CBS: 'Person Of Interest' & 'Two Broke Girls' Are Certain To Be Renewed

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September 24th, 2013

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Our Renew / Cancel Index predicts potential renewal or cancellation for scripted broadcast primetime shows by the end of the 2013-14 season in May, 2014. (includes results from September 16-22, 2013):

Program Status
Person Of Interest :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
2 Broke Girls :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
How I Met Your Mother final season

Who says that the Cancellation Bear always brings bad news? He's starting off the 2013-14 season with only good news!

Person Of Interest and 2 Broke Girls are both certain to be renewed at the end of the 2013-14 season.

They will each begin their third seasons in 2013-14. At the end of this season, each will be within one more full season of episodes (give or take a couple) of the 88 episodes which currently seems to be the minimum for extra profitable stripped syndication. While neither show is produced by CBS (both by Warner Brothers), that should't prevent their automatic renewals.

In other certainty news, it has already been announced that How I Met Your Mother's current season will be its final one.

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  • :oops: - certain to be cancelled by May, 2014
  • :cry: :cry:- more likely to be cancelled than renewed by May, 2014
  • :| :| :| - toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2014
  • :) :) :) :) - more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2014
  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: - certain to be renewed by May, 2014

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(F) -Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays were renewed with significantly lower than average Indexes.

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  • SJ

    I’m afraid this is the season The Good Wife gets cancelled. I’m ready, though. The show feels like it’s approaching the end. I just hope the creators write a satisfactory series finale.

    The Mentalist will likely go along with it and Hawaii 5-0 and/or Blue Bloods will likely get renewed for short seasons (I’m less certain about Hawaii 5-0 since it already bombed in syndication).

    The bad news for CBS is, I don’t really see any of their new dramas making it out of the season alive. Hostages had the best chance as it was their only fall premiere. CBS hasn’t renewed a mid-season drama since The Unit back in 2006. I doubt that that will change now with the bland-looking Intelligence and Reckless.

  • buttondiet

    I think 2 Broke Girls was already renewed for Season 4, Joan Rivers said so on Fashion Police, but Beth Behrs didn’t really respond with a direct yes or no, she just said it was great….

  • bluejays

    Unless either HFO or Blue Bloods absolutely crash beyond belief on Friday they will likely be safe now that Hostages has premiered so awfully.

    I think that Hostages is clearly DOA (and CBS must still be reeling from that). And I think The Good Wife and The Mentalist will be gone.

  • ToXiX

    This won’t be Two and a half men’s last season. You people are delusional.

    CBS isn’t stupid enough to do that.

    Next season will more than likely be its last season giving the show 4 seasons of Kutcher episodes for syndication.

    HIMYM ending this season, 2 Broke Girls underperforming, Mom not looking so good, The Millers & We Are Men probably cancelled, two and a half men isn’t going anywhere.

  • omabin

    This is a fabulous year to be a midweek returning drama on CBS. Between the 4 friday/sunday shows and hostages, there is little chance they touch the others. The biggest beneficiary is Elementary. The show got an easy pass last season and it will get an even bigger this one, even though I maintain that it will have an ugly year following an incompatible two and a half men.

  • catsrule

    If CBS wants Hostages to survive they should switch it with CSI. It would have a more compatible lead-in and not have to face The Blacklist. And CSI could hold its own on Mondays.

  • Petar

    Great interview with POI showrunners on give me my remore and tv line for new seasom, next episodea ladiea night wow, new characters, new bad guys and about PRISM/NSA, edward snowden etc.

  • Mon

    I agree TAAHM is not going anywhere except maybe if Jon Cryer wants out. I doubt he wants to leave that show with that kind of salary!

  • Ryan


    I agree that Elementary really benefits here. Hostages will be the first drama to go, and then some subset of The Good Wife/The Mentalist/Hawaii Five-0/Blue Bloods. Elementary will easily get to season 3, and by extension season 4. It may face a different time-slot though, as could CSI down the road.

  • JJF

    I think POI is safe due to the fact that H50, BB, TGW, and The Mentalist are all in danger after this season, and Hostages is DOA. I don’t think Reckless is a serious contender. Even if Intelligence survives, it seems like most other dramas are going to be certain renewals.

