Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle', 'Modern Family' and 'Survivor' Adjusted Up; 'Nashville' & 'CSI' Adjusted Down

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September 26th, 2013


The Middle, Modern Family and Survivor were adjusted up a tenth while Nashville and CSI were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 25,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM ABC The Middle -P 2.5 8 8.94
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.5 7 7.73
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.4 7 9.54
NBC Revolution -P 1.8 6 6.81
CW Arrow -R 0.3 1 1.15
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game -P 2.2 7 8.01
9:00PM ABC Modern Family (9-10PM) -P 4.2 12 11.68
CBS Criminal Minds -P 2.8 8 11.27
NBC Law and Order: SVU (9-11PM) -P 2.7 7 9.58
CW Capture 0.2 1 0.58
10:00PM CBS CSI -P 2.0 6 9.12
ABC Nashville -P 2.0 6 6.50

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  • mathew

    @james that was wrong it was season finale not series they changed it

  • Melanie P.

    Enjoyed SVU last night and looking forward to the premiere of Ironside next week. Tonight it is Grey’s and Parenthood, yay!! :)

  • AllOfHerTw!st


    Can you at least wait for the first whole week of the season before declaring which shows should be canceled?

  • Ultima

    There seem to be quite a few oracles that can see the future posting here today about Revolution claiming its dead. Fact remains if the show can stay on or around a 1.5 for the rest of the season it’ll get a third season.

    Because there’s no recent history of NBC dropping under performing sophomore shows?

    The reality is that four drama premieres into the season, Revolution is in a distant last place. Grimm is safe, Parenthood has been very consistent and freshman shows typically hurt, rather than help, the renewal chances of veteran shows.

    It’s too early to say that Revolution is certain to be canceled, but taking a very pessimistic outlook on its future is probably the best bet at the moment.

  • Tommy M.

    ” But my point is that if you calculate it with just so few elements, especially considering that 2 of those elements are likely to be the highest out of the 22″

    The same argument could be made against posting the first few weeks of the renew/cancel index because 1) premieres can potentially inflate their indexes and not give a good picture to go off of, especially for new series, 2) a lot of those shows wont premiere for a while.

    @ AllofHerTwist,
    “Can you at least wait for the first whole week of the season before declaring which shows should be canceled?”

    Those ranks are based off where things fell last year. It’s only a snap shot, not a declaration of what will happen. If I were declaring anything I’d declare it’s too early to say…hence the caution at the beginning of the post that’s in bold font.

  • “A” Strikes Back

    @John A, Nashville and SVU are on at two different time’s.. So SVU couldn’t have possibly affected it (and I mean by the 1st hour of the show) It already had an average of 9.58 viewers/2.7 and that just travelled over.

  • Ultima

    Unbelievable how weak the Wednesday 8pm hour has become with no show hitting a 3. Though not suprising since FOX dominated the hour for long with Idol.

    American Idol has only aired in that timeslot regularly for the past three seasons, when it was well past its prime.

    Before that, it usually aired Tuesday 8pm and Wednesday 9pm.

  • Ultima

    If “TNF” should win it’s time period (combining broadcast and cable) in overall viewers tonight (September 26th), despite the much stronger competition from the broadcast networks, it’s going to be very bad news for the broadcast nets!

    Yeah, because they haven’t been airing against football on Thursdays for a while now.

    Also, sports programming usually doesn’t have that big of an impact on entertainment programming.

  • L

    I don’t think retention plays much of a hand in Nashville’s success. Modern Family and Nashville have two completely different audiences, so you cannot expect audiences to just sit down and be like ‘oh, well, since the TVs on this channel… Might as well watch a show…’

    That’s just stupid…

  • Debra

    I read somewhere onetime that CBS considers 2.7 to be an average rating.
    Does anyone know if this number has been changed.
    For some reason I’m thinking that they might’ve had to lower it.
    Also would anyone happen to know what is an average rating for the other networks.

    And thanks in advance to anyone who is able to answer my questions.

  • David Howell

    Revolution holds! Didn’t see that coming.

  • Tommy M.

    At Debra, This new season their ratings average so fan is tied with ABC at 2.72. I will be shocked if ABC’s is there this time next week, but I think CBS’s is probably pretty close to that.

  • tv_viewer


    I think you are referring to the Live+7 rating.

  • StevenD

    I know it’s because it was two hours, but SVU should really move to 10 next year or later in the season

  • Ultima

    Does anyone know if this number has been changed.

    Network averages typically decline almost every year. Here are the network averages for this past season (24 September 2012 – 22 May 2013):

    Estimated Live+SD averages – CBS 2.4, FOX 2.1, NBC 2.0, ABC 1.8

    Official averages (Live+7) – CBS 2.9, FOX 2.5, NBC 2.4, ABC 2.2

    Those are mostly irrelevant except for bragging rights. What’s more important is a show’s performance relative to the other shows on the network.

  • Ultima

    Also, for reference, here were the premiere week averages for the networks last season – NBC 2.9, FOX 2.6, CBS 2.4, ABC 2.2

  • Jayson

    Wow.. NBC is doing very well so far. Glad “the Middle’ is doing well too!

  • Ray

    Hooray for The Middle !!!

  • Debra

    I know I already gave my thanks in advance, but I feel the need to say “Thank You” again.
    This is great information you guys have giving me and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

  • rob60990

    “Also, sports programming usually doesn’t have that big of an impact on entertainment programming.”

    Joseph will never understand this no matter how many times he’s been told.

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