How Will the 'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Fare Tonight Among Adults 18-49? (Poll)

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September 29th, 2013


Guess what's back? It's the Once Upon a Time poll!

Last year, the second season of the fairytale drama premiered to a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating (only down a tenth from its series premiere) . Will Once Upon a Time see another big premiere this year? Or can we expect something more modest, considering the finale only notched a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating? Make your predictions below and give us a magical explanation in the comments!


  • Cle

    Either way Revenge & OUAT won’t match there Season II premier for sure…

  • Nasir

    i voted for 2.4-2.7. I expect and hope for 2.6 or higher. Please be better quality!

  • omabin

    I honestly don’t know what to say here. I want them both to do very well, but I am just so affraid of guessing anything positive at this point. I will go with a 2.8 for OUAT and a 2.3 for Revenge. Hoping for more, but resigned that if these happen it will already be good. Praying that it not worst than these, but it could easily be.

  • omabin

    As for Betrayal, I think it can do a little better than Lucky 7. It will still flop though, but I doubt it’s pulled since ABC won’t have anything to put there as a placeholder until Ressuretion takes over. At least that I can think of.

  • JR35

    How could Revenge be this year’s Scandal? Scandal was brand new last season; Revenge is entering its third season. Sure, there have been shows that took a couple of seasons to take off back in the day, but that doesn’t really happen anymore.

  • Alex


    Scandal is entering S3 next week. it wasn’t brand new!

  • Samunto

    People are too optimistic. Remember how it kept dropping last season? ABC will be happy with anything above a 1.9!

    Revenge will do around 1.5. ‘Betrayal’ on the other hand could surprise with a 1.7.

  • JR35

    Alex- oops. LOL See how much I watch the show. :) OK, then- Revenge is still a season ahead- not likely to become a breakout hit. I watched some of the first season, but didn’t keep with it for season 2.

  • SJ

    Once Upon a Time – 2.9
    Revenge – 2.5
    Betrayal – 1.2 (yes, losing more than 50% of RVG’s lead-in and becoming the lowest-rated drama premiere in ABC history)

    The Good Wife – 1.7
    The Mentalist – 1.9

  • Brandy

    I hope Once gets a 2.8-3.0 ., but ..

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Once: 2.1


    The Good Wife:1.5
    The Mentalist:1.4


  • Nathan

    I doubt Revenge will be this years Scandal.

    Speaking of Scandal, I hope the season premiere hits a series high so we could put that idiotic Rob60990 to shame. :D

  • aciel

    u got to be serious these numbers waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to low for once and revenge. i dont think that revenge will premiere anything above a 2.5 but a 1.5 for it come on.

  • Cle

    so sad.. Revenge will face the series finale of Breaking Bad.. its really bad.. my expectations now drops..

  • aciel

    revenge and breaking bad don’t have the same audiences so i think that revenge should do fine not great but fine

  • erwanfromfrance

    After an horrible season 2, the series gave us a wonderful finale, and I think it will make people come back to the show, and so is Revenge, I’m gonna be optimistic and predict :
    Once Upon A Time : 3.0
    Revenge : 2.5
    Betrayal : 2.0

  • Ian

    I think that OUAT will score a 2.7 because Neverland has been highly anticipated and also season 2 was released on Netflix and I think people who stopped watching in the Spring got caught up and may watch. I also think Revenge will score a 2.4 or 2.5 for similar reasons. However I also believe that as the season continues both will rise. I’ve read that Revenge is back to being its good old self and is gonna be great this year. And you have to factor in that Revenge had a fantastic season finale that people talked about during summer so that may help. But we will see what happens with both! Hoping for only good things I know I will be watching Revenge and OUAT tonight!

  • Cle

    really hope revenge goes on a upward slope and hit a series high before winter finale.. this season’s premier promos are more promising and anticipating than last season..

  • Cle

    hey what was the series high and low for revenge and it was when?? can anyone tell..

  • HV

    Once Upon a Time 2.7
    Revenge 2.7
    Betrayal 1.8

    60 Minutes 1.3
    The Amazing Race 2.1
    The Good Wife 1.5
    The Mentalist 1.7

    The Simpsons 3.7
    Bob’s Burgers 2.4
    Family Guy 2.7
    American Dad 2.1

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