'King & Maxwell' Cancelled By TNT After One Season

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September 20th, 2013

"King & Maxwell" - Pilot - Sc. 43 Ted BerginÃ?s funeral# 1 Jon Tenney as Sean King # 2 Rebecca Romijn as Michelle Maxwell

Bad news often comes after hours on a Friday and so it was for TNT's King & Maxwell, which was cancelled after one season. The news is hardly surprising,  with episodes still left to air TNT stopped mentioning it in its ratings PR.

Its ratings weren't  great, but they weren't "look away" bad either. It premiered to 3.52 million viewers and a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating and closed its run on August 13 with a very similar 0.6 adults 18-49 rating and 3.50 million viewers.

Retentionistas can (and of course will) cry that the show lost a third of its Major Crimes lead-in! That's true and didn't help King & Maxwell's cause any. But it's worth noting that Perception has worse retention out of Rizzoli & Isles but has managed to hang around around (albeit with better ratings than King & Maxwell).

I suspect what probably sealed the show's fate is that the was produced by CBS Television Studios which doesn't have the reputation for wheeling, dealing and discounting just to keep stuff on the air.

Franklin & Bash is the only TNT show whose fate still hangs in the balance.

  • 728huey


    Don’t forget these shows either:

    Sam and Cat
    Sanjay and Craig
    Hardcastle and McCormick
    Scarecrow and Mrs. King
    Hope and Faith

  • daviddaviddavid

    It was an ok show but im not surprised that it was canciled.

  • Jon

    The addition of locklear inmho hurt f&b. She added nothing to the sho w. She was a boring statue. Not that her
    acting skills were ever really that good. Ditch her and just let the guys do their thing.

  • Colin

    Bit of a shame to see this show cancelled, it was quite fun and still had room to grow rather than just repeating the previous season.

  • merrranga

    The addition of locklear hurts everyone, always.

  • Masnadetizitori

    Too bad!It was a great series,but unfortunately ratings not good for the network!This is second drama with Dichen Lachman who is guest after Last Resort (ABC) canceled!Is a curse like Summer Glau’s?Every series her acting,after one or two season not renewed!Ok,see you soon!Ciao!

  • Shhh

    I saw this coming from a mile away. Liked the show but there was something missing (probably not enough action). As for Franklin and Bash, its 50-50. I wont be surprised if it is renewed or cancelled. maybe its time TNT bring back Leverage as replacement.

  • Kata

    Damn. I enjoyed that show a lot. :-(

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    There’s simply too many ampersands on cable TV.

  • james

    What were the DVR numbers for F&B? I thought they got a pretty solid lift there, no?

  • Why Watch

    What killed the show is that K&M was painful to watch; gave up after two episodes.

  • Stu

    No surprise. The show was not great. Or even really all that good. Will be stunned if Franklin and Bash isn’t next.

  • AppleStinx

    Hillbilly wrote: “…Now gotta wait to see if Necessary Roughness gets canceled. John Stomas vs Rebecca Romijn. :grin:

    John Stamos is in ‘Necessary Roughness’?? No wonder that little voice inside my head advised me against watching it… and eating Greek yogurt. :wink:

  • jessica

    DonJ1973, you get my point so clearly you seem to have missed it. Pilot in Toronto, next 9 eps in Vancouver, Cali tax credit lottery win, cancelled. Now not all of the shows were filmed in Canada for their first season but of those which got the Cali tax credit most do seem to be getting cancelled instead of making use of said tax credits for the season in which they were to take effect. It seems odd to get credits and they not be enough to renew a moderate performer but are enough to relocate production of the show had it been a huge success despite the really nice credits available in Ontario and British Columbia.

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