How Will 'Revolution' Season Two Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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September 25th, 2013


The Revolution poll is back, everyone! Let's predict the ratings for tonight's second season premiere!

Though Revolution premiered big last year with a 4.1 adults 18-49 rating behind The Voice, it fell considerably during the season, finishing with a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating for its season one finale. This year, Revolution won't have the benefit of a huge lead-in, and is actually leading off NBC's Wednesday night schedule. Will it survive its new day and timeslot? Or is this sophomore drama doomed to failure? Make your predictions below and tell us your reasoning in the comments!

  • Jeff R.

    Stable, close to 2.0. No serious competition for its core audience (defined either as SF/genre fans or as people who want a scripted drama at 8) until Arrow premiers, at which point it could easily drop like a rock.

  • Bitter Go On Fan (Former Bitter Ringer Fan)

    Your predictions are being way too pessimistic. Remember that the season finale aired a couple of weeks after the season officially ended. I say it’ll be between 2.4-2.7 I’ve heard a lot of people were catching up for the premiere.
    If i’m wrong i’ll say “I was wrong” but tomorrow lol

  • JackB

    Definitely settling in below 2.0 mark in this time slot for the season and I firmly believe this is the worst move for Revolution. They would be better at 9PM Tuesday with The Voice @ 8PM (dump The Biggest Loser) or Wednesday @ 10PM or Friday @ 10PM.

  • Anthony

    I’d say around a 1.7 for Revolution. It doesn’t have any drama competition (against two reality shows, and comedies), so it’s good counter programming, but I do think it will suffer some from losing the Voice lead in. If it can stay in that range it stands a chance of being renewed.

  • charmedcraft

    Tonight is gona be a true test for Revolution without a lead in. I really think it’s going to bomb.

  • AMF300bowler

    For the past 3 years there has been nothing on Wednesday’s for me to watch. This is no longer true with Revolution on. I don’t care for ABC’s comedies and I hate reality TV.

  • CrimTV


    1.3 at best.

    I remember when you predicted Sleepy Hollow would get a 1.4 for it’s premiere….

  • NBC Fan

    The Middle-2.7
    Back in the Game-2.5
    Modern Family-5.0

    Criminal Minds-2.9

    The X Factor-2.0


  • Scott M

    Wow at 77% of people picking 2.0+. There’s just no way.

    I think the highest I could imagine would be a 1.8, but my guess is 1.5. Shows that drop that much during their first season tend to keep dropping into their second season, especially with no critical buzz at all.

  • Tommy M.

    It will be a win for NBC if Revolution posts a 2.0 or higher for the premiere. I don’t think that’s out of the question, but a 1.5 wouldn’t surprise me either. I’ll split the middle and go with a 1.8 for tonight.

  • oink

    there’s really no competition so this may turn out to be a smart decision for NBC. i say 2.2

    although i didn’t see a lot of promo for Revolution this time around. hardly in SNF, Blacklist, TV or Chiacago Fire. I saw more for SVU.

  • janus

    I’ll say 2.4–way too pessimistic by a few haters posting. I think the voters are more accurate.

  • Toni

    Will bomb: < 1.5

  • Joseph A

    Its Action , and given what we have seen Monday and Tuesday viewers are turning on their TVs so hitting near a 3.0 is not that hard to imagine

  • Igwell

    Wait! Revolution is still on? It disappeared last season in December. I thought it was canceled?

    You must’ve been really terrified at the end of May. All your shows disappeared!

  • lostboy

    I hope for 2.2/2.4 Revolution finale was awesome last year. Survivor premier was low last week, with no competition. I will settle for 1.8/2.0.
    Man I sure hope it doesn’t crash and burn. Well actually the premiere is about crash and burn if you watched the season finale. Here is the problem,
    Kripk knows he made mistakes with the show in S1 and brought in better writers for S2. Revolution was one of the highest dvr shows last year.
    Lets hope viewers will watch Revolution live at it’s earliar time spot.
    I have seen this happen 2 many times with shows.

  • don h

    why does everyone seem to think Survivor is so strong. It is old and tired. Does ANYONE remember that part of the reason revolutions ratings were so low was because NBC executive retards pushed it to March for the now canceled Decpetion and pushed the last few episodes (because of coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing) to a week past the finales of every other show on TV (a move that only NBC made) I think it will be a decent premeire (probably around 2.0) and it may make a comeback depending on how interesting they make it.

  • gerry

    1.8 with a minor drop next week.

  • s0303


  • k:Alex

    I’m afraid this will be a bad day for NBC, maybe in 4 weeks NBC switch Revolution and Dateline NBC.
    I hope not, I like the show so far, but I saw the preview and it will be a lot more Sci-fi and I don’t like that.

    A 1.7 worst case, a 2.5 best case.

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