Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle', 'Modern Family' and 'Survivor' Adjusted Up; 'Nashville' & 'CSI' Adjusted Down

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September 26th, 2013


The Middle, Modern Family and Survivor were adjusted up a tenth while Nashville and CSI were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 25,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM ABC The Middle -P 2.5 8 8.94
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.5 7 7.73
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.4 7 9.54
NBC Revolution -P 1.8 6 6.81
CW Arrow -R 0.3 1 1.15
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game -P 2.2 7 8.01
9:00PM ABC Modern Family (9-10PM) -P 4.2 12 11.68
CBS Criminal Minds -P 2.8 8 11.27
NBC Law and Order: SVU (9-11PM) -P 2.7 7 9.58
CW Capture 0.2 1 0.58
10:00PM CBS CSI -P 2.0 6 9.12
ABC Nashville -P 2.0 6 6.50

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  • Maximillian

    2011: Revenge lost 46% of the MF audience
    2012: Nashville lost 43% of MF audience

    I think ABC knows what to expect from this slot and were probably expecting the numbers to fall somewhere around this range

  • Maximillian

    @Brian, dont underestimate Nashville and its cancellation predictions. Unless it tanks, ABC may hold onto it since its produced by ABC. They could take the loss in the last two seasons bc they could push this show to syndication and have it do well on several networks.

  • Ultima

    The X-Factor was FOURTH in its second hour, beaten by 2 old, tired shows.

    The 9pm hour of The X Factor was higher rated than the 9pm hour of Law & Order SVU.

  • The Cool Max

    Great for The Middle!!!

  • DryedMangoez

    Solid numbers for Revolution. Hope they at least stay steady.

  • Justin121

    Way too early to see any syndication effects for Mod Fam & The Middle.

    They JUST entered syndication. I expect The Middle to rise next year to solid high 2s consistently, and for Modern Family to stop slipping (though I don’t see it growing. It peaked in the 5s and syndication will help keep it in the 4s).

  • Ultima

    With only one new show on the night, for the first time this season the combined network ratings were down from the same night last year (which is normal).

    Half-hour preliminary ratings for the four major networks (8-10pm only for FOX):

    2012 – 9.7, 11.0, 14.0, 12.0, 6.6, 6.0

    2013 – 8.8, 8.9, 11.7, 12.2, 7.2, 6.8

    What sticks out is that they were actually up year-to-year from 9:30-11:00pm. ABC was down ~0.1 year-to-year, while NBC was up as much as CBS was down. Subsequently, the year-to-year drop was almost entirely due to The X Factor.

  • Wright

    I was hoping Revolution would go up, but I’m very happy it didn’t go down. I have complete faith that the ratings will look better next week. Even if it doesn’t rise all the other shows will dip after premiere week.

  • Samunto

    CSI will need to rise to get a new season after this. Then again, that 2.0 is what CBS is and will probably average this season at 10pm.

  • Tommy M.

    As far as Nashville goes I’ll do the same thing I did with Revolution in the preliminary ratings post.
    These numbers are only here for the sake of being interesting and will change very quickly!
    ABC’s premiere week scripted ratings average for the 9 shows they have aired so far is 2.72. Nashville’s 2.0 would give it a renew/cancel index of .75. Last year ABC cancelled everything that was below a .74, so TO-DATE Nashville ranks right on the bubble.

  • j

    So The Middle beat X Factor?

    The only reason to keep Nashville right now is it’s one of the few network dramas that got a major Emmy nom last year (best actress).

  • Petar

    Will cbs mess with comedias became disaster??? I mean only cbs think that people under 50years old want to watch 90 years old robin w. and in single cam on cbs. TBBT can save it….for one episode only.

  • dowla

    Well, it feels like The Middle doesnt have any promotion, but they beat everything in that time slot. I kinda expected more, but this is ok. ABC should put a little effort in this great show. I think they will have nice ratings for the 100th episode. Go, Middle!

