'Hoarders' Canceled by A&E after Six Seasons

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September 25th, 2013


A&E has confirmed to several sources that Hoarders will not be back for a seventh season. The season six finale aired back in February.

  • Dan

    Well there’s a million more “Hoarding” shows out there that exploit people who have problems collecting things and having garbage pile up in their house.

  • Max

    wow i figured Hoarders would be around for a while.

  • moshane58

    Wow..there is hoarding buried alive on another channel…

  • bluelp85

    Kinda sad about this. This Hoarders was the best for inspiration into cleaning for the week. The others that are out there spend too much time dealing with the disorder and don’t get any cleaning done.

  • cookie

    Bummer! I like this show. Just wouldn’t watch it on a full stomach.

  • Ellen in NYC

    too bad, that was the only hoarding show I liked. and I agree, it always got me in the mood to purge and clean.

    I’m kind of surprised. and I know it’s not because they can’t find hoarders. I hear there are plenty of hoarders just in my apartment complex. it could fill a season of shows.

  • Amy

    I’m surprised A&E actually bothered to confirm anything publically….according to some of the people involved with the show, they were told a couple months ago that the show would not be returning.

  • brandy

    NOOOOOO. Call me crazy, but I loved this show. Thanks a lot, Duck Dynasty!

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