'Mistresses' Renewed by ABC for Second Season

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September 25th, 2013

Mistresses Cast

Mistresses has been renewed for a second season by ABC and will premiere next summer.

  • Juan

    Yessss so happy about this.

  • Mike

    Not surprising…

    Now only if nbc renews Siberia I will be happy

  • Networkman

    The show really has potential and I really like Alyssa Milano so I really like this news.

  • Darryl

    Well compared to the disaster known as the Glass House in summer of 2012, it isn’t a huge surprise though the ratings were a bit low, even for summer standards. Hopefully ABC can schedule better and not place it vs Under the Dome. Wonder what other day this could potentially move to?

  • Dan

    Great news!!!

  • Samunto

    Vodka…..IN MY HAND!!!

    Yeaaaaa so happy to hear this!

  • catsrule

    Shame on ABC for continuing to renew shows that make a mockery of marriage. Between Mistresses, Wife Swap, and the Bachelor franchise there’s way too many. And those first two shows don’t even get good ratings.

  • Dan W

    So excited that this show was renewed! It was so much better then I thought it would be and I cannot wait to catch up on the last few episodes of season one now that I know it was renewed. Catsrule, I don’t think this show makes a mockery of marriage at all. People have affairs and no one is perfect. That’s real life.

  • Igwell

    a mockery of marriage

    I agree, catsrule. Marriage is a sacred, serious bond between two people, their local and national governments, and their imaginary friend/creator(s).

  • NDfan1

    This just made my day! This definitely makes studying more enjoyable… well less painful at least. Go Mistresses!

  • Ronald


  • RobLeon

    I love this show. Great news!

  • forg

    I hope they renew Whodunnit and Secret Millionaire for summer run again

  • Penny

    YAS! I love this so. Joss is my favorite.

  • tommie


  • daniele

    great show and actually the actresses are very good even if, apart from Alyssa Milano, they’re not so famous.

  • Samuel

    It did pretty well to be fair.
    It was aired in Summer, and the rest of ABC’s summer programming was pretty abysmal. If they were to renew any of them I guessed it would be this.

  • tommie

    Urgh. I can’t believe that I’ll probably watch another season of these women making dumb decisions.

    I can only hope that season 2 ends with them getting on a bus and it exploding.

  • Masnadetizitori

    I knew it!I ever knew it,nobody late premierè!His and Devious Maids are best summer drama of the year!Double renewed!I really,really,really happy!See you next summer!Ciao!

  • Cyrax86

    I seriously cannot believe this happened, once again I wish Body of Proof was made into a Summer show instead of Mistresses. How low can the 2nd season go???

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