  • Petar

    @CSI will need to rise to get a new season after this. Then again, that 2.0 is what CBS is and will probably average this season at 10pm

    csi will be after POI on 10 pm for cbs for the season(close with elementary). It’s not that bad. And it was renew for 2 seasons i think. So will survive.

  • omabin

    Some random notes:
    – Regarding the ABC new comedies, one thing to bear in mind is that Trophy Wife is the only one produced in the house. If we are to believe that had a say in last year’s decision to cancel How to Live with Your Parents, it might be worth keeping that in mind. I don’t think that alone will save it, but if it has around the same rating as Back in the Game, in a less cushier timeslot nonetheless, I think Trophy Wife would be kept if it ever came down to that

    – I think Revolution did just fine. It did better than I thought. I adored the premiere, one of the best episodes of the show for sure, and I think that can help maintain the numbers. This is about the same number it had following the voice and that was already pretty constant at the second half of the season. If those people bothered to followed it here, I don’t see a lot of erosion happening from now on. If it remains north of 1.5, it should be fine

    – I would like to remind everyone of all the dramas NBC plans to air this season: The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Revolution, SVU, Ironside, Parethood, Grimm, Dracula, Crisis, Believe, Crossing Bones, The Night Shift, Chicago PD. In addition, I would also like to remind everyone of all the comedies NBC plans to air this season: Parks and Recreation, Welcome to the Family, Sean Hayes Saves the World, The Michael J. Fox Show, About a Boy, Growing Up Fisher, Undateable, Community – If people honestly believe that Revolution’s numbers (if they stay around this) will be NBC’s main concern, they are out of their minds. I understand that opening with the voice fueled the blacklist and chicago fire distorts expectations, but don’t be too naive to assume that NBC will become a CBS all of the sudden… (even though I do believe there is potential for their threshold to improve in relative terms to the other networks)

    – Speaking of CBS, they continue to have a bad premiere week. Criminal Minds did solid business against surprisingly strong compatible competition, so kuddos to it, but Survivor is somehow disappointing and CSI as well, even though still solid. I suspect it will be the 2nd 10pm player for them

    – FOX I cannot explain. I thought it would crash and burn and it goes up?! Very strange. I still maintain that it will crash and burn against big bang tonight,but I am less confident in that now. Also, this sort of kills my theory that FOX should rearrange its schedule accounting for the fact that Bones>The X-Factor. There is still Bones>any comedy not named new girl, but realistically I don’t know what FOX can do with its tuesdays other than pulling mindy and dads. Procedurals are impossible, Bones would crash against NCIS and they cannot launch new dramas there with shield. It is a very tough one

  • Samunto

    And i have to add that Revolution actually did OK. I mean, it didn’t start with a new low and without The Voice Lead-in. We were indeed overly optimistic with our predictions but droppin just a tenth from the finale which aired after The Voice really is comforting!

    Meaning it’ll probably settle around a 1.5 for the season but could ofcourse rise.

    Unbelievable how weak the Wednesday 8pm hour has become with no show hitting a 3. Though not suprising since FOX dominated the hour for long with Idol. Someone needs to bring a ‘Loud’ show here as FOX is clearly on it’s knees.

  • Tim

    Back in the Game doesn’t scream “Success” for ABC Wednesdays…if they want to keep placing #1 on Wednesdays, they better hope that SFN rates well and BITG holds that rating…otherwise, BITG will be the downfall of ABC Wednesdays. Before we know it, Suburgatory will be back in its Wednesday at 8:30 slot.

  • omabin


    I doubt CBS can average a 2.0 at 10pm! The only shows I see doing higher than 10pm regularly are POI and potentially CSI but CSI not with a huge margin. I doubt Elementary see many 2.0s after the premiere. Hostages is DOA at a 1.5 premiere and the mentalist should be lower than 2.0 on its horrible sunday timeslot. Not even counting blue bloods.

  • Petar

    Next week duck dynasty is back and after that AHS. Bad days for broadcast on wednesday at 10.

  • Petar

    I think you are right. Still CSI and Elementary will be close batle for second place. Both will be renew of course. (if csi is not yet)

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