How Will 'The Voice' and 'The Blacklist' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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September 23rd, 2013


Two weeks ago, singing competition The X Factor debuted softer than many of you predicted. Will the premiere of The Voice suffer a similar fate? Last fall, The Voice debuted to a 4.2 adults 18-49 rating, and the spring cycle (with new judges Usher and Shakira) premiered to a 4.8 adults 18-49 rating. Will the return of original judges Christina Aguliera and Cee-Lo Green see a rise in the ratings?

New drama The Blacklist premieres in the much-coveted post-Voice slot. Will this new drama be able to match the 4.2 adults 18-49 premiere rating that Revolution earned in the same slot last year?

Make your predictions about these two shows in the polls below, and feel free to share your reasoning behind your vote and make predictions about the second episode of Sleepy Hollow as well as the premiere of Hostages on CBS in the comments!

  • Peter

    The Blacklist I think will premiere huge. It’s been advertised a lot and a lot of people said on social media have said that it looks good. It looks good despite its Silence of The Lambs premise. The ads for it have been great.

  • steve

    going to say the voice matches the 4.8 & the blacklist oes a 4.5

  • andy

    The Voice 4.3
    The Blacklist 3.1
    Hostages 2.7

  • Peter

    As for ratings, I would be surprised if The Blacklist got 11-12 million viewers for the premiere and a 4.0 in the demo. It reportedly was NBCs highest tested pilot in 10 years surpassing Heroes.

  • Max Vrany

    The large sections make guessing easy!

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Can you please do one for the final season of How I Met Your Mother?

  • Peter

    Correction: I wouldn’t be surprised if it got 11-12 million viewers. I wish you had an edit feature.

  • California

    The Voice – 4.4
    The Blacklist – 3.8

    Hostages – 2.5

    Sleepy Hallow – 3.0

  • jason50

    The Blacklist I will say 2.9-3.2 rating. Many people enjoyed the Sleepy Hollow pilot last week, I thought the Blacklist pilot was better(second favorite only to SHIELD)IMO.

  • Seth

    The Voice 4.9
    Blacklist 4.2

    Massive hit “The Voice” will still be a massive hit. Blacklist will get sampled strongly. Everyone declares “NBC IS BACK!”

  • gerry

    4.4 voice, and 4.0 blacklist.

  • Michael

    The Voice: 4.4

    Blacklist: 2.7

  • luka

    The Voice – 3.6
    The Blacklist – 2.8
    Hostages – 3.2
    Sleepy Hollow – 3.4
    DwTS – 2.5

  • Kissan

    I think The Voice will get a 4.6 while Blacklist will get a 4.1 so what I’m saying is the same as last year with The Voice and Revolution.

    Can somebody please put up a “How will Sleepy Hollow fare in week 2 against The Voice and CBS comedies” poll please? Also can we have a poll for how the CBS comedies will do and another poll for Blacklist vs. Castle vs. Hostages?

  • Penny


  • ABC hater

    The Voice – 4.2-4.7
    The Blacklist – 3.0-3.6

  • Dude

    The Voice – 4.5
    The Blacklist – 3.9

    Sleepy Hollow – 2.7

    Castle – 2.2

    Hostages – 2.6

  • robert

    Hostages vs The Blacklist is the big ratings battle. I prefer Hostages. The Blacklist might win because of the better lead in.

  • Kissan

    Why is everybody predicting 3.0-3.6 for Blacklist? It’s the second most highly anticapated new show this year after SHIELD.

  • Peter

    @Kissan, I agree with you about it being highly anticipated.

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