How Will the 'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Fare Tonight Among Adults 18-49? (Poll)

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September 29th, 2013


Guess what's back? It's the Once Upon a Time poll!

Last year, the second season of the fairytale drama premiered to a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating (only down a tenth from its series premiere) . Will Once Upon a Time see another big premiere this year? Or can we expect something more modest, considering the finale only notched a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating? Make your predictions below and give us a magical explanation in the comments!


  • Just

    who cares about OUAT when we have both Revenge and The Good Wife returning

  • Ryann

    Once: 2.8 Revenge: 2.4 Betrayal: 2.1

    Good Wife:1.8 Mentalist: 1.9

    Simpsons: 2.8 Bobs: 2.2 Family Guy:3.0 American Dad: 2.4

  • Joseph

    I think they both will have quote disappointing numbers, perhaps a 2.6 for OUAT and a 2.2 for revenge but as a fan of both I believe that both these seasons will be very good and I think it will take time for both of them to gain loyal viewers back, I do believe though that the ratings will grow as the season progresses and the storylines both become more juicy

  • hello

    Going to be optimistic with a 3.0.

  • josh

    3.1 ill pray for that

  • Simon

    No doubt it’ll be up but the bigger question should be ‘How will airing 11 episodes in a row do?’

  • Johnny

    As much as I love once up upon a time and it’s my favourite show, I’ll hope for 3.2, however I feel it might be a 2.8 or something

  • skyfi

    It will flop, believe me

  • Shepherd

    I guess I’m the lone pessimist since I don’t see it doing any better than it did in the spring. I know it hit 2.0 last year and maybe lower, so I’m guessing 2.1-2.3. I just don’t see a lot of people turning out who missed half of season 2.

    Revenge is much harder to guess for me. The show picked up a bit towards the end, but did very badly for a number of weeks. Fans of the show seem pretty devoted, so who knows? I’d put a big maybe on a 2.0. I’d like to say 1.7-2.3, but that wouldn’t exactly count as a prediction.

  • Owen

    2.8 for OUAT
    2.5 for Revenge
    1.4 for Betrayal

  • Mike

    It will be a rough night for ABC.

    Once 2.2
    Revenge 2.0
    Betrayal 1.5

  • California


  • Ryan

    Being realistic and going with 2.7. Neverland is pretty highly anticipated but the show was consistently hitting low to mid 2’s last spring. I’d honestly be happy if it manages to stay flat.

  • Shepherd


    “It will be a rough night for ABC.”

    Even if I’m way off on my predictions, I have to agree with this statement.

  • k:Alex

    Season 2 was very bad, almost a soap opera.
    The promo’s I saw were bad either, 2.6 best case.

  • Alex

    I think both shows have been hyped. While it may not be as high as last year it should do okay. Plus the promos have been pretty good.

    Once- 3.2-3.3
    Revenge- 2.8-2.9

  • rob60990

    Addictive hit drama Revenge returns. All I care about. :D

  • BEe

    after the disaster that was this spring, i’ll keep my expectations low.

    OUAT: 2.4
    revenge: 2.0
    betrayal: 1.7

    the main and sad problem is that i think most people have simply lost interest in OUAT and revenge. the best they can seem to do is have good seasons so ratings don’t crash and there’s positive word of mouth that brings some people back. in the spring after catching up.

  • tommie

    I’m guessing 2.4. They’re going to have a rough season trying to get viewers back I think, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • NBC Fan

    Once Upon a Time-2.8

    60 Minutes-2.1
    The Amazing Race-2.6
    The Good Wife-1.7
    The Mentalist-1.8

    The Simpsons-3.7
    Bob’s Burgers-2.6
    Family Guy-3.1
    American Dad-2.4

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