'In Session' Trial Coverage on TruTV to End Friday

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September 26th, 2013


The In Session courtroom coverage that aired during daytime hours on TruTV will see it's last gavel bang this Friday, according to TV Newser. Starting next Monday, the In Session block will instead feature "longform crime programming from its library".

  • Igwell

    It had bad retention out of the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial.

  • Joseph

    Isn’t Tru TV under the same ownership as HLN??

    Of late, HLN has broadcast a lot of live gavel-to-gavel coverage of court trials, so there may have been some overlap.

    Maybe HLN will do even more trials and maybe change its name to The Justice Channel.

  • david

    It makes sence to end the trial coverage as over the past year they have moved most of the trial coverage over to HLN. The cut the coverage down from 9 am to 3 pm only to 9 am to 11 am. So, i would say the Insession coverage will be completely on HLN starting Monday.

  • Steve

    For the most part, TruTV is nothing more than a zombie channel, much like NBC’s G4.

  • Gwen

    I hate TRUTV. I loved CourtTV and InSession. I was very upset when they cut InSession from 6 to 2 hours, but I still enjoyed the show. I will really miss watching trial coverage — shame shame shame on TruTV. I will never watch that stupid channel again – they should change the name to MORON_TV

  • Cary Feldman

    TRUTV has now become “white Trash TV” with the demise of the last vestige of “Court TV”. People who watch the disgusting “garbage” on this station are more likely to be the criminals we saw on “Court TV”.I guess Court-TV/In Session required to high an IQ which would interfere with their relentless stream of Scumbag, bottom feeding scheister Lawyer adds!

  • Princess

    I have been looking and looking for In Session and not understanding why I am getting old trials. I had no idea that the show was actually finished. Wow. Thanks a lot!!

  • Linda

    I am so upset that in session is no longer on. I am hoping that HLN will pick up the court coverage. However, I do hope that Tru Tv will see the great support and bring the show back. I’m sure many viewers are dismayed by the new schedule of shows, how many bait cars can one watch? The televised court trials were very interesting and all the people I know were avid viewers. Turner Broadcasting made a huge mistake. Bring In Session back!!!!!

  • Grace

    What a shame that In Session is no longer. I really enjoyed the trials. This was a big mistake on behalf of the network. I more then likely will not be watching it as much a I used to.

  • Anne

    Cary, I couldn’t agree more. There’s too much trash on TV posing as “reality” and is a waste of time. I won’t watch it and will get my court updates on the internet or elsewhere. TruTV is a junk station and will lose millions of loyal viewers. I say block that channel until they come to their senses.

  • Kat

    What a shame; just when trials are starting to really come to “light” in many states, In Session is dead. First CTV then their God Complex Moderated Boards go down before they are sued, then In Session Falls. What the heck happened to Dan Abrams; did he make enough money; close up shop now and go home? Why hasn’t any one taken me up on my offer of 5 Regional National CTV Channels, Nationally. Get a grip Dan, and others. You have your audience base; most of whom ARE extremely intelligent yet you treat your viewer base like Trash; often leaving them in the complete dark. HLN’s Pause during live trials is just one more ridiculous idea and an attempt at controlling either the outcome, the salaciousness of the days testimony or worse. You have a viewer base. Give us a station in each Region of the US and let us SEE ALL TRIALS not just trials that are “high proflie” in your eyes. Let’s see our justice system really at work. So then we can really gauge where our problems from within, really lie.

    Maybe you can take some hints from the UK who today is rolling out camera’s in their supreme courts for ALL to see. Watching live trials online is a huge market. Take this idea, and run with it please.

  • Deb

    I want In Session back .. And Court TV … :(

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