'Sleepy Hollow' Rises to a 4.6 Rating and Sees Bigger DVR Gains in Week 2

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September 28th, 2013

Sleepy Hollow cast

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  •   Against premiere competition, Week 2 of SLEEPY HOLLOW saw a bigger percentage increase (+48%) of DVR playback within 3 days, boosting it from a 3.1/8 to a 4.6/12 among A18-49.
  • In Live + 3 Day, SLEEPY HOLLOW retained 92% of the Adults 18-49 rating for its week-ago premiere.
  • NBC’s Blacklist remained the night’s #1 drama, but its DVR playback increase was significantly less than that of SLEEPY HOLLOW, both in absolute ratings gain (+1.3 vs +1.5) and percentage lift (+34% vs +48%)
  • CBS’ Hostages saw a healthy DVR lift of +50% for its premiere, lifting it to a 2.7/7 among Adults 18-49.
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  • Andy

    The DVR rating will probably save Hostages.

  • Andies

    I missed Hostages.. I’m about to watch it on demand… I love Sleepy Hollow.. fave show of the season thus far…

  • Percysowner

    @Andy Since Hostages was a premier, it’s really too early to tell. Plus we don’t have +3s on too many shows, so it may not be that big a deal. Sleepy Hollow, OTOH, is doing really well. People obviously liked what they saw in the premiere and came back for more.

  • Justin121

    DVR rating never SAVES ANYTHING.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Andy

    The DVR rating will probably save Hostages


  • Jazz

    This is also my favorite new show of the season. It was the first new show I watched and remains my favorite. It is easy to rewatch. I can’t wait till Grimm returns. I actually look forward to Sleepy Hollow and can’t wait till it airs. I also like Blacklist and Crazy Ones and S.H.E.I.L.D and a few others but this is my favorite.

  • Josh

    If Sleepy Hollow is renewed (and it’s looking good right now) it will be because its LIVE ratings were solid against stiff competition (The Voice and MNF). DVR will have absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • JR35

    Yep- DVR just adds to the success (especially if it keeps up like this).

  • Alan

    Yay! One of the best new shows so far.

  • Jon

    DVR ratings mean little at this point, which is too bad. It really can provide a more accurate picture to how many eyeballs are on a particular show. I’m certain that 5-10 years from now they will mean as much as live airing, they just haven’t figured out the right formula on how to account for them yet.

  • Matt

    Curious to see SHIELD’s DVR ratings… Probably lifted it to about the 6.0–6.5 range in the demo and around 15-16 million.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    A few more DVR Live +3 (but no AoS):

    ELEMENTARY +3.10m
    NCIS +2.73m
    HAWAII FIVE-0 +2.54m
    VEGAS +2.35m
    THE MENTALIST +2.23m
    BLUE BLOODS +2.18m

    Unless we have them all though, it is moot. As for saving the shows, the networks do still get paid if it is within three days, they just make less which is why they need large +3 numbers. To suggest Live is the *only* metric that counts is slightly inaccurate. Since the +3 is not usually statistically significant, it is *usually* not enough to save a show. I believe the networks still get something like 60% of Live for the +3, so with a +48% like Sleepy Hollow pulled, it could actually matter if their Live ratings were to fall into bear territory.

    I think AoS was more Live than DVR material, so I doubt +3 would boost them to more than 5.5.

  • Brian

    3.1, given the nature of the show and the large time shifting audience + passionate fans developing online it’ll likely settle relatively high at about 2.4 on the low end through 2.7 on the high end.


    Go Sleepy Hollow!!! It is my favorite new show too.

  • Bella Bellini

    Go Sleepy Hollow! Definitely my favourite new show this season. Well, so far at least ;)

    I know DVR numbers aren’t supposed to count for much. But shows embed SO many ads on the screen these days. It’s pretty annoying when almost 1/4 of the bottom right/left hand corner has ads & promos flashing across all the time.

    But I suppose that’s the balance networks have to find with increased DVR viewers and illegal downloads. So I think these numbers do mean something. We won’t know how much of an impact they have. But they are still getting paid & know which shows are the most popular.

  • Ashley

    I truly hope Sleepy Hollow continues to be good and thrilling and not start getting stupid like The Following last year. I loved both when they premiered.

  • reallypeople

    Congrats to FOX… they have a hit in Sleepy Hollow.

    I just hope they don’t mess it up in Season 2 by going too far which is the temptation for most sci-fi/horror/fantasy shows.

  • JJ

    Sleepy Hollow is definitely a surprise hit for FOX. I personally didn’t think it would be as entertaining or rate as good as it has. I wonder if FOX will order a full season or just keep it as an event/limited series.

  • reallypeople


    As a big fan of the show, I hope they keep it as a limited series. Although the temptation is there to extend it, I think the show works better in a limited series format. Too many episodes per season and I think it might become repetitive. Part of the fun is the snappy pace of the series. Not to mention it could be the fall season version of 24 (and its upcoming limited series). Leading up to 24’s normal January bow. (Or at it was back then).

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