Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle', 'Modern Family' and 'Survivor' Adjusted Up; 'Nashville' & 'CSI' Adjusted Down

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September 26th, 2013


The Middle, Modern Family and Survivor were adjusted up a tenth while Nashville and CSI were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 25,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM ABC The Middle -P 2.5 8 8.94
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.5 7 7.73
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.4 7 9.54
NBC Revolution -P 1.8 6 6.81
CW Arrow -R 0.3 1 1.15
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game -P 2.2 7 8.01
9:00PM ABC Modern Family (9-10PM) -P 4.2 12 11.68
CBS Criminal Minds -P 2.8 8 11.27
NBC Law and Order: SVU (9-11PM) -P 2.7 7 9.58
CW Capture 0.2 1 0.58
10:00PM CBS CSI -P 2.0 6 9.12
ABC Nashville -P 2.0 6 6.50

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  • rob60990

    “Unbelievable how weak the Wednesday 8pm hour has become with no show hitting a 3.”

    It’s nothing totally new. A few years ago before CBS moved Survivor, the timeslot was actually even weaker. I recall The Middle winning the hour with a 2.0-2.2 rating.

  • Samunto


    What’s your point?

    Ofcourse i know FOX only started the Wed/Thu airing pattern for Idol not long ago. But even Bones used to do well in the slot when Idol’s results show would air at 9pm.

    Point remains, Idol is the last thing that made a major dent Wednesdays at 8.

  • Ji (g)

    the singers on X Factor last where just average and they making comments like they were great …… ha.

  • were123

    I can’t help but believe this is the season that’s going to make Revolution a good show. And I believe it can perform in the range of 1.6-1.8 through the whole season and make it to season 3 (and thus season 4 and maybe 5). NBC must be pleased that, for the first time in year, the avarage for a Wednesday is above 2, and Revolution helped a little on that


    I think next year they should make the 15th season of CSI it’s last. Bill it as the final season and bring the originals back for the finale. Anyone else agree? 15 years is pretty damn long.

  • Ji (g)

    After watching tonight’s auditions, X Factor is going to drop like a rock in the ratings I think. Even lower than what they are already.

    The Voice is killing them in the ratings as they have some real talent. And a good mix of judges, I like the judges on X Factor. They’re just not having as much fun as the judges on the Voice.

    Hopefully they have some singers we haven’t heard yet to save the show.

    Excuse my left out words on my first post, I was eating ……

  • Hugh

    Wow SVU!
    Best ratings in 2+ years!

  • cris

    Last season for CSI & Nashville

  • thesnowleopard

    That Revolution rating is terrible. That’s less than half of its series premiere rating, in a single season. And this is the season premiere, which is usually higher than ratings during the season itself. At 8pm. What’s it going to look like next spring?

    People keep saying that Nashville is doing terribly and that Revolution is doing better because it has no lead-in. Of course it has a lead-in. Often, those syndicated shows leading up to the 8pm slot are better rated than primetime shows (as the admins of this site have told you all many times).

    Further, it has two hours more in the night of getting same-night ratings (the other reason why The Vampire Diaries and Smallville did really well at 8pm on Thursdays). Yet, it got 0.2 less than Nashville did in their respective season premieres, even though Nashville had the disadvantage of being on at 10 and having two fewer hours of the night to be watched. It got a 1.8, despite being in a spot that ought to be more advantageous than being on 10pm on Monday night.

    Not that it really works to compare the two shows, anyway, since they’re on different networks, but it’s just plain silly to compare an 8pm show that is doing worse than a 10pm show and claim it’s doing better.

  • Joseph A

    Of the shows I like viewed via Broadcast
    Survivor – Happy with the ratings it got ,
    Modern Family – Found the 2nd Episode fun to watch, but the 1st was boring

    I also streamed Revolution – Was okay, but only as something I could play in background and not pay a great deal of attention to , would be silly to watch via Broadcast given how mediocre the show is

  • psychic

    Time for CSI to lay down and die, no?

  • forg

    Wanted higher ratings for The Middle and MF but given how almost everything else is down these are good enough performances. Sad for Back in the Game.I really like it but it does not have that much room to fall

  • Patrick G

    “Revolution” was a huge disappointment. I figured the producers would pull the plug again on the power, and in fulfilling that expectation, they really weakened the show. They had a chance to shock fans and reboot the story by leaving the power back on and showing us how the world tries to come back together, and instead, they pull this depressing crap?! Kiss your show goodbye after this season, Kripke!!

    Glad to see ABC’s “Back in the Game” premiere so low. I deliberately didn’t watch it because I’m sick of ABC changing their 8:30 and 9:30 comedies year after year after year rather than leave well enough alone. I’m DONE !! They better put “Suburgatory” and “The Neighbors” back on Wednesdays or viewers will keep giving up. Enough of force-feeding us new comedies we don’t want!

    “Survivor” “CSI” and “SVU”? Enough already! These tired old shows need to be canceled already! Though I’m still hanging onto watching “Survivor” – BARELY – just for their lovely locales.

  • SMG4E

    Why do people act like a lead-in matters? Retention has nothing to do with anything. When you watch your show, do you watch the show that comes on after it just because it comes on after it? Get real.

    Nashville is fine as long is it stays around this 2.0

  • Jules

    Devious Maids could have done it perfectly on Wednesdays instead of Nashville.

  • diana

    As long as Nashville stays steady at around a 1.7-2.0 it will get renewed but then again.it’s based on how other freshman ABC shows r doing

  • Bayard Hiler

    Well I can see that my old “CSI” is dying a slow but undeniable death. I remember in the old days when the season premiere of that show was all anyone talked about. Now, it barely earns 10 million viewers. Is there any orginal charachers left on that show?

  • Stu

    Connie Britton should never have been nominated for an Emmy for Nashville. I saw her in Friday Night Lights the movie and the series, she is mediocre as an actress. Ashley Judd was nominated last year for Missing that show was cancelled by abc. Ms. Judd is 10 times the actress as the overrated Britton. Missing was a good show unfortunately abc sucks and cancels her show with absolutely no lead in and Nashville goes on. I love country music and Hayden, however will not allow myself to watch any show with Britton in it. I feel the same about Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks both overrated. Hanks destroyed Angels and Demons and Cruise just a weird mofo.. Really pissed with all the Revolution hate. The show is what it is escapism wtf is wrong with that. I really hoped it would match it’t S1 finale
    2.0/2.1. Any show that premiers as high as Revolution or V will not sustain those numbers. Ridiculous for networks or the experts here to predict what is renewed and cancelled.
    Lost was the same way, they kept moving the show every year to a different day and time.Lost was bleeding viewers every year.

  • Phil

    Maybe there’s hope for XFactor after all!

  • Networkman

    @JONNYSBRO, I agree that the 15th season of CSI should be its last. I would love for CBS to place it on Friday in its original timeslot. And the network should bill the season as its last. This was a huge mega hit and I don’t like to see it now struggling to just garner 10 million viewers. But I definitely feel there should be one more season with Ted Danson. And this drama truly turned CBS around. So it deserves to end in a respectable manner. And I feel 15 years is proper amount of years for this show.

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