'Mistresses' Renewed by ABC for Second Season

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September 25th, 2013

Mistresses Cast

Mistresses has been renewed for a second season by ABC and will premiere next summer.

  • M

    @Cyrax86 trust me I’m just as upset about BOP but it would’ve nerve aired in summer it’s better as a fall spring run… Mistresses is a great show and very different compared to all the cop and competition shows that run in the summer… Give it a chance… You should be upset that ABC replaced BOP with the huge flop of Lucky 7 and whatever show they decide to fill that spot with in spring probably killer women or that Omar Epps show which both will flop too

  • Wright

    What a horrible decision. I tried watching the first episode and it sucked.

  • Fernando Cigala

    Nice. After the cliffhanger in the 1st season there definitely got to be a 2nd season.

  • Cas

    Yay. I hope the Savi wises up and choses her hot husband. Seriously, the guy she had an affair with was not even cute, her husband is way better looking and IMO a way better choice overall.

  • gerry

    sweet! i was hoping for this news! has a decision been made on whodunnit yet?

  • Bobby C

    A guilty pleasure! Glad it was renewed for a second season!

  • Brian

    Such a JOKE such a crappy show and low ratings..ABC is really STUPID and Desperate!

  • Melanie P.

    This is great news!

  • Ram510


    The first episode was really really rough and I almost quit after the first episode but the show improves as the season goes on. And excellent series. I can wait to see what happens next season

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