'The Big Bang Theory' Hits New Viewer Record

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September 27th, 2013

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Last Night's 8:30 PM Broadcast Adjusted Upward, Making It the Show's Most-Watched Episode Ever with 20.44 Million Viewers

Last night's special 8:30 PM broadcast of The Big Bang Theory has been adjusted upward, making it its most-watched episode ever, according to Nielsen updated ratings for Thursday, Sept. 26.

From 8:30-9:00 PM, The Big Bang Theory averaged a record-setting 20.44m million viewers, eclipsing the 20.0 million viewers for the Jan. 10, 2013 broadcast.  Key demographics were adjusted upward as well, climbing to 6.1/18 in adults 18-49 and 8.0/20 in adults 25-54.

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  • BenA

    Go TBBT!!!

  • snoot

    TBBT continues to destroy everything in its path!!!!!!!

  • Jeff (Canada)

    If 2.5 Men can go 11 seasons, I can see BBT going 12 at least.

  • Andy


  • Robin

    The last juggernaut of broadcast tv

  • Mon

    Yeah! And the episode itself was hilarious. It was great that so many watched it. This show should have won the Emmy. I love both MF and TBBT but in my opinion TBBT deserve the emmy win this year. It had a more cconsistently funny season than MF. I hope TBBT gets the Golden Globes.

  • Survivor Fan

    8.0 in 25-54!!

  • Oliver

    @Jeff (Canada)

    It depends on the cast. One of the big advantages of TaaHM is that it only has a single original cast member at this point.

  • Matt

    Wow! I always watch the reruns, never usually am able to watch live.. But wow.

  • Mike K

    @ Jeff (Canada)

    Difference is, each couple of seasons they have to keep paying the cast more and more money and that is if the cast wants to continue to do the show.

  • moshane58

    Think I should have won the Emmy too.The show is the best on TV..

  • Ren

    I don’t get it, what so special about this crap

  • Andy

    Truly ridiculous

  • Rushin

    I dont see how this “eclipses” 20 million viewers.


    Damn truly the new friends. How much will CBS have to fork out to all these actors? Insane amounts of money. A true phenom but really no wonder crazy ones did well it had a huge lead in.

  • Tony JJ

    INSANE!!! And the fact the preliminaries only shows under 19 million viewers is amazing it jumped that much in the finals! Well deserved!

    And kaley Cuoco just said on twitter to someone who asked her if a rumor of her leaving the show is true and she said, “NEVER!”. Which I know things change but this cast has to know how lucky they are to have a hit show and get so much money per episode. This is seriously this decade’s friends.

  • David Howell

    To think TBBT wasn’t even a slam dunk renewal in season one, interrupted by the writers’ strike, falling after a timeslot switch with HIMYM, and now it’s doing this?!?

    TBBT’s ratings rivalry in 18-49 with TWD is going to be fascinating to watch this season. I’ve no idea which of those two will be the top scripted show on television. What I am sure of is that they’ll both be closer to SNF than anything else scripted.

  • Brandy

    Wow.Yay BBT!

  • Chicago_animal

    Am I the only one who thought last night’s first episode wasn’t really funny? I didn’t even watch the second cause I felt the show has jumped the shark. I have watched it since Episode one when it was on Mondays but it lost something.

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