How Will 'Revolution' Season Two Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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September 25th, 2013


The Revolution poll is back, everyone! Let's predict the ratings for tonight's second season premiere!

Though Revolution premiered big last year with a 4.1 adults 18-49 rating behind The Voice, it fell considerably during the season, finishing with a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating for its season one finale. This year, Revolution won't have the benefit of a huge lead-in, and is actually leading off NBC's Wednesday night schedule. Will it survive its new day and timeslot? Or is this sophomore drama doomed to failure? Make your predictions below and tell us your reasoning in the comments!

  • rob60990


    The party at NBC ends tomorrow morning.

  • senor chang

    I think it’ll surprise. And as a few commenters have mentioned already, it’s remarkable how evenly split the four networks are here. It’s anyone’s game.

    Revolution: 2.1

    The Middle: 2.7
    Back In The Game: 2.4

    Survivor: 2.4

    X-Factor: 2.0 (8PM only)

  • jp

    Screw this show. How ’bout a I.3?

  • Mumbo


    Not DOA, but its death will come in due time, lol. If it makes it to a third season it will be nothing short of a miracle, Wednesday at 8 has death slot written all over it for this show.

  • ateofi

    2.0 ratings is my bet

  • Simon

    In the top 25 Markets:
    Back in the Game scored a modest 2.3 a 18-49 demo, while Revolution and CSI crashed down with a 1.8 for Revolution and a 1.7 for CSI, Nashville did slightly better with a 1.9 and Law & Order: SVU greatly build on Revolution with a 2.8.

    Before the haters start jumping for joy remember that the show already had a 1.8 in the demo last season and that was for S01E15 which at the time was the series low.

  • tommie

    I’m guessed a 1.8. I’ll be impressed if it manages to go above 2.0.

  • NBC Fan

    Yay for SVU. What the hell happened to CSI?

  • senor chang

    I’m speechless. What happened to CSI and SVU?

  • DKD

    Remember that Duck Dynasty runs at 10PM and got a 4.3 last week. It will easily win the 10PM time period.

  • senor chang

    Well, from the overnights, it looks like CBS is a bit down (by 10% in household numbers), NBC did surprisingly well (Revolution up versus the end of last season and SVU up by 15%), ABC was right on-mark (Solid premiere for Back In The Game and strong returns for The Middle and Modern Family), and FOX was actually up a bit from last week. So not bad for any of the networks at all. Hooray?

  • senor chang

    And yeah, Revolution isn’t the next Smash, at least not for now.

  • Kissan

    I guessed a 1.8 for Revolution!! Now if only Revolution can have a 1.4 or above for the whole season. It’s not the new Smash…for now. How the hell is SVU so high while CSI is so low? I guess CSI is low because it was going up against SVU, South Park and Duck Dynasty. It sucks that Nashville couldn’t even get a 2.0 even with Modern Family as the lead in and CSI having actual competition. Back In The Game did what I thought it would do. Does this bode well for Ironside next week?

  • DKD

    Based on what I saw last night, Revolution is much improved. The challenge is to get lapsed viewers to re-try it. Smash, while revamped in its second season, was not improved.

  • Gio

    I just can’t wait to see Revolution falling apart.

  • psychic

    Goodbye Revolution. And good riddance.

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