  • Dan

    @SJ – Well even if CBS doesn’t have a breakout drama, they always have next season. They barely had any room this year for new dramas since last May they only got rid of CSI NY, Vegas and Golden Boy and even though the last midseason drama renewed was The Unit, if Hostages flops and Intelligence improves in the slot or even Reckless does well there’s a chance CBS could bring one back.

    CBS has renewed at least one fall drama from their season since 2008. All of which are still on the air coincidentally.

    2008 – The Mentalist
    2009 – NCIS LA, The Good Wife
    2010 – Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods
    2011 – Person of Interest, Unforgettable
    2012 – Elementary

    These fall renewals, combined with CBS already packed schedules, and lower numbers has made them not need to renew any midseason show, plus all of their midseason shows flopped. Harper’s Island, Miami Medical, CHAOS, NYC 22, Golden Boy. The only one that was very very close to a renewal was Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior, however CBS opted to order more CSI NY instead due to syndication. There no way CBS’s only fall drama Hostages will be back, so if CBS doesn’t renew a midseason drama than it means no dramas from this year will be renewed for next season.

    So all in all its more likely a midseason drama gets renewed by CBS, provided its not a flop.

  • Theisssuesarenow

    POI is going to be canceled. it’s going to flop so bad and be ruined because it’s Tuesday at 10.

  • Erik

    I dont think Hostages will be cancelled as it was a “limited run” series. It wont be getting a second season though.

  • Elijah

    I am glad that Hostages is flopping and what not, even if it doesn’t directly benefit Elementary. Elementary needs to have 10+ seasons!

  • Dan

    Hostages is in the same good position as Sleepy Hollow, Betrayal etc. Its a limited series so if it flops its done after 15 episodes.

    Hostages started out as a flop so CBS can burn through it and be done with it.

    Sleepy Hollow on the other hand will likely get more episodes, if possible for FOX.

    Betrayal hasn’t premiered but its slot tells me that it will go the way of 666 Park Avenue.

  • ateofi

    Posted September 24, 2013 at 3:23 PM
    I agree that Elementary really benefits here. Hostages will be the first drama to go, and then some subset of The Good Wife/The Mentalist/Hawaii Five-0/Blue Bloods. Elementary will easily get to season 3, and by extension season 4. It may face a different time-slot though, as could CSI down the road.
    Agreed. Elementary will be renewed and it’s really entertaining show. So is PoI – it should easily win Tuesday 10 pm slot. Hostages is DoA and and the whole monday line-up for CBS is a flop (except HIMYM). CSI will probably stay – it has great ratings for its 11 or 12th season already. Basically Friday and Sunday shows are in danger: The Good Wife/The Mentalist/Hawaii Five-0/Blue Bloods. I think TGW formula is exhausting and so is The Mentalist (how long can we chase Red John?) so I would bet on these shows to go first unless H50 will totally crash on Fridays. Unfortunately Peter Lenkov is doing everything in his power to kill this show since season 3 so I am worried about the premiere in few days. It goes agains Shard tank and Grimm which have loyal fanbase. Blue bloods garners pretty decent ratings and very good overall viewership on Friday nights – I would leave it where it is.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Elementary will be renewed”

    When was the last time CBS DIDN’T renew a second season drama?(although Unforgettable may be canned, again)

  • Jon

    @ Theissuesarenow…..Why would POI suddenly flop because it’s on tuesday night at 10. It has great lead ins and is going up against less competition than it was before. Does anyone thing Lucky 7 is going to make it to Halloween?

  • Michael1

    Hasn’t TBS already ordered episodes of 2BG? Wouldn’t that mean that it has already been sold into syndication?

  • Bill Gorman

    “Hasn’t TBS already ordered episodes of 2BG? Wouldn’t that mean that it has already been sold into syndication?”

    Correct. That doesn’t change the contents of the post though. 2BG is guaranteed a 4th season because of syndication economics. When predicting a 4th season the difference between a syndie deal already being done vs. one that would certainly be done is irrelevant in practice.

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