
    Franklin and Bash
    Mike and Molly
    Jack and Bobby
    King and Maxwell
    Lois and Clark
    Cagney and Lacey

  • moshane58

    I really loved this show….

  • Pat

    As you can see below, K&M hit 0.4 on three occasions and 0.5 on 5 occasions…neither of which is good. Here are the numbers for each episode:

    Episode 1: 3.523 million 0.6
    Episode 2: 2.800 million 0.4
    Episode 3: 2.740 million 0.4
    Episode 4: 2.784 million 0.5
    Episode 5: 2.832 million 0.5
    Episode 6: 3.092 million 0.5
    Episode 7: 3.390 million 0.5
    Episode 8: 3.136 million 0.5
    Episode 9: 3.248 million 0.4
    Episode 10: 3.504 million 0.6

    Season 1 average: 3.1049 million 0.49

  • Michael H.

    First Alphas on SighFry
    Then The Glades on AiEEE!
    Now K&M on Tint.

    If I like it: They Will Cancel It!

  • Craig Longmire

    Not surprised. King and Maxwell was better than Franklin and Bash, can’t stand Franklin and Bash and that it got more than 1 season was a shock. I can’t believe Perception has survived either, just doesn’t hold my interest. Ratings and gearing everything to the 18-49 demo is a mistake. Those over 49 probably watch more TV than 18 to 40 year olds and the over 49 crowd probably has more money too to spend on advertised products but aren’t as gullible.

  • Theoacme

    If you think of King & Maxwell as a limited-run series, it was generally artistically successful.

    As a continuing series, the ratings and costs weren’t successful enough for TNT.

    Mondays are rather competitive, though – look at Major Crimes’ demos, which had some rather puzzling lows over the summer, too.

    What I would look for is J K Simmons to do some guest appearances on Major Crimes next season, as well as Tenney.

  • Brad

    Wonder why Franklin is taking so long for a decision.


    Never watched it (due 2) lack of interest (mostly)

  • Feedback

    “that the was produced by CBS Television Studios”

    “The” what?!!! Don’t leave me hanging. I need to know. Why did you leave it blank after “the”????

  • jessica

    How many shows that got the elusive Cali tax credit have instead been cancelled? If i were making one of those shows i would think that the Cali tax credit would be about the last thing i would actually want. Unless of course i was hoping to be unemployed.

    There has been a decent promotion of King & Maxwell in Canada where it was held back for a late-summer premiere on Showcase.

  • John

    TNT better hope that the Michael Bay post-apocalypse show works, or that Dallas continues to hold steady post-Larry Hagman.

  • mrtrent

    C’mon Man! I really liked this show. Better than most of the crap out there.

  • Pat

    I think TNT is heading into the next 12 months pretty strong. They have 4 new shows coming: Mob City in December and The Last Ship, Legends, and Murder in the First next summer. And Major Crimes comes back in November with 8 episodes. Rizzoli & Isles and Perception each come back with 4 new episodes in January/February. All those should do fine. Dallas comes back in Jan/Feb too with a bunch of new episodes, which now that people know its a winter offering, will tune in and the ratings should hold steady.

  • susan m

    TNT strikes again…doesn’t seem to matter that any of their other shows have ratings just as bad,they once again canned a good show ! Just like Leverage,a show that won a Peoples choice award for BEST drama!!!

  • Hillbilly

    AppleStinx – If they’re too lazy to think of a decent title, I’m too lazy to watch it. Another type of irritating title is one using a gerund: “Doing This/That/Somebody”.


    Their target audience wasn’t folks who use the word gerund. :razz:

    Now gotta wait to see if Necessary Roughness gets canceled. John Stomas vs Rebecca Romijn. :grin:

  • Dan

    I wont be shocked if F&B is renewed but it shows every sign of cancellation

    1) The show has been given 2 chances, its second season renewal was a no brainer but its third season renewal was somewhat surprising, it showed TNT still had faith in it.

    2) The numbers have been going down and down each season even with the addition of Heather Locklear.

    3) The series shows the same pattern as Hawthorne in that it got three seasons of just 10 episodes. Usually when a show does well, TNT orders more episodes for later in the year.

    4) TNT has established hits like Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Dallas, Major Crimes, and Perception that they really don’t need Franklin & Bash for next summer.

    I personally thought TNT would give K&M another chance, especially over F&B but it seems after being on a winning streak last year 3 for 3 with Dallas Major Crimes and Perception, this year they are 0 for 2 with Monday Mornings and King & Maxwell.

    Next cancellation might be Necessary Roughness for USA. The show has gone down in the ratings each year, as well as a short order for the third season and a failed retooling. There’s no reason for USA to keep this one.

  • Linda E.

    I’m disappointed by this news. The three episodes I’ve seen so far,here in Canada, were pretty good.

  • DonJ1973


    King and Maxwell was shot in Vancouver. If it got a 2nd season, they would have moved it to Los Angeles.


    I agree, TNT is heading into late 2013/early 2014 with a pretty strong slate of new and returning shows. They had to get rid of underperforming shows.

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