'Breaking Bad' Hits New Highs In Penultimate Episode With 6.6 Million Viewers

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September 23rd, 2013


The next to the last episode of Breaking Bad delivered new ratings highs with 6.6 million viewers and 4.3 million adults 18-49 (~3.4 A18-49 rating).  That's up from last week's numbers (which set records at the time) of 6.4 million viewers and 4.1 million adults 18-49. Additionally, last night's episode  drew  3.7 million adults 25-54.

More records for the series finale next week?


  • Jeff (Canada)

    If this weren’t the final season, we would have to rename “Walking Dead numbers” to be “Breaking Bad numbers”.

  • tjw


    Please, The Walking Dead finale last spring drew 12.4 million and a 6.4 A18-49.

  • gerry

    nice for BB. that along with the drama win last night must have everyone on that show feeling really great. nice that they’re going out on a big high.

  • j

    Yeah, Breaking Bad #s if compared to say comedies are like…Two and a Half numbers, not Big Bang Theory.

  • casey

    Well deserved..Next to the Soprano’s this is best dramatic show to ever play on TV…too bad Bryan Cranston did not win that Emmy last night but great that Anna Gunn and the show won!!!
    Can’t wait to know how it all ends…here’s to next Sunday…the week will be long

  • diegobitch

    I can clearly see a 4.0 or higher for the series finale.

  • Nasir

    were the ratings last year this high?

  • TDS-Matt

    “Say My Name,” the penultimate episode of Season 5A, set a series record with 2.98 million viewers.

  • Robo

    Breaking Bad deserves all the success and public attention it’s finally getting. If finale next week is up to the par with rest of the season then this is definitely going down as one of the greatest (if no THE greatest) drama series ever. Kudos to creators for knowing when to call quits – look at Dexter for an example how to overstay your welcome and ruin a show and it’s legacy.

  • David

    I must confess to being a little disappointed with this episode. I had an ‘is that it?’ feeling when it ended. But it was by no means bad. Just a step down from the buildup we’d been having for the last few weeks. It was good, and there was no way it could match Ozymandias which will surely go down as one of the finest hours of TV of all time. Looking forward to the finale. I’m glad it’s ending now, with its best season ever, and not joining the long list of dramas that got worse for years before ending (House, Dexter, Lost etc).

  • John A

    4.3? Holy crap could it hit a 5.0 for next week? The growth is insane.

  • John A

    Ah 3.4 not 4.3. Knew it couldnt jump that much. Must read properly before posting lol.

  • Dan

    The finale will be huge, everyone wants to know what happens exactly.

  • Tony JJ

    Wow. Amazing and against the Emmys, football, Dexter series finale, etc. is just amazing. I predicted a 3.6, so I was close. with ratings on the rise these past few weeks and the shows Emmy win last night, next week’s series finale will definitely jump to at least a 4.0 easy. This will definitely go down as one of the best drama series ever. It’s ending on a high, when does that EVER happen?

  • Nothing But Cancellation

    Amazing ratings for the best show on TV.

    Despite of the fall premieres, I think Breaking Bad could be the second most watched program on its timeslot next week, only behind football.

  • Chris Meade

    they’re still great numbers for a non-fantasy drama or crime drama of the week.

  • Mark3

    The diff between breakin bad and walking dead is breaking bad IS THE BEST DAMN SHOW PERIOD! and walking dead is boring as hell. Huuuuuuge numbers for bb:)

  • stiller

    With these numbers for the penultimate episode (up against the Emmys, Dexter, etc.) the finale will be HUGE. I’m so glad they won last night, I really love this show and the episodes they’ve used to build up to the finale this half-season. It is one of (if not THE) greatest dramas. Simply amazing!

  • Samuel

    I don’t understand how this show has grown so much, especially when it was announced as the final season. It’s numbers have been below the 3 million mark since the beginning of the show.

    I bet someone’s having second thoughts about ending the show now :)

  • Hugh

    Most excited I’ve been for a finale since THE SHIELD.

    The 2 best shows ever!

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