'Dexter' Series Finale Ranks as its Biggest Telecast Ever & the Highest-Rated Original in Showtime History

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September 23rd, 2013


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RAY DONOVAN Ends Season As The Network’s Highest-Rated Freshman Series Ever

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Last night, SHOWTIME said goodbye to its iconic drama series DEXTER, and despite facing a competitive night of programming on broadcast, basic and premium cable, the DEXTER series finale delivered the show’s highest-rated telecast ever and the biggest audience ever for an original episode in SHOWTIME history, besting the show’s season seven finale and season eight premiere. DEXTER attracted 2.8 million viewers at 9 p.m. (up 13 percent from the season 8 premiere – vs. 2.5 million viewers, and up from the season seven finale – vs. 2.7 million) and 3.3 million viewers for the night (up from the season eight premiere – vs. 3.2 million viewers).

DEXTER continues to break records – with its eighth and final season on pace to rank as the series’ highest-rated season ever, a record which the show continues to break season after season. Season-to-date, DEXTER is averaging 6.4 million weekly viewers across platforms (up versus its seventh season, vs. 6.1 million).

RAY DONOVAN ended its season ranked as the highest-rated freshman series in SHOWTIME history, outpacing the first season of HOMELAND by 33 percent. Last night, the season one finale of RAY DONOVAN delivered 2.1 million viewers for the night, the best finale night ever for a freshman series on SHOWTIME. The series garnered 1.41 million viewers at 10 p.m. (outranking its series premiere – vs. 1.35 million). Season-to-date, RAY DONOVAN is averaging 5.7 million weekly viewers across platforms, and now ranks as the network’s third highest-rated show, behind only HOMELAND and DEXTER.

  • John A

    So 1.3 demo probably. Not really that great but great for Showtime. Not that many great shows left on this network. Ill watch Homeland but if its as bad as those last few Season 2 eps again im giving up on it.

  • Robo

    Dexter was awful this season. Embarrassing way to end this once great series. Those writers should not work for high profile tv series ever again.

  • Matt

    I canceled my subscription to Showtime today.

  • joel

    Change ‘Dexter’ to ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘SHOWTIME’ to ‘AMC’, and save the article for next Monday.

  • karin

    Waiting for Homeland , go Showtime, cancel Ray Donovan & new shows please

  • karin

    No way Showtime for AMC,sorry, Breaking bad is hype…Mad Men by far better

  • davie

    Still have shameless and homeland at least

  • dan

    Horrrible series finale! Boooooo!

  • james

    awesome series finale, people who dont agree are just cynical bastards

  • Pen Mann

    I thought the finale of Dexter was great. Sad to see Deb go out. But Dexter lives on … in case there’s a reason to resurrect him in the future. What? Who knows. Perhaps as a PI in Argentina, reunited with Hanna! While too many shows devolve into soap-opera pathos, like the last few seasons of House, Dexter maintained its originality, especially showing the humanization of Dexter. Now I believe that the medieval concept of “evil” has an irrational impact of the minds of Americans. The Dexter series shows that human beings do horrible things. There is a rational, understandable reason why they do these horrible things. (They are not beset by “satanic” forces.) Key to this might be when people who do horrible things are able to reflect on what they do, rationality and humanity has a chance to break through. The Dexter writing team did a good job of showing this. Good job, folks!

  • tj

    Did not like the finale. Not because it wasn’t a happy ending, but I would have liked some, action or at least some suspense. *SPOILER* And a better send off for Deb.

  • Donald

    the finale was rubbish and every single writer and producer of Dexter shouldn’t be allowed to work in the industry again.

  • Bill

    It forgot to say its worst episode ever

  • simsalabim

    The finale was really the worst episode of Dexter EVER!
    I had to laugh about the CGI during the storm, a joke.
    And the writers should be ashamed of themselves, what were they thinking.
    Oh wait, they weren’t thinking at all!

  • Sofa slug

    What an awful cop out ending to an awful cop out season. I was so angry at the end of this episode I wanted to kill someone.
    Good riddance dexter!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome finale for Dexter:

    1) Dexter finally understand what he actually truly loved his father and sister his whole life just not realized that this emotion was love.
    2) Dexter understood that people he loved got hurt because of his nature: father, wife, sister.
    3) Dexter decided to sacrifice himself (suicide by hurricane) to give his son and girlfriend a chance in life without him.

  • Pen Mann

    To Anonymous: Actually, if you followed the conclusion to its absolute end, Dexter survived the storm, ending up working in a logging camp. One can theorize that sooner or later he’ll get together with Hanna, for usually, the human self-sacrifice motive is an ad hoc motive, while the need for love is much more permanent and obsessive in its absence. I’d be surprised if Dexter did not reappear in five years or so!

  • Well

    @Donald: Scott Reynolds (former Dexter writer) is now a writer for “The Following” on FOX. Yeah, he can ruin it all he wants, good thing i don’t watch it.

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