'Modern Family' Off-Network Broadcast Syndication Starts Well

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September 24th, 2013


The off-network debut of Modern Family last night scored an average 1.5 household rating (in metered markets) which places it second overall to The Big Bang Theory in household ratings among all off-network sitcom debuts since 2009. Among adults 18-49, Modern Family tied The Big Bang Theory's debut with a 0.8 rating.

  • Dante

    That’s surprising considering it repeats awfully on ABC.

  • TV Addict

    What about Community’s off network airings?

  • Michael1


    Comedy Central airs “Community” on Friday Nights @ 9pm. Maybe they can use the “Firday Nights” promos that NBC ran last fall. Maybe they can air their Halloween Special the week of Halloween.

  • JR35

    I don’t think we can really look at how shows repeat on the networks, when gauging their syndication potential. Back in the day, reruns rated rather high when there was less competition. But nowadays, not really the case. A show could fare well when it’s aired night after night in syndication, rather than catching the stray rerun on the networks.

  • RJ

    Marc Berman (TV Media Insights) has posted numbers for Community, The Cleveland Show, and The Middle on his website for those who are interested.

  • Jon23812

    Finally, something different. FOX 5 WNYW kept showing the same episodes of The Simpsons and Big Bang Theory over and over again, it was getting annoying.

  • Joseph

    It should be noted that reruns of “Modern Family” don’t get shown at the same hour all over the country.

    In some areas, it may run in late afternoon on ABC/CBS/NBC affiliates as lead-in to local news.

    In other cities, it may run on a Fox, CW, or My Network TV affiliate at 6 or 6:30 P.M. EDT/PDT (5 or 5:30 CDT/MDT).

    In quite a few cities, reruns are seen at 7 or 7:30 P.M. EDT/PDT (6 or 6:30 CDT/MDT).

    And in other cities, it may run at 11 P.M. EDT/PDT (10 CDT/MDT).

  • BenA @Joseph

    I appreciate the honesty but stop trying to spin that the numbers as if its bad.

  • E.S.


    “Home Improvement” started out well in syndication 18 years ago, but quickly fizzled out. I expect the same with “Modern Family.”

  • steve

    I’m thinking people seeing the first few seasons of Modern Family in reruns will finally realize just how unfunny the show has been for the last two seasons.

  • tv_viewer

    When local broadcast stations determine the time they want to air a syndicated program, it is difficult if not impossible to predict the program’s syndicated ratings solely from ratings of repeat episodes on network television.

    During the summer, ratings of repeats at their regularly scheduled time do provide a basis for predicting ratings if a cable channel (not local broadcast television stations) show repeats of that same show.

  • John Wrobel

    This is the worst TV show ever.
    I do not wish to be subjected to this much gay promotional material,
    and wish it were not where my family sees it.
    Please stop filling my tv up with this TV garbage.
    I will watch much less tv as this fills up a prime time tv segment,
    other things are much more productive with my time.